[OSRS] Revenants Guide

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Welcome to the thrilling world of Revenants in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)!

If you're reading this, chances are you're interested in venturing into the mysterious and dangerous lands inhabited by the fearsome Revenants. Get ready for a unique experience filled with excitement, challenges, and, of course, fabulous rewards.

In this blog, we'll delve into the secrets and strategies for facing these ancient creatures that lurk in the shadows of the game's most inhospitable areas. Revenants are the specters of fallen warriors who have roamed Gielinor for centuries, seeking revenge and glory. Now, they have set their sights on you, brave adventurer, so it's crucial that you're prepared for what awaits.

Throughout this guide, we'll explore together the various locations where Revenants have been sighted, learn about their attack patterns and behavior, and discover the best tactics to defeat them and loot their valuable treasures.

But be aware that facing Revenants is no easy task. Combat skill, cunning, and determination will be your greatest allies in this challenging endeavor. Don't worry! We'll provide useful tips and proven strategies to help you face these challenges with confidence.

Remember, fortune favors the bold, and those who dare to challenge the Revenants may find wealth beyond their wildest dreams. However, there are also imminent dangers, and it's crucial to be well-equipped and prepared for any eventuality.

So go ahead, intrepid adventurer, dive into this OSRS Revenants guide, and uncover the best-kept secrets of these creatures. Your destiny awaits, and glory is within your reach!

Are you ready for the adventure? Then let's forge ahead together on this exciting journey through the world of Revenants in Old School RuneScape!

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Revenants, the ethereal incarnations of creatures fallen during the God Wars, dwell within the Revenant Caves nestled in the Wilderness, spanning levels 19 to 40. These spectral entities possess the ability to deliver powerful and precise attacks relative to their combat levels. However, much of the damage they inflict can be mitigated by donning a charged bracelet of ethereum. It's essential to note that since the Revenant Caves are exclusively accessible to members, all revenants are designated as members-only creatures.

While Revenants boast a fairly generous drop table, traversing their territory in the Wilderness exposes players to constant peril from potential PKers (player killers). Given the alluring rewards that Revenants can yield, player killers frequently lurk in the area, seeking to seize those brave adventurers who dare to challenge the revenants.

The caves housing these spectral entities follow a singles-plus combat rule, where PvP situations take precedence over PvM (player versus

monster) encounters. Consequently, while engaging a revenant in combat, players remain vulnerable to attacks from other adventurers in the vicinity.

Notable among the revenants' spoils are the Wilderness weapons, a formidable set of armaments that exhibit enhanced effectiveness against Wilderness monsters when charged with revenant ether. Additionally, revenants drop various ancient artifacts, which can be traded to the wandering Emblem Trader within the Revenant Caves in exchange for a set amount of coins. Moreover, ancient crystals, crucial components for constructing an obelisk in the superior garden of a player-owned house, can also be acquired from these elusive entities.

Embark on this perilous journey into the Revenant Caves, but be ever-vigilant and prepared to face both spectral adversaries and treacherous fellow adventurers seeking to claim the riches that lie within. Only the most courageous and cunning souls can hope to emerge victorious with their hard-earned spoils intact.


Important notes about the drops:

Revenants offer a diverse array of highly valuable armor, weapons, and skilling resources as part of their generous drop table. Among their coveted loot are the unique Wilderness weapons and ancient artifacts, which can be exchanged for substantial sums of coins. The drop rates for the elusive Wilderness weapons receive a remarkable boost of 5 times the normal rate when adventurers are assigned a revenants Slayer task from Krystilia. However, this increased rate does not apply when players are assigned ghosts as a Slayer task. It's worth noting that all revenants share the same drop list, though higher-leveled revenants have a greater likelihood of dropping these sought-after items compared to their lower-leveled counterparts.

Additionally, there's a skulled mechanic that further influences drop rates. When players are skulled, the drop rate of various items receives a boost of approximately 45%. These items include wilderness weapons, most ancient artifacts, yew and magic seeds, and the coveted ancient crystal. However, being skulled significantly reduces the drop rate of the ancient emblem by nearly 3.5 times the normal rate and eliminates the dragon med helm from their drop table. This skulled boost stacks with the increased drop rate of Wilderness weapons when players are on a revenants Slayer task. However, it's important to note that the skull obtained by playing on a high-risk world does not provide a boost to the revenants' drop table.

For those seeking greater convenience, wearing an amulet of avarice will cause all of the revenants' drops to be automatically noted, making inventory management much more efficient.

As you venture into the perilous realm of Revenants, keep in mind these various mechanics that can influence your chances of obtaining those highly sought-after rewards. Whether you're a skilled slayer or a daring treasure hunter, facing the revenants brings forth both danger and opportunity in the Wilderness of Old School RuneScape.

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In the treacherous lands of Old School RuneScape, all revenants, regardless of their level, share a common drop list. However, as with many creatures in the game, the higher-level revenants hold a distinct advantage when it comes to granting access to rarer and more coveted items.

100% drop:

100% drops revenants


wapon armour drops revenants


Runes/Ammunition drops revenant


Resources: drops revenant


other drops revenant

Slayer: Only dropped while on a slayer assignment given by Krystilia.

drops only assigned by kristylia revenant

Mobs list

mobs in the revenant cave

mobs in the revenant cave

Caves inside Map

Revenan map cave

Ways to get there

  1. Ferox Enclave Route: Start by walking west from Ferox Enclave, accessible via a Ring of Dueling or the Minigame teleport to Last Man Standing.


  1. Burning Amulet Teleport: Use a burning amulet to teleport either outside the Lava Maze or the Bandit Camp.


  1. Wilderness Obelisks: Utilize the Wilderness Obelisks to teleport to the level 35 obelisk, then head north to find the high-level entrance.


  1. Waka Canoe (57 Woodcutting): For players with 57 Woodcutting, craft a waka canoe to head into the Wilderness. Upon arriving, run northwest to the high-level entrance.


  1. Level 27 Obelisk Teleport: Teleport to the level 27 obelisk and run east, leading to a chasm that drops players into the middle of the caves. Note that this is a one-way entrance.


  1. Revenant Cave Teleport: Alternatively, use a Revenant cave teleport to arrive directly at the north entrance of the caves in level 40 Wilderness.

Note: If you lack 75 Agility (or 70 with a Summer pie), it is recommended to use the lower level entrances. The higher end of the cave has limited escape options without the level 75 and 89 Agility shortcuts. The level 89 shortcut can be a valuable escape route if your pursuer lacks the Agility level required to cross it. However, be cautious as navigating the shortcuts leaves the player vulnerable for a few seconds.


wilderness revenant entry


Gameplay Mechanics

Revenants are formidable foes, utilizing all three forms of attack with exceptional accuracy and dealing significant damage. They are responsive to a player's overhead prayers and defensive bonuses, and by default, they attack with Magic. However, they can swiftly adapt their attacks based on the player's defenses.

A revenant's magic attack is reminiscent of a weaker version of Ice Barrage, momentarily freezing the player for several seconds and potentially hitting up to nine other players on the same tile. Moreover, revenants have the ability to heal whenever their health drops below 50%. The healing mechanics are as follows:

There is a 15-tick cooldown (9 seconds) that starts once they heal, preventing them from healing again during this period.

Whenever they attack while below half HP, they are guaranteed a heal if it's ready and not on cooldown.

Revenants can heal themselves 8-36 times before being unable to heal further.

To minimize the revenants' damage and aggression, it is crucial to wear a charged bracelet of ethereum at all times. The bracelet gains charges from revenant ethers, which all revenants are guaranteed to drop. With each attack a revenant performs, the charged bracelet reduces the damage taken by 75%, consuming one charge per attack. However, note that the bracelet cannot prevent the freezing effect of a revenant's magic attacks. The bracelet is lost upon death, so it's advisable to have it charged with 100 charges before entering the caves for self-sufficiency.

By heeding these precautions and understanding the revenants' mechanics, you can better equip yourself to face these formidable adversaries and increase your chances of survival within the Revenant Caves.

Suggested skills:

  •  Attack 70+
  •  Strength 70+
  •  Defence 40+
  •  Ranged 70+
  •  Prayer 37+ (Protect from Magic, 40+ Protect from Missiles, 43+ Protect from Melee, 70+ Piety, Protect Item)
  •  Agility 89+ (optional, strongly recommended)


Revenants boast impressive accuracy, making the bracelet of ethereum highly advisable for battles against them.

Since Revenants are considered undead, the salve amulet and its variants work effectively against them. However, be cautious with the amulet of avarice, as it offers the same bonuses as Salve amulet(ei) but poses a greater risk, potentially protecting only one item on death. Only opt for it if you plan to risk very little or are skilled enough to escape PKers reliably.

While Revenants have formidable defensive bonuses, their low Defence level makes them vulnerable to various attack styles. Prayer switching, black dragonhide armor, and Dinh's bulwark can help protect players by reducing the accuracy of PKers who use teleblocks and freezes.

As an alternative, monk's robes provide affordable prayer bonuses, though at the expense of defensive and offensive stats (if using ranged).

To ease the collection of dropped ether, players can use the Toggle option on the bracelet of ethereum to automatically add it to the bracelet.

By incorporating these strategies and equipment choices, you can enhance your efficiency and survivability while facing the challenging Revenants in Old School RuneScape. Best of luck on your adventures!

Recommended equipment for Ranged

Recommended equipment for Ranged

Ranged combat often provides superior DPS against revenants while requiring less gear, and d'hide armor conveniently boosts ranged accuracy while offering magic defense. However, it's essential to be aware that opting for ranged leaves you more vulnerable to incoming melee and ranged attacks from PKers, especially without the protection of a shield. Striking the right balance between offense and defense is crucial when facing both revenants and potential player killers.

Recommended equipment for Melee

Recommended equipment for Melee

Melee combat can provide comparable DPS to ranged setups, but it requires additional items to be risked for maximizing damage output. However, melee gear offers valuable defense and utility, including the Serpentine helm and Dragonfire shield, which can enhance your survivability and versatility in battle. Weigh the trade-offs carefully as you decide on your preferred combat style for taking on revenants and potential adversaries in the Wilderness.


To minimize risk in the Wilderness, limit valuable items to three (or four with the Protect Item Prayer), such as a good weapon, body and leg armor like black or blessed dragonhide, and wear a bracelet of ethereum with a means of teleportation.

The amulet of avarice is powerful for revenant hunting, providing the same bonuses as a Salve amulet(ei) and an amulet of glory. However, be cautious, as equipping it will skull you until unequipped and for 20 minutes after, significantly increasing risk and making you a target for player killers. While skulled, you'll receive many revenant drops in noted form and have an increased chance of rolling on the drop table for a Wilderness weapon or additional amulet of avarice. Decide on using this item carefully.

For safe teleportation, the royal seed pod and charged dragonstone jewelry can teleport non-teleblocked players to safety at level 30 Wilderness or below. The seed pod is a convenient one-click teleport and can be cheaply re-obtained, enabling observant players to easily escape PKers. Due to the likelihood of dying, keep spare bracelets, amulets, and ether in the bank. A bracelet with 50 ether will suffice, as both the bracelet and its ether are lost upon death, and more ether can be obtained than consumed while fighting revenants.

Revenants below level 30 Wilderness include various creatures, while those above consist of specific monsters. Dark beasts can be lured and fought in level 30 Wilderness, maximizing profits and safety. However, if not lured or telegrabbed, their drops must be looted in level 31 Wilderness.

A Wilderness weapon requires 1,000 ether to charge, with additional ether for usage. A maximum of 200 is necessary per trip for a total of 1,200 ether, assuming no deaths. Otherwise, the weapon must be recharged and reloaded. See the equipment section below for cheaper alternatives, albeit with fewer kills and less profit.

While revenant hunting can be lucrative, it's more beneficial for higher-level players with access to better tanking equipment and stats. Knowledge of PvP tactics, such as reacting quickly to incoming attacks, using Protect from Magic when fleeing, and not overbrewing, increases survival chances. Using Barrows armor with Dinh's bulwark or an elysian spirit shield further boosts survival chances. With a good defensive setup, escaping most player killers should be easy, with some not attacking due to not being worth their time.

For escaping player killers, Saradomin brews are highly recommended, along with super restores to counter Magic drain. The revenants drop plenty of blighted food as a tertiary drop, extending trips. Close the looting bag when picking up food to eat.

Use Protect from Magic at all times in the Revenant Caves to reduce teleblock duration by 50%, enhancing escape chances. Carry additional prayer potions or super restores with prayer armor. The dragonbone necklace can be used regardless of other equipment. Proselyte hauberk and cuisse are excellent options for melee users. For Magic, monk robes or

vestment robes work well with relatively low risk. Ranged users can opt for blessed dragonhide armor, although it offers marginal Prayer bonuses and comes at a high price if lost on death.

Player killers' equipment, experience, and objectives vary based on revenant areas. Generally, they use the standard spellbook, except for the revenant knight and dragon areas where Ancients are typically used. Player killers may travel alone or as part of a group, bypassing singles-plus restrictions.

Arriving through the upper entrance via burning amulet? Use Protect from Magic to avoid damage from potential green dragons. The other entrances do not pose this concern.

While players slay revenants, be wary of revenant maledictus spawns in various cave locations. If not intending to fight it, leaving the area is wise, as it inflicts hefty damage and attracts unnecessary attention. Players killing revenant hobgoblins or knights need not worry about the maledictus, as it only spawns in large areas, and these revenants are in cramped and narrow passageways.


In conclusion, venturing into the Revenant Caves of Old School RuneScape can be a thrilling and profitable endeavor. However, it comes with its fair share of risks and challenges, especially in the unpredictable wilderness filled with both revenants and potential player killers.

Remember to carefully plan your gear and inventory, minimizing valuable items to reduce potential losses. Choose your combat style wisely, be it ranged or melee, considering both offense and defense in your setup. Whether you opt for the power of the amulet of avarice or prioritize safety with other options, make decisions with caution.

Always remain vigilant and prepared to escape or fend off player killers, utilizing teleportation and protective prayers when needed. Be familiar with the cave layout and revenant spawns, maximizing your profits while minimizing danger.

With the right equipment, stats, and tactics, facing revenants can become a rewarding source of income. However, it is essential to be an experienced and well-prepared player, as higher-level adventurers with better gear stand a better chance of success.

So, may your journey into the Revenant Caves be prosperous and filled with excitement. Stay cautious, stay sharp, and may you emerge victorious in your battles against these formidable foes. Happy hunting!