OSRS Balloon Transport System Guide


Balloon Transport System Guide OSRS

The Balloon Transport System, also known as the Hot Air Balloon, is a unique mode of transportation in Old School RuneScape, providing players with a scenic and adventurous way to travel between various locations. Primarily featured in the Enlightened Journey quest, this system offers the convenience of reaching different destinations, with additional routes becoming accessible upon completing specific journeys.

Upon completing the Enlightened Journey quest, players can initiate travels between Entrana and Taverley. However, unlocking the four new routes requires embarking on journeys starting from Entrana. Each route demands a particular type of log and a Firemaking level, adding an extra layer of skill requirement to the transportation process.

It's crucial to note that players must adhere to a weight limit of 40 kilograms (excluding the log used for the journey) when utilizing the balloon. Nonetheless, the weight limit can be effectively increased by donning weight-reducing clothing.

To streamline the travel process, players can strategically store the required logs in advance at any of the balloon spots' log storages, minimizing the need for repeated trips to Entrana. Notably, these logs can be brought in a noted form for added convenience.

The journey itself involves navigating through three screens to reach the desired destination. Failing to do so and crashing the balloon will result in the loss of the remaining logs, necessitating a restart from Entrana with a fresh set of 10 logs.

Ballon Transport System Guide OSRS

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Ballooning Mechanics

The mechanics of flying a balloon in Old School RuneScape involve a set of controls that determine the direction and altitude of the balloon during the journey. Here's a breakdown of the ballooning mechanics:

1. Drop sandbag (UP 2): This control moves the balloon up two spaces vertically. It is used to increase the altitude of the balloon during the flight.

2. Burn log (UP 1): Burning a log moves the balloon up one space vertically. This control is employed to raise the altitude of the balloon, albeit to a lesser extent than dropping a sandbag.

3. Relax (RIGHT): The relax control moves the balloon straight forward horizontally with no change in altitude. It maintains the current height while progressing horizontally to the right.

4. Pull normal rope (DOWN 1): Pulling the normal rope moves the balloon down one space vertically. This control is used to decrease the altitude of the balloon.

5. Pull red rope (DOWN 2): Pulling the red rope moves the balloon down two spaces vertically. This control has a more significant impact on reducing the altitude of the balloon compared to the normal rope.

6. Bail: Bailing out of the balloon flight, using the "Bail" control, allows the player to exit the balloon. It's important to note that bailing results in a crash east of Falador and west of Draynor Manor.

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Balloon locations

The Balloon Transport System in Old School RuneScape offers access to six distinct locations, each requiring specific logs and Firemaking levels. Here are the available balloon destinations:

1. Entrana: Accessible after completing the Enlightened Journey quest, Entrana serves as the main entry point for unlocking routes to new locations. Starting from Entrana, players embark on journeys to other destinations.


2. Taverley: Another location unlocked after completing the Enlightened Journey quest, Taverley provides a convenient connection for players utilizing the Balloon Transport System.


3. Crafting Guild: A destination that can be reached using the Balloon Transport System. Specific logs and Firemaking levels are required to attempt the flight to the Crafting Guild.

Crafting Guild

4. Varrock: The bustling city of Varrock is a reachable location through the Balloon Transport System. Players must meet the necessary requirements to fly to Varrock.


5. Castle Wars: Known for its intense battles and strategic gameplay, Castle Wars is a destination that players can reach by utilizing the Balloon Transport System.

Castle Wars

6. Grand Tree: The majestic Grand Tree is one of the locations accessible through the Balloon Transport System. Players need specific logs and Firemaking levels to attempt the flight to the Grand Tree.

Grand Tree

To unlock routes to new locations, players must initiate their journeys from Entrana and carry the appropriate logs for the first trip. Entrana is not only a destination but also serves as the starting point for exploring the other locations available via the Balloon Transport System.