[OSRS] Tempoross Guide

Tempoross Guide OSRS

Tempoross, also known as the Spirit of the Sea in Old School RuneScape, is a boss with minigame-like features that require the use of non-combat skills to be fought. This ancient entity, believed to be as old as Gielinor itself, is capable of unleashing intense storms that make navigation on the seas difficult. After having remained dormant for centuries, it has recently awakened and caused havoc among sailors who have crossed its path.

In the face of the threat it represents, the Spirit Anglers, a group of fishermen from Al Kharid, have established a port in the Ruins of Unkah, in the southern desert, to investigate the sudden resurgence of Tempoross and seek a safe way to navigate the seas while keeping the entity under control. To face it, players must have at least level 35 in Fishing, as this skill will be key in helping to subdue Tempoross.

Despite its minigame-like appearance, Tempoross is considered a boss in the game. During the battle, players do not suffer direct damage from Tempoross or the surrounding environment, but the normal rules regarding item loss still apply. Additionally, it is important to note that Hardcore Ironmen will lose their hardcore status if they die while fighting Tempoross, even if the cause of their death is due to effects like poison, adding an additional challenge for players who choose this mode.

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An image showing the methods of getting to Tempoross, a fishing skilling boss in Old School RuneScape.

To reach Tempoross, there are several options, but caution must be taken with the desert heat while traveling. Here are the options, listed from fastest to slowest:

1. Using Ferryman Sathwood's boat, located south of the Al Kharid bank: This transport will take the player directly to Tempoross Cove, and from there, it will only be necessary to take a short walk to the Amulet of Glory teleport.

2. Using the Pharaoh's sceptre: The player can teleport to the Ancient Pyramid using the Jaldraocht teleport option and, from there, head southwest to reach Tempoross.

3. Using the Camulet: An item that allows teleportation to the Entrance of the Temple of Enakhra, the player can teleport to that location and then head south to reach Tempoross.

4. Taking the magic carpet to Menaphos and heading northwest: The player will be able to approach the location of Tempoross.

Official Tempoross Worlds:

An image showing the official Tempoross fishing skill boss in Old School RuneScape.


Tempoross is a boss with minigame-style combat using non-combat skills. To face it, players must board the boat located at the end of the pier in the Ruins of Unkah. They can fight Tempoross solo or in groups, and the boat will depart immediately if the maximum number of players allowed in an encounter is reached.

The fight against Tempoross scales based on the number of players participating, so doing it solo or with smaller groups does not put the player at a disadvantage. However, with fewer players, the fires created by Tempoross will be harder to put out.

Once in Tempoross Cove, players must help the fishermen subdue Tempoross by draining its energy to zero. To do this, players must deplete its energy by firing cannons with harpoon fish as ammunition. Harpoon fish are collected at harpoon points around the island and can be cooked to cause more damage. In the second phase of the fight, players must capture Tempoross's energized fish by fishing in the whirlpool at the end of each pier. Doing so will reduce its essence.

The encounter will repeat if Tempoross regains its energy before its essence is fully depleted. If Tempoross enrages three times, the encounter will end unsuccessfully.

The initial energy of Tempoross and the amount of essence available to it vary depending on the number of players present. The encounter is successful if Tempoross is subdued, and players are sent back to the Ruins of Unkah after a few seconds.

Below are some experience rates depending on whether or not you choose to focus on Point accumulation or Experience Rates:

If not cooking:

An image showing the experience rates if you don't cook during the Tempoross fishing boss encounter in Old School RuneScape.

If cooking:

An image showing the experience rates if you do cook during the Tempoross fishing boss encounter in Old School RuneScape.



During the fight against Tempoross, the boss will unleash a series of attacks to disrupt the player's efforts. These attacks do not cause damage but can hinder movements and result in the loss of some of the fish and tools collected during the encounter. It is important to note that only specific items can be lost, such as the hammer, rope, bucket, water bucket, raw harpoon fish, and harpoon fish. All other equipped and inventoried items are safe from Tempoross's attacks.

Wave Attack: Tempoross will unleash a large wave that covers the entire cove and pushes players a few squares away. To avoid being dragged, players can use ropes to tie themselves to the masts or totems found on the boats and islands. When tied, players will not be affected by the wave, but they won't be able to move during its duration (though they can freely tie and untie themselves). The wave can also break masts and totems, which must be repaired with a hammer before they can be used again. The probability of a mooring site breaking is between 15% and 25%, and this probability increases with the intensity of the storm. Additionally, the wave will extinguish any fires caused by the lightning attack. It is important to note that the wave attack will not occur if Tempoross's energy is 10% or less.

An image of a player getting hit by Tempoross' wave attack in Old School RuneScape.

Lightning Attack: Large gray clouds move over the island and boats, expand, and then emit lightning strikes. Players can extinguish the fires with buckets of water, but if they don't do it quickly, the fires will spread to more squares. Similar to the wave attack, the lightning attack will not occur if Tempoross's energy is 10% or less. However, fires will continue to spread if not properly extinguished.

An image of Tempoross' Lightning attack in Old School RuneScape.

Torrent Attack: Tempoross will launch a column of swirling water towards a cannon, temporarily deactivating it and stunning any player loading the cannon. To avoid the attack, players can quickly move away or switch to another available cannon on the boat. It is important to mention that the torrent attack will not occur if Tempoross's energy is 10% or less.


Here are some important recommendations for succeeding in the fight against Tempoross:

1. Pay attention to the message "Tempoross has accumulated too much energy. The storm is out of control!" after three rounds of draining energy. At this point, the storm's intensity will increase rapidly, so make sure to have enough charged fish in both cannons to force Tempoross to dive again and prevent the encounter from failing.

2. When boarding the boat, click "Far West" on the minimap to disembark as quickly as possible, which works for both boats. This will allow you to start the fight more efficiently.

3. Extinguish nearby fires as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading rapidly. If left uncontrolled, they can be an obstacle in the fight. All fires will be extinguished by a colossal wave attack.

4. When loading fish into crates, consider loading one cannon on each side to prolong the encounter and increase points and experience gained per round. Another option is to load both cannons on both sides to finish the encounter faster. In massive worlds, loading only the cannon closest to the ship's entrance may be more advantageous, even if it is stunned.

5. Note that the time to start loading again is the same for both the same cannon and when switching cannons when you are stunned.

6. Take advantage of the time between the warning of a colossal wave and when it hits to repair and tie if necessary.

7. Whenever possible, fish at double fishing spots for increased efficiency.

8. While waiting for double spots to appear, consider cooking your raw harpoon fish instead of fishing in a single spot for increased efficiency.

9. During a colossal wave attack, you can delay connection for a few seconds without issues, allowing you to perform some additional actions.

10. After completing a wave, use the "Leave" option from the right-click menu on the first mate to leave early and save time.

11. If Tempoross has 10% remaining energy or less, it will not use special colossal wave, lightning, or torrent attacks, allowing you to progress unhindered.

12. Keep in mind that regardless of the Fishing level, the maximum hit any player can deal is 12. Reserve dragon harpoon specials for harpooning harpoon fish pools rather than spirit fish pools.

Inventory & Equipment for Tempoross

To optimize your inventory and have an efficient setup for fighting Tempoross, consider the following:

An image showing the recommended inventory setup for Tempoross, the fishing skilling boss in Old School RuneScape.

Essential items in the inventory:

1. Rope: Recommended to carry at least 1 to tie yourself to totems and masts when Tempoross unleashes its colossal wave attack, avoiding the loss of minigame items.

2. Hammer (Imcando): Carry an Imcando hammer instead of a regular hammer if possible as it cannot be destroyed by minigame events and allows you to repair totems and masts if they break.

3. Water buckets: Carry at least 2 water buckets to extinguish fires during Tempoross's storm attack. Some fires may require more than one bucket of water to extinguish them efficiently.

Harpoon selection:

Choose the appropriate harpoon based on your needs and Fishing level:

- Basic Harpoon: Can be used to catch harpoon fish, but there are more effective options available.

- Barb-tail Harpoon: Has the same speed as a basic harpoon but allows you to have an additional inventory space while holding it in the main hand.

- Bare-handed Fishing: Unlock this option to fish without needing a harpoon, allowing you to have an additional inventory space and granting additional strength experience during the minigame.

- Dragon Harpoon: Has a special attack that increases Fishing level by +3 and significantly boosts catch rates.

- Infernal Harpoon: Automatically cooks 1/3 of all caught harpoon fish, making it an excellent choice for maximizing points per hour.

- Crystal Harpoon: Has a 1/3 chance to catch crystallized harpoon fish and is ideal for maximizing Fishing experience gain per hour.

Additional optimizations:

An image the recommended gear to take on Tempoross, the fishing skilling boss in Old School RuneScape.

- Full Spirit Angler Outfit: Replaces the need to carry ropes in your inventory, allowing you to tie without an additional item.

- Lightbearer Ring: Increases the regeneration of your special attack by 100%, allowing you to use the dragon harpoon, infernal harpoon, or crystal harpoon special attack twice as often. It is especially useful if you do not yet have level 99 Fishing.

- At low Fishing levels: Consider using Admiral Pie, Fish Pie, or Fishing Potion to significantly increase your experience per hour. Harpoon specials are more useful at higher Fishing levels.

- Elven Signet or Celestial Signet: If using the crystal harpoon, consider carrying one of these signets to conserve harpoon charges and maximize its effectiveness.



The Cooking (Reward Permits) method is an efficient strategy for gaining points and rewards while fighting Tempoross. The following is a step-by-step guide to follow this method:

1. Start the round by running to the island and follow the steps below based on your Fishing level:

- Fishing for levels below 85: Catch 7 fish and then cook the 7 fish. The double fishing spot should appear approximately when you finish cooking the fish. Catch as many fish as you can at the double fishing spot until the first colossal wave appears.

- Fishing for levels of 85 or higher: Catch 12-13 fish until the double fishing spot appears. Catch as many fish as you can at the double fishing spot until the first colossal wave appears. Your inventory will be nearly full if not already full.

2. Tie to totems or masts with a rope when the colossal wave appears. This will protect you from being dragged by the wave and allow you to keep your minigame items in your inventory.

3. After the colossal wave dissipates, cook the remaining fish in your inventory.

4. Head to the boat and discard all the cooked fish you have in your inventory.

5. Catch as many fish as you can before Tempoross's energy reaches 0% and the Spirit pool appears.

6. With 1-2% remaining energy in Tempoross, run to the pier and harpoon the Spirit pool until Tempoross's energy recharges to 97-98%. During this time, you should gain around 18 Spirit drop experience before the next round starts.

7. Cook whatever is in your inventory, taking care of the third colossal wave.

8. At this point, catch and cook 7 fish at a time until Tempoross's energy reaches 49% or until your inventory is full. It's important to start unloading Tempoross's cannon when its energy reaches 49% to have enough time to finish your inventory before the last colossal wave.

9. After getting rid of your inventory, run to the pier and harpoon the Harpoon the Spirit pool until Tempoross is dead.

The "Sin cocinar (XP)" method is a strategy that focuses on maximizing fishing experience and the number of fish caught during the fight against Tempoross in Old School RuneScape. The following is a step-by-step guide to follow this method:

1. Start the round by catching 8 fish and then run to the sanctuary to cook them.

2. When the double fishing spot appears, fish twice until the first colossal wave appears. Then, tie yourself to protect against being dragged by the wave and unload your inventory.

3. Continue fishing and discard fish if your inventory becomes full before Tempoross's energy reaches 0%. It's important to fish whenever possible at the double fishing spot to maximize the number of fish caught.

4. You should have nearly a second full inventory before the Spirit pool wave. Keep the fish in your inventory and fish at the Spirit pool until Tempoross's energy reaches 97-98%.

5. Discard the fish once the Spirit pool wave ends.

6. Continue fishing as much as you can until Tempoross's energy reaches 29%. Then discard the remaining fish in your inventory.

7. Finish unloading your inventory before attempting to harpoon the Spirit pool.


Unique rewards

An image of the unique rewards available for defeated Tempoross, the fishing skilling boss in Old School RuneScape.

Spirit flakes - Provides a 50% chance of catching an extra fish for no additional XP. Stacks with Rada's blessing.

Fish barrel - Stores up to 28 raw fish, which can only be removed at a bank. Can be combined with a fish sack to make it equipable.

Tackle box - Stores fishing equipment.

Big harpoonfish - Can be mounted in a skill hall.

Tome of water - Requires level 50 in Magic to wield, it is charged with soaked pages. The tome acts as an infinite stock of water runes, increases damage from water spells by 20%, and increases accuracy of water, curse, and binding spells by 20%.

Tiny tempor - Tempoross pet. Obtained from fishing in the reward pool, not from killing the boss itself.

Dragon harpoon - The best-in-slot non-degradable fishing harpoon available in Old School RuneScape.


In conclusion, Tempoross is a minigame-style boss in Old School RuneScape that offers players an exciting combat experience using fishing skills instead of traditional combat skills. Also known as the Spirit of the Sea, Tempoross is an ancient entity capable of creating intense storms and has awakened after centuries of inactivity, wreaking havoc among sailors.

Players can face Tempoross individually or in groups, and the fight scales based on the number of participants. To subdue Tempoross, players must drain its energy using cannons that fire harpoon fish as ammunition and then capture energized fish to reduce its essence. If they manage to reduce its essence to zero before it fully regains its energy, the encounter will be a success.

There are different strategies for facing Tempoross, such as the "Cooking (Reward Permits)" method that maximizes points and rewards, and the "Sin cocinar (XP)" method that aims to maximize fishing experience and the number of fish caught. Players can also optimize their inventory by using specific equipment, such as the dragon harpoon or infernal harpoon, and carrying items like ropes, hammers, and buckets to protect against Tempoross's attacks.

Overall, Tempoross is an exciting challenge for players seeking a unique and rewarding combat experience in Old School RuneScape. With different strategies and equipment options, players can adapt their approach to achieve their goals and successfully face the Spirit of the Sea. Good luck in your encounter with Tempoross and in your adventures in Gielinor!