Dragonbane weapons in OSRS 2023

Dragonbane weapon guide OSRS

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Dragonbane weapons are specialized gear designed to deal increased damage to dragons. Two notable Dragonbane weapons are the Dragon Hunter Crossbow and the Dragon Hunter Lance. In this guide, we will explore what these weapons do, how to obtain them, and where they are most effective.


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Part 1: Dragon Hunter Crossbow

Dragon hunter crossbow

1. What it does: The Dragon Hunter Crossbow is a powerful ranged weapon specifically designed to deal significant damage to dragons. When used against dragons, its accuracy and damage are greatly enhanced, making it one of the most effective weapons for dragon-slaying tasks.

2. How to obtain: To obtain the Dragon Hunter Crossbow, players must complete the Dragon Slayer II quest. This challenging grandmaster quest requires high combat skills and completion of several other quests as prerequisites. Upon finishing Dragon Slayer II, players will receive the Dragon Hunter Crossbow as a reward.

3. Where it is used: The Dragon Hunter Crossbow shines in various dragon-related activities, including:

Killing chromatic dragons: It is highly effective against green, blue, red, and black dragons.

Slayer tasks: When assigned dragon tasks, using the Dragon Hunter Crossbow will significantly speed up the task completion.

PvM (Player versus Monster) activities: It is a valuable choice when facing dragon bosses, such as Vorkath or the King Black Dragon.

stats dragon hunter crossbow

Dragonbane Passive Effect

Effect Description: The Dragon Hunter Crossbow's passive effect provides a remarkable boost to ranged accuracy and damage when used against draconic creatures. When players use the DHCB to attack dragons, skeletal wyverns, fossil island wyverns, revenant dragons, Elvarg, and the Great Olm, they enjoy a 30% increase in ranged accuracy and a 25% increase in ranged damage.

Impact on Combat: The Dragonbane passive effect of the Dragon Hunter Crossbow makes it a supremely effective weapon for slaying dragons and other draconic monsters. The substantial boosts to accuracy and damage significantly enhance the crossbow's performance, allowing players to dispatch these creatures with incredible speed and efficiency.

Part 2: Dragon Hunter Lance

Dragon hunter lance

1. What it does: The Dragon Hunter Lance is a powerful two-handed melee weapon specialized for dealing increased damage against dragons. Its unique attack style and bonuses make it extremely effective in dragon-related combat.

2. How to obtain: To obtain the Dragon Hunter Lance, players must engage in combat with the Alchemical Hydra, a powerful boss located in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Defeating the Alchemical Hydra can reward players with the Hydra Claw, which can be combined with a Zamorakian hasta to create the Dragon Hunter Lance.

3. Where it is used: The Dragon Hunter Lance excels in various dragon-related scenarios, such as:

Slayer tasks: It is highly efficient for tasks involving dragons.

Dragon bosses: The Dragon Hunter Lance is effective against dragon bosses like Vorkath and the Great Olm in the Chambers of Xeric.

Other dragon enemies: It is valuable when facing metal dragons and other dragon creatures.stats dragon hunter lance

Dragonbane Passive Effect

Effect Description: The Dragon Hunter Lance's passive effect provides a substantial boost in both damage and accuracy by 20% when used against draconic creatures. This means that any attack made with the lance against dragons, wyverns, drakes, wyrms, and other draconic monsters will deal 20% more damage and have an increased chance to hit the target.

Impact on Combat: The Dragonbane passive effect significantly enhances the lance's performance in combat scenarios where draconic creatures are the primary foes. When wielding the Dragon Hunter Lance against these creatures, players will notice faster kills, increased efficiency, and improved chances of success.


Dragonbane weapons, including the Dragon Hunter Crossbow and Dragon Hunter Lance, are essential gear for slaying dragons in Old School RuneScape. The Dragon Hunter Crossbow is obtained as a reward for completing the Dragon Slayer II quest and is excellent for ranged dragon combat, while the Dragon Hunter Lance is crafted from a Hydra Claw and a Zamorakian hasta, offering powerful melee capabilities against dragons. Both weapons significantly enhance damage and accuracy against dragons, making them crucial tools for dragon-related activities, slayer tasks, and boss fights. Utilize these potent Dragonbane weapons to become a fearsome dragon slayer and earn valuable rewards in your adventures across the realm of Gielinor.