OSRS Scorpio Catcher Quest Guide

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Scorpion Catcher Quest Guide OSRS

"Scorpion Catcher" is an engaging quest that revolves around Thormac, a wizard residing in the Sorcerer's Tower. In this quest, Thormac has encountered a predicament, having lost three of his scorpions. It falls upon you to embark on a quest to recover these missing creatures and assist Thormac in resolving this enigmatic situation.

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Quest Requirements:

The Alfred Grimhand Bar crawl

Skill/Other Requirements:

Level 31 prayer

Items required:

Dusty key (obtainable during the quest)

Start point:

Speak to Thormac at the top floor of the Sorcerer's Tower, south-east of the Ranging Guild. 

start point

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Initiate a conversation with Thormac, the wizard residing within the Sorcerer's Tower. In his distress, Thormac will confide in you, revealing that he has misplaced his scorpions and is in dire need of your assistance to retrieve them. As a part of your quest, he will entrust you with a cage, which will be instrumental in your endeavor to recover his missing scorpions.

Additionally, Thormac will suggest that you seek the guidance of the Seer located in Seers' Village, implying that the Seer may possess the knowledge and insights required to assist you in tracking down the lost scorpions.

talk to thormac

Hold a conversation with the Seer residing in Seers' Village. When you inquire about the whereabouts of the scorpions, the Seer will divulge crucial information. He will inform you that the scorpions are located in the perilous depths of Taverley Dungeon, positioned in the treacherous area nestled between the formidable Black Demons and the venomous Poison Spiders. Prepare yourself for a journey into the dungeon to confront this challenging task.

talk to seer

Before embarking on your journey into Taverley Dungeon to recover the scorpions, make thorough preparations. Ensure you have the following items with you: armor for protection, an Anti-dragon shield to safeguard against dragon attacks, Antipoison to counteract the venomous creatures you may encounter, a supply of food to sustain yourself, and, if your Agility level is below 70, acquire a Dusty key.

Depending on your Agility level, follow one of these routes:

1. If you have 80 Agility: Utilize the strange floor shortcut to swiftly access the poison spiders. Proceed to step 4.

2. If you have 70 Agility: Take the shortcut leading to the blue dragons, move south, and then follow the path northward, passing through the area populated by black demons until you reach the location of the poison spiders. Proceed to step 4.

3. If you have under 70 Agility: Navigate through the dungeon, traversing past various perilous creatures such as Magic Axes, Poison Scorpions, Chaos Dwarves, and Lesser Demons. Continue until you reach a closed gate. Use the Dusty key to unlock this gate, granting you access to the chamber with the Blue Dragons. Continue your journey, passing by the Blue Dragons and Black Demons, until you arrive at the area inhabited by Poison Spiders.

Note: If you lack a Dusty key, head further south past the Chaos Dwarves until you encounter an area swarming with Black Knights. In this location, proceed to the second room occupied by Black Knights. Subsequently, take the eastern passage and eliminate a Jailer. Retrieve the Jail key and utilize it to unlock the southern cell. Engage in conversation with the prisoner, Velrak the Explorer, and convey your intention to explore deeper within the dungeon, ultimately acquiring the coveted Dusty key

Within the vicinity populated by the poison spiders, be on the lookout for an "Odd wall." Upon identifying this peculiar wall, exert force upon it to trigger a mechanism that grants you access to the adjacent chamber housing the elusive Kharid Scorpion. With the Scorpion cage in your possession, utilize it to successfully capture the scorpion, marking a significant milestone in your quest.

use scorpion cage in kaharid scorpion 1

Exit the dungeon and make your way back to the Seer in Seers' Village. Upon relaying the details of your successful capture of the first scorpion, the Seer will provide you with a clue regarding the whereabouts of the second scorpion. According to his information, the second scorpion has been spirited away by a robust individual who operates a shop in a village reachable through two canoe trips from Lumbridge.

Head to Barbarian Village, located to the west of Varrock, and initiate a conversation with Peksa, the proprietor of the helmet shop in the village. Peksa will admit that he left the scorpion as a "surprise gift" for his brother, who is currently situated at the Barbarian Outpost. This revelation will guide you to your next destination in your quest to retrieve the lost scorpions

talk to peksa

Utilize a Games necklace to execute a teleportation maneuver, landing you within the confines of the Barbarian Assault arena. Subsequently, embark on an eastern journey, progressing into the Barbarian Outpost. The Kharid Scorpion awaits your discovery within a modest hut situated in the northeastern corner of the outpost. Employ the Scorpion cage to successfully capture the second scorpion.

(Note: If you have not completed the bar crawl, the barbarian guarding the gate may refuse your entry until you have fulfilled this requirement.)

Once you have secured the second scorpion, direct your path toward the Edgeville Monastery. Ascend the ladder positioned in the southernmost corner of the monastery. In this elevated region, you will encounter the Kharid Scorpion freely roaming about. Utilize the Scorpion cage once more to capture the final scorpion, marking the completion of your quest to recover Thormac's missing scorpions

use scorpion cage kharid scorpion

With all three of the elusive scorpions safely in your possession, return to Thormac's abode and engage in conversation with him. In recognition of your remarkable efforts in recovering his lost scorpions, Thormac will extend his gratitude and bestow upon you a well-deserved reward, bringing your quest to a successful conclusion.

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

scorpion catcher completed

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