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The Dig Site Quest Guide OSRS

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Agility 10 Agility

Herblore  10 Herblore 

Thieving 25 Thieving

Items Required:

Pestle and mortar



Cup of tea (can be stolen from the Varrock tea stall)

2 ropes (can be stolen from a Digsite workman, but with average luck, this can easily take more than 15 minutes.)

Opal or uncut opal (small chance to acquire while panning for a quest item)

Charcoal (obtainable during the quest, but may take some time)

Specimen brush (obtained during the quest)

Specimen jar (obtained during the quest)

Panning tray (obtained during the quest)

Trowel (obtained during the quest)

Leather boots and leather gloves (gloves can be stolen from a Digsite workman, but boots can not)


2 Varrock Teleports

Some energy potions or stamina potions to save time walking around

6 Digsite teleports to teleport you just north of the Exam Centre (includes one for starting the quest)

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Ok Let’s do This!

Visit the Exam Centre, situated to the south of the Digsite.

start point

Engage in a conversation with an Examiner and express your interest in taking an exam to become eligible for work on the Digsite. In response, she will provide you with an unstamped letter. Now, make your way to the Varrock Museum, either by teleporting or traveling manually, and deliver this letter to Curator Haig Halen. After adding his seal to the letter, head back to the Exam Centre and have another discussion with an Examiner. This time, she will furnish you with a level 1 test.

Interestingly, no matter what answers you provide on the test, you will answer all three questions incorrectly. Your key to success lies in obtaining the correct answers from the students at the Digsite. Each student has lost an item and is willing to provide the answers once they retrieve their belongings.

The Study Group:

Here's a guide to locate and assist the students in obtaining the exam answers:


1. Head north from the Exam Centre towards the Digsite until you reach two wooden walkways.

2. Take the eastern walkway up to a small hill.

3. Search the bushes near the large urn with a blue pattern; one of them contains the teddy bear.

4. Return the teddy bear to a female student in the north-western section of the Digsite (she has blonde hair and is dressed in purple) to receive the first answer.

Animal Skull:

1. Locate the second student in the southern section of the Digsite. He has blonde hair and is wearing a green shirt.

2. Obtain his lost item, an animal skull, by pickpocketing or "stealing from" Digsite workmen.

3. Return the animal skull to this student to obtain the second answer.

Special Cup:

1. Find the last student situated in the eastern section of the Digsite; he wears an orange shirt and has short black hair with darker skin.

2. In your conversation with him, you learn that he lost his special cup.

3. Proceed to the south-eastern side of the Digsite.

4. Inside the tent near the panning point in the river, acquire a panning tray.

5. Attempt to pan in the river with the panning tray, but you will be interrupted by the panning guide who requests a cup of tea. Provide him with a cup of tea.

6. Resume panning in the river until you acquire the Special cup.

7. Return the Special cup to the student to receive the final answer.

Note: While panning, you may collect uncut jades or uncut opals; keep an opal if you obtain one, as it will be needed later in the quest.

Retaking the Exams:

After helping all three students, return to the Exam Centre and speak to an Examiner to retake the exam. To pass, use the answers provided by the students:

Level 1:

1. Can you tell me what Earth Sciences is? - The study of the earth, its contents, and history.

2. Can you tell me which people are allowed to use the digsite? - All who have passed the appropriate Earth Sciences exam.

3. Can you tell me the proper safety points when working on a digsite? - Gloves and boots to be worn at all times; proper tools must be used.

If done correctly, you'll receive a Level 1 certificate and a trowel.

The first certificate.

Level 2:

To pass the Level 2 test, speak to the three students again to obtain the answers. The questions and answers are as follows:

1. Can you tell me how we transport samples? - Samples taken in rough form; kept only in sealed containers.

2. What is the proper way to handle finds? - Finds must be carefully handled, and gloves worn.

3. Can you tell me the proper use for a rock pick? - Always handle with care; strike cleanly on its cleaving point.

Upon passing, you'll receive a Level 2 certificate.

The second certificate.

Level 3:

To pass the Level 3 test, speak to the three students again for the answers. This time, the female student will request an uncut opal or opal for her assistance. If you didn't obtain one earlier, pan in the river to find it. Return to the Examiner and take the final test:

1. Can you tell me how we prepare samples? - Samples cleaned and carried only in specimen jars.

2. What is the proper way to use a specimen brush? - Brush carefully and slowly using short strokes.

3. Can you describe the technique for handling bones? - Handle bones very carefully and keep them away from other samples.

Upon passing, you'll receive a Level 3 certificate and permission to dig at all levels in the Digsite.

The third certificate.

Retrieve a specimen jar from the cupboard located on the south wall inside the Exam Centre. If you don't see a "Search" option, consult Terry Balando about the tools, then attempt to search the cupboard again. Next, return to the Digsite and pickpocket a Digsite workman until you acquire a specimen brush, if you haven't obtained one already.

Choose either the westernmost dig site (area 5) or the northernmost dig site (area 1) marked with the sign "Level 3 digs only." Utilize your trowel on the soil until you unearth an ancient talisman. Please be aware that this may take numerous attempts and can consume several minutes of your time. Once you discover the talisman, a message will appear in your chat, ensuring you don't overlook the item.

Once you possess the talisman, bring it to Terry Balando at the Exam Centre. He will identify it as a talisman of Zaros and be genuinely impressed. Subsequently, he will furnish you with an invitation letter, which you must present to the workers to gain access to the boreholes or private dig shafts.

Numbered areas of the digsite.

Numbered Areas

Chemical Compound Crafting:

Within the Digsite, you'll find two winches, one in area 3 and the other in area 4. Approach a Digsite workman operating near a winch and employ your Invitation letter on them. Next, utilize a rope on the westernmost winch (located in area 4) to access the lower levels of the Digsite.

Digsite Dungeon:

Descend the rope by operating the winch, which requires 10 Agility. Retrieve an arcenia root just north of the rope, then head slightly east until you reach a group of large bricks obstructing access to a room in the south. "Search" the bricks, and then return to the surface.

Proceed toward the north-eastern winch (in area 3), a bit south of the level 3 digsite you encountered earlier. Use another rope to descend, where you'll find Doug Deeping. Engage in conversation with him and inquire about moving a large pile of rocks. Doug will provide you with a chest key to unlock the chest inside the tent where you acquired your panning tray. You can also find another arcenia root in this location.

A "Book on chemicals" that details the complete recipe can be located on the bookshelves of the Exam Centre. To locate the components and blend them into the necessary explosive, follow these steps:

1. Open the chest near the panning site to obtain chemical powder.

2. Employ your trowel on the barrel, marked with a skull and bones when you rotate the camera around, situated west of the tent with the chest. Use your vial on the barrel to collect an unidentified liquid. Ensure you don't drop the vial after filling it, or it will be destroyed, and you'll suffer 25 damage.

3. Search the specimen tray north of the tent with a specimen jar in your inventory until you find charcoal. Grind it using a pestle and mortar to obtain ground charcoal. Note: If you plan to do Desert Treasure I, get a second charcoal to save time, but drop it while grinding the other, or they will both be ground.

4. Display the chemical powder to Terry Balando in the Exam Centre, and he will identify it as ammonium nitrate. Then, present the unidentified liquid to him (careful not to left-click on the empty option) to reveal it's nitroglycerin.

5. Combine the nitroglycerin and the ammonium nitrate. Next, add the ground charcoal, and finally, incorporate the arcenia root. (Requires 10 Herblore) This results in a chemical compound. Beware that dropping the vial at this stage will inflict enough damage to reduce you to 1 hitpoint. Note: Once you've crafted the compound, you cannot create another without dropping it and incurring damage. Additionally, you cannot empty or drop extra vials without receiving 25 damage.

Using the Chemical Compound

Descend the west winch and utilize the chemical compound on the bricks (specifically, not the rocks). Next, use a tinderbox (you can obtain one by farming a goblin near the west fence, although this is not recommended) on the bricks to detonate the explosive. Enter the room where you'll encounter Skeletons (level 22, aggressive to players below level 44). Retrieve the stone tablet from this room.

The Zarosian altar found after blowing up the rocks.

Finally, deliver the stone tablet to Terry Balando to conclude the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

The Dig Site completed

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