RS3 1-99 Woodcutting Guide 2023

[RS3] 1-99 Woodcutting Guide

The Woodcutting skill in RuneScape 3 allows you to cut down various types of trees to obtain logs. These logs can be used for training Firemaking, Fletching, Construction or sold for profit. Here is a step-by-step guide to raising your Woodcutting skill from level 1 to level 99 efficiently:

Skills needed:

Woodcutting: As the main skill in this guide, Woodcutting is essential for cutting down trees. As you level up, you will have access to higher level trees, providing higher experience rates.

To go from level 1 to 99 in Woodcutting in RuneScape 3, you only need the Woodcutting skill. No other specific skills are required to train Woodcutting. However, having certain additional skills can be beneficial to improve your efficiency and get better results during training. Here are some related skills that might help you:

1. Agility: Having higher levels of Agility will allow you to cross obstacles and shortcuts more quickly while moving between tree felling locations. This can save you time during training.

2. Summoning: A higher level of Summoning will allow you to summon a Beaver Familiar, which can collect and store tree trunks for you, allowing you to cut down more trees before having to empty your inventory.

3. Prayer: Having higher levels of Prayer will allow you to use prayers that give you additional benefits during training, such as restoring hit points or increasing your accuracy and damage when cutting down trees.

4. Fletching: While training Woodcutting, you will also get logs that can be used to train Fletching skill. By leveling up this skill, you will be able to craft bows and arrows for additional experience.

5. Dungeoneering: Some logging locations, like the ones in Daemonheim, are tied to the Dungeoneering ability. Having a higher level of Dungeoneering can give you access to additional areas to cut down trees.

It is important to note that while these additional skills can be useful, they are not strictly necessary to train Woodcutting from level 1 to 99. The main skill you need is Woodcutting, and constant and consistent training will get you to level 99. Good luck! in your Woodcutting training in RuneScape 3!

Tools needed:

To go from level 1 to 99 in Woodcutting in RuneScape 3, you will need to use different axes as you progress through the levels. Each ax has level requirements and provides a faster chopping speed, allowing you to gain more experience per hour as you level up. Here are the necessary axes with their specifications and functions:

Tools needed:

Bronze Hatchet:

Required level: 1 Woodcutting

Function: This is the basic ax for low level Woodcutting and is used from level 1 to level 5.

Iron Hatchet (Iron Axe):

- Required level: 6 Woodcutting

- Function: The Iron Hatchet is an upgrade of the Bronze Hatchet and is used from level 6 to level 10.

Steel Hatchet:

Required level: 21 Woodcutting

Function: The Steel Hatchet is more effective than the Iron Hatchet and is used from level 21 to level 30.

Black Hatchet (Black Axe):

Required level: 31 Woodcutting

Function: The Black Hatchet is an upgrade of the Steel Hatchet and is used from level 31 to level 40.

Mithril Hatchet (Mythril Axe):

Required level: 41 Woodcutting

Function: The Mithril Hatchet is more effective than the Black Hatchet and is used from level 41 to level 50.

Adamant Hatchet (Adamantium Axe):

Required level: 61 Woodcutting

Function: The Adamant Hatchet is an upgrade to the Mithril Hatchet and is used from level 61 to level 70.

Rune Hatchet (Runite Axe):

Required level: 71 Woodcutting

Function: The Rune Hatchet is more effective than the Adamant Hatchet and is used from level 71 to level 90.

Dragon Hatchet (Dragon Axe):

Required level: 61 Woodcutting (can be used from level 86 if you have the requirements)

Function: The Dragon Hatchet is an upgrade of the Rune Hatchet and is used from level 86 to level 99.

dragon axe

As you level up, make sure to switch to the appropriate ax for your level. A more effective ax will allow you to chop down trees faster, resulting in more experience per hour. By using the right axes and training consistently and efficiently, you will reach level 99 in Woodcutting in RuneScape 3 in the shortest possible time.

Recommended Training Methods:

Levels 1-15: Normal Trees

Start by cutting down Normal Trees found around Lumbridge, Draynor Village or Taverley. These trees are plentiful and easy to access for beginners.

Levels 15-30: Oak Trees

Switch to Oak Trees for better experience rates. You can find them near Varrock, Draynor Village, or the Grand Exchange.

Levels 30-45: Willow Trees

Cut down Willow Trees to get faster experience. You can find them in Draynor Village, Barbarian Outpost or near Catherby.

Levels 45-60: Maple Trees

Move to Maple Trees to increase experience gains. You can find them in Seers' Village, Tree Gnome Stronghold, or Woodcutting Guild.

Levels 60-75: Yew Trees

Cut down Yew Trees to get higher experience rates. Look for them in places like Seers' Village, Edgeville, or the Woodcutting Guild.

Levels 75-90: Magic Trees

Switch to Magic Trees for even better experience rates. You can find them in Tree Gnome Stronghold, Lletya, or Woodcutting Guild.

Levels 90-99: Elder Trees

Once you reach level 90, cut down Elder Trees for the best experience. Elder Trees are found in Prifddinas or in the Max Guild Garden.

Remember that to level up in Woodcutting, you have to cut different types of trees in various level ranges. For example, you can cut normal trees at levels 1-15, oak trees at levels 15-30, maple trees at levels 35-60, yew trees at levels 60-75, and magic trees at levels 75. -99.

Also, some trees require specific requirements, such as completing certain quests or having certain skill levels. For example, to cut magical trees, you need a minimum Woodcutting level of 75.

cutting a magic tree

Tips for Efficient Training:

1. Bonfires and Portable Braziers: Log near a Bonfire or Portable Brazier for a small experience boost.

2. Beaver Familiar: If you have a high level of Summoning, consider summoning a Beaver Familiar to help you while logging. The Castor can carry the logs to the bank for you, saving time.

3. Perfect Woodcutting Juju Potions: Perfect Woodcutting Juju Potions offer several benefits, such as the ability to make a tree instantly respawn and grant additional logs.

4. Divine Urns and Locations: Use Woodcutting Urns to gain additional experience by filling up while logging. Divine Locations provide additional experience and resources.

5. Concentrated Gold Deposit: Starting at level 80, consider cutting down the Concentrated Gold Deposit in the Living Rock Caverns for additional experience and possible Golden Rocks.

6. Woodcutting Outfit: Get the Woodcutting Outfit through Temple Trekking or Treasure Hunter. The outfit provides experience bonuses and improves your efficiency.

Note:To get the Woodcutting outfit in RuneScape 3, you need to participate in an activity called "Treasure Hunter". The Woodcutting outfit is part of the rewards you can get through this activity. Treasure Hunter is a minigame where you can use keys to open chests that contain various rewards, including outfits, cosmetics, experience, and more.

Here is a step by step guide on how to get the Woodcutting outfit in RuneScape 3 through Treasure Hunter:

Open the Treasure Hunter panel by clicking the golden key icon in the game interface or by pressing the default hotkey (usually "T"). To open Treasure Hunter chests, you need keys. You can obtain keys in various ways such as daily logins, quests, event activities, and by purchasing them from the in-game store. *Use Keys in Treasure Hunter once you have some keys, click "Use Key" on the panel from Treasure Hunter to open a chest. Each key opens a chest and grants you a random reward. Look for the Woodcutting outfit during special events or promotions, the Woodcutting outfit may be available as a reward in Treasure Hunter. Look for Woodcutting-related events or promotions that offer this outfit. If you're lucky and get the Woodcutting outfit from a Treasure Hunter chest, you can claim it directly from the reward popup. Once you've gotten the Woodcutting outfit, you can equip it from the outfit menu in your game interface. The outfit will provide experience bonuses and specific upgrades to the Woodcutting skill.

Remember that Treasure Hunter is a luck-based minigame, and the rewards you get may vary. You may need to use multiple keys to get the Woodcutting outfit. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for events and promotions in RuneScape 3, as these may be special opportunities to get the Woodcutting outfit.

7. Keep Your Ax Upgraded: Regularly upgrade your ax as you level up to maximize felling speed.

8. Stay consistent: Regular and consistent logging sessions will get you leveling up faster.

Additional tips:

Use a better quality ax as you level up to chop down trees faster.

Consider using skill potions, such as Woodcut potions, to temporarily increase your Woodcut level and cut down trees faster.

Use the Woodcut Ring for a small chance to get extra logs when cutting down trees.

Participate in Woodcut events or the Distraction and Diversion "Evil Tree" to gain additional Woodcut experience.

woodcutting cape