OSRS Varrock Diary Guide (Easy-Elite)

Varrock Diary Guide

The Varrock Achievement Diary, one of Old School RuneScape's (OSRS) most coveted achievement diaries due to the rewards, is vital to ensuring the progression of your OSRS account. In this guide, we'll cover every requirement, reward, and step to achieveing the Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite rewards from the Varrock Achievement Diary!

Varrock, the gem of Misthalin, is a place steeped in history, secrets, and opportunities for adventurers seeking fame and fortune. Whether you're a fresh-faced newcomer or a battle-hardened veteran, the Varrock Diary has something to offer for everyone.

In this guide, you'll discover the steps you need to follow to achieve each level of the Varrock Diary. From beginner-friendly tasks to more challenging endeavors reserved for the most seasoned players, each step will bring you closer to becoming a renowned hero throughout Gielinor.

Together, we will explore the majesty of Varrock, with its imposing walls, bustling markets, and mysterious ruins. Along the way, you'll encounter intriguing characters, formidable foes, and hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered.

No matter if your interests lie in exploration, combat, skills, or economics, the Varrock Diary provides a wide range of challenges for each player to find their path to success. So, gear up in your finest armor and sharpen your skills because glory awaits around every corner!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique RuneScape experience, where cunning, dexterity, and wit will be your most powerful allies. From the pinnacle of the Castle Tower to the depths of the East Warehouse, no corner should remain unexplored, and no task is insurmountable.

Without further ado, let's begin this exciting journey toward completing the Varrock Diary! May fortune favor you, and may your achievements in this land endure in Gielinor's history forever.

Good luck, adventurer! The future awaits you with countless rewards and thrilling challenges in the Varrock Diary!

The Varrock Diary, a comprehensive set of achievement diaries focused on various regions in and around Varrock, including the bustling Barbarian Village and the adventurous Edgeville.

Each diary presents a series of tasks that encompass a diverse range of skills, quests, and item requirements. It's important to note that some tasks might demand specific skill levels, but fear not! Temporary skill boosts can come to your aid in meeting these requirements.

Once you've successfully completed a diary tier, a variety of rewarding prizes awaits you. To claim your well-earned rewards, simply visit Toby, located just behind the Varrock General Store. Remember, to access rewards from higher tiers, you must first conquer the challenges of the previous ones.

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Easy Varrock Diary

Items Required:

150 coins

Any pickaxe

1 set of logs

Any axe

1 set of bones

Soft clay

Earth talisman/tiara

Rune essence/pure essence

Fly fishing rod


Skills Needed:

Agility 13 Agility

Crafting 8 Crafting

Fishing 20 Fishing

Mining 15 Mining

Runecraft 9 Runecraft

Thieving 5 Thieving

Quests required:

Rune Mysteries

Also you need 50 Museum Kudos

Tasks to complete

1. Begin by visiting Thessalia's Store for a delightful shopping experience.

2. Seek out Aubury and let him teleport you to the essence mine for a magical journey.

3. Head to the mine in South-east Varrock and mine some iron ore to prove your mining prowess.

4. Make your way to the Sawmill and craft a regular plank with your woodworking skills.

5. Embark on a daring expedition to the second level of the Stronghold of Security and overcome its challenges.

6. Display your agility by jumping the fence shortcut south of Varrock's main entrance.

7. In the Lumber Yard north-east of Varrock, demonstrate your woodcutting abilities by chopping a dying tree.

8. Stay informed and buy a newspaper from one of the newsstands.

9. Show your kindness by giving some bones to a stray dog in Varrock.

10. Unleash your creativity by spinning a bowl on the pottery wheel and placing it in the oven at Barbarian Village.

11. Make your way to Haig Halen and engage in a conversation after earning at least 50 Museum Kudos.

12. Practice the ancient art of crafting earth runes from essence.

13. Grab your fishing gear and catch some trout using the Fly Fishing technique in the River Lum.

14. Embark on a daring mission to steal tea from one of the Tea Stalls in Varrock. Remember to be sneaky!


Varrock armour 1: 10% chance of mining 2 ores at once up to and including gold (with some exceptions). Experience is granted for both ores mined. Note: when receiving the platebody, Toby says "up to coal" but he is wrong. 10% chance of smelting 2 bars from 2 ores simultaneously up to steel when using the Edgeville furnace. Experience is granted for both bars.

Antique lamp worth 2,500 experience in any skill above 30

Zaff will sell 15 battlestaves every day for 7,000 coins each

Skull sceptre will now hold up to 14 charges. Individual skull sceptre parts now give 1 extra bone fragment, adding together for combined parts.

Medium Varrock Diary:

Items Required:

30,105 coins

Limpwurt root

Red spiders' eggs

Ring of charos (a)

Digsite pendant

1 law rune

3 air runes

1 fire rune

20 mahogany logs

10 willow logs (1 if the Balloon transport system route to Varrock is unlocked)

1 log

Skills Needed:

Agility 30 Agility

Combat level 40 Combat level

Crafting 36 Crafting

 Farming 30 Farming

 Firemaking 40 Firemaking

Herblore 10 Herblore

 Magic 25 Magic (49 for iron man)

Thieving 25 Thieving

Quests required:

32 Quest points

Enlightened Journey

A Soul's Bane

Tree Gnome Village

Gertrude's Cat

The Dig Site

Druidic Ritual

Garden of Tranquillity

Creature of Fenkenstrain

Priest in Peril

The Restless Ghost

Tasks to complete

1. Visit the Apothecary and request a mighty Strength potion to enhance your combat prowess.

2. Journey to the renowned Champions' Guild and bask in the glory of its legendary champions.

3. Play around with colors and change the appearance of your adorable kitten.

4. Utilize the Spirit Tree located in the Grand Exchange for swift and magical transportation.

5. Master the art of emotes as you perform all four acquired from the Stronghold of Security.

6. Embark on an epic quest and venture into the depths of the Tolna Dungeon.

7. Teleport swiftly with the Digsite Pendant's Digsite teleportation spell.

8. Cast a Varrock teleportation spell to travel efficiently within this bustling city.

9. Seek out Vannaka and have him assign you a challenging Slayer task.

10. Unleash your woodworking skills and create 20 mahogany planks consecutively at the lumber yard.

11. Pluck a delicious white tree fruit as a treat for your journey.

12. Experience the thrill of aerial travel as you ride the balloon transportation from Varrock.

13. Test your agility and stamina by completing a full lap of the Varrock rooftop agility course.


Varrock armour 2: 10% chance of mining 2 ores at once up to mithril (with some exceptions). 10% chance of smelting 2 bars from 2 ores simultaneously up to mithril when using the Edgeville furnace.

Antique lamp worth 7,500 experience in any skill above 40

Zaff will sell 30 battlestaves every day for 7,000 coins each

Ability to toggle the Varrock Teleport and Varrock teleport (tablet) destination to the Grand Exchange by right-clicking on either icon.

Skull sceptre will now hold up to 18 charges. Individual skull sceptre parts now give 2 extra bone fragment, adding together for combined parts.

Hard Varrock Diary

Items Required:

25,800 coins

2 dashing kebbit fur

Any axe

2 law runes

1 fire rune

1 air rune

Skull sceptre


Yew seed or sapling


Skills Needed:

agility 51 Agility

Construction 50 Construction

Farming 68 Farming

firemaking 60 Firemaking

Hunter 66 Hunter

Magic 54 Magic

Prayer 52 Prayer

Ranged 40 Ranged

Thieving 53 Thieving

Woodcutting 60 Woodcutting

Quests required:

Desert Treasure I

Priest in Peril

Waterfall Quest

Temple of Ikov

The Tourist Trap

The Dig Site

Druidic Ritual

Troll Stronghold

Death Plateau

Various quests and miniquests for the timeline displays in the Varrock Museum; not all will need to be completed if one gains Kudos by finding fossils on Fossil Island (requires Bone Voyage).

Tasks to complete

1. Seek out the Fancy Dress Seller and obtain a Spottier cape, a stylish accessory that you must equip with pride.

2. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Gielinor by collecting 153 Museum Kudos, then have an enlightening conversation with Orlando Smith.

3. Embrace the spirit of adventure and craft a Waka Canoe to the east of Edgeville, opening up new waterways for exploration.

4. Harness the arcane powers of magic and cast a Paddewwa teleportation spell, whisking yourself to distant lands.

5. Unleash the teleportation capabilities of the Skull sceptre to transport yourself to the heart of Barbarian Village.

6. Show your mastery of both woodcutting and firemaking as you chop yew logs in Varrock and burn them on the top floor of the Varrock Church.

7. Give your Player-Owned House a touch of grandeur by instructing the Varrock estate agent to redecorate it using the fancy stone kit.

8. Unearth the mystical properties of yew roots by collecting two or more from the Varrock Castle tree patch.

9. Pay homage to the gods and pray at the Altar on the first floor of Varrock Castle with the powerful Smite prayer activated.

10. Prove your agility and dexterity as you traverse the obstacle pipe shortcut in Edgeville Dungeon, demonstrating your adeptness in navigating treacherous terrain.


Varrock armour 3:  10% chance of mining 2 ores at once up to adamantite (with some exceptions). 10% chance of smelting 2 bars from 2 ores simultaneously up to adamantite when using the Edgeville furnace. Can be worn in place of a chef's hat to access the Cooks' Guild.

Antique lamp worth 15,000 experience in any skill above 50

Zaff will sell 60 battlestaves every day for 7,000 coins each

Access to the Cooks' Guild bank.

Skull sceptre will now hold up to 22 charges. Individual skull sceptre parts now give 3 extra bone fragment, adding together for combined parts.

Elite Varrock Diary

Items Required:

Super attack (4)

Super strength (4)

Super defence (4)


20 nature rune

40 astral rune

300 earth rune

21,000 coins

20 mahogany logs

Raw summer pie

Runite bar

10 feathers


25 rune essence

Skills Needed:

Cooking 95 Cooking

 Fletching 81 Fletching

Herblore 90 Herblore

Magic 86 Magic

Runecraft 78 Runecraft

Smithing 89 Smithing

Quests required:

The Tourist Trap

Dream Mentor

Lunar Diplomacy

The Fremennik Trials

Lost City

Rune Mysteries

Shilo Village

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

Eadgar's Ruse

Troll Stronghold

Death Plateau

Rune Mysteries

Tasks to complete

1. Channel your alchemical skills and mix a potent Super Combat potion within the confines of Varrock's bustling west bank.

2. Unleash your woodworking talents and utilize the plank make spell to craft 20 exquisite mahogany planks right within the Varrock Lumber Yard.

3. Master the art of culinary delights by cooking a delectable Summer Pie in the esteemed Cooking Guild.

4. Embrace the heat of the forge and the finesse of fletching as you create ten deadly Rune Darts within the city of Varrock.

5. Show your expertise in runecrafting and craft an impressive 100 Earth Runes or more in a single endeavor.


Varrock armour 4: 10% chance of mining 2 of any ore including Amethyst[1] (with some exceptions). 10% chance of smelting 2 of any bar from 2 ores simultaneously when using the Edgeville furnace. Acts as a prospector jacket for the purposes of experience bonus and clues.

Antique lamp worth 50,000 experience in any skill above 70.

Zaff will sell 120 battlestaves every day for 7,000 coins each.

Skull sceptre will now hold up to 26 charges. Individual skull sceptre parts now give 4 extra bone fragment, adding together for combined parts.


As we bid farewell to the Varrock Achievement Diary Guide, we hope it has been a source of inspiration and excitement throughout your journey in Gielinor. May the challenges you faced and the rewards you earned serve as a testament to your courage and determination.

Remember, the adventures in RuneScape are limitless, and there is always more to explore and accomplish. So, venture forth with newfound confidence and continue to write your legend in the vast world of Gielinor.

Thank you for entrusting us with your quest, and may your path be filled with countless triumphs and unforgettable experiences. Farewell, brave adventurer, until we meet again on your next grand quest! Safe travels!