[Diablo 4] Top Classes for Season 1

Top Classes in Diablo IV Season 1: Season of the Malignant

An imagine showing the Diablo 4 Classes available

The Rogue class is considered the best class in Diablo 4 Season 1 after all the improvements and nerfs made in the game. It is common for classes in online games to experience changes in their balance and effectiveness with each new season or update, which can lead to some classes standing out more than others at certain times.

It is important to note that the choice of the best class may vary depending on each player's playstyle and preferences. Additionally, the metagame can change over time as developers continue to adjust the game and make changes based on player feedback and data.

For those seeking up-to-date information on the best classes and builds in Diablo 4, it is always advisable to consult official sources, community guides, and the latest patch notes of the game to stay informed about the current state of the game and community preferences.

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Below is a ranking of the best to worst class in the new season of Diablo IV:

1. Rogue

An image of a Rogue in armor within Diablo 4.

 This seems to be the standout class in this season due to the damage benefits it received and the lack of significant nerfs. It is interesting to note that while Rogues are powerful, they also require more skill and attention to detail to play them effectively. Skill configurations such as "Twisted Blades," "Burst," "Rapid Fire," "Piercing Shot," and "Barrage" are examples of builds that players can use to maximize the potential of the Rogue in Season 1. It is worth mentioning that melee Rogue builds remain highly effective and surpass ranged builds, providing players with a variety of options to choose from based on their gameplay preferences. Furthermore, you emphasize the importance of selecting a good imbue to further enhance the power of the build, highlighting the significance of customization and experimentation in Diablo IV to maximize the class's performance.


2. Druid

An image of a Druid in armor within Diablo 4.

They are a solid and strong class in the endgame, especially in terms of survival. Although they may not be as effective during the leveling process, they excel in endgame activities.

It is interesting to note that Druids were not affected by many nerfs, allowing them to remain a competitive and powerful option. Additionally, their benefits help enhance existing builds, meaning Druid builds can have an even greater impact in Season 1.

Among the mentioned top Druid builds is the "Werebear" build, which stands out for its viability as a tank and its effectiveness in the endgame. Also mentioned are the "Shred," "Pulverize," and "Lightning Storm" builds, offering diverse options for players seeking different playstyles.

Overall, it seems to be a good time to try out the Druid class in Diablo IV Season of the Malignant, especially if you're looking for a gameplay experience focused on survival and versatile, powerful builds.


3. Necromancer

An image of a Necromancer in armor within Diablo 4.

At the release of Diablo IV, they were one of the best choices to use, but in this new season, it seems that Necromancers are in a solid position, with an overall positive outcome in the Season of the Malignant patch.

While Necromancers have not been negatively affected by many nerfs, it is also true that they do not particularly excel in any specific aspect of the game. Their leveling, survivability, and fun factor are considered average or slightly above that.

However, Necromancers still possess some of the best builds in the game, and in particular, the "Bone Spear" build remains an incredibly powerful option. Although this build has been nerfed, it is still very strong and competitive in the game.

Additionally, blood-based skill builds also received benefits and are considered more viable in Diablo IV Season 1.

It is important to highlight that the choice of a build depends on each player's playstyle and personal preferences. While some builds may be considered more powerful, it is always recommended to choose one that suits your style better and provides a more enjoyable gameplay experience.


4. Sorcerer

An image of a Sorcerer in armor within Diablo 4.

It's interesting to see how Sorcerers have experienced nerfs in some areas but still excel in certain aspects of the game.

You highlighted that Sorcerers are the best class for leveling up quickly and are very fast in completing activities like Dungeons and Helltides, making them an attractive option for those seeking efficiency in the leveling process and completing activities in the game.

However, the challenge for Sorcerers in Diablo IV Season 1 lies in their ability to inflict significant damage, as many nerfs focused on passive improvements and crucial damage.

Regarding the best Sorcerer builds in Season 1, ice-based builds stand out, especially the "Ice Shards" build. While "Ball Lightning" and "Fire Wall" are useful for crowd control, the "Ice Shards" build offers greater damage potential, making it a powerful choice for Sorcerers in this season.

As always, the choice of build will depend on the preferences and playstyle of each player.


5. Barbarian

An image of a Barbarian in armor within Diablo 4.

In Diablo IV Season 1, Barbarians have unfortunately been significantly affected by nerfs, leading them to be considered the weakest class this season.

You highlighted that Barbarians can still be fun to play, but it's important to note that their builds are not as effective as those of other classes in Diablo IV Season 1. Additionally, the nerfs to their abilities, unique items, and passives have made Barbarians extremely challenging to play compared to the initial release of the game.

The "Whirlwind," "Hammer of the Ancients," and "Shred" builds are mentioned as some of the best options for Barbarians in Season 1. However, it's emphasized that even these builds won't be as effective as those of other classes this season.

Despite the difficulties, we hope that Barbarian players find ways to enjoy the game and discover builds that allow them to face the challenges of Diablo IV Season 1.



6. Conclusion

In conclusion, in Diablo IV Season 1, the Rogue class stands out as the best choice due to the damage improvements it received and the lack of significant nerfs. Rogues are powerful and versatile, although they may require more skill to fully master their potential.

On the other hand, Druids excel in the endgame, especially in terms of survival, but they may be less effective during the leveling process. Nevertheless, they remain a solid and enjoyable option for players seeking a survival-focused experience.

Necromancers, while not negatively impacted by many nerfs, are considered an average class in Season 1. Although they have some of the best builds in the game, they do not significantly outshine other classes.

As for Sorcerers, despite receiving nerfs, they remain excellent for fast leveling and completing activities like Dungeons and Helltides. However, the challenge lies in dealing significant damage due to nerfs in crucial passive improvements and damage.

Unfortunately, Barbarians are considered the worst class in Season 1 due to nerfs that affected their abilities, unique items, and passives. Although they can still be enjoyable to play, their builds are not as effective as those of other classes.

It is essential to remember that the choice of class and build in Diablo IV will always depend on each player's preferences and playstyle. While some classes may be more powerful in a season, the game will continue to evolve with updates and changes. Therefore, it is advisable to follow patch notes and adapt to new setups to fully enjoy the experience in Sanctuary. Best of luck on your adventure in Diablo IV!