How to unlock the Balloon Transport Grand Tree Route


How to unlock the Balloon Transport Grand Tree Route

To unlock this route, you will only need the following:

1. Head to the Grand Tree, the primary residence of most gnomes, located in the northeast section of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

2. Locate the balloon landing site, situated southeast of the main entrance to the Grand Tree. This site is conveniently close to all the shops and food services of the Grand Tree, two banks, both a tree and fruit tree farming patch, and the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course.

3. Enjoy easy access to a Spirit tree and the Gnome glider from this location.

4. The initial requirement for unlocking this route is having three magic logs. Subsequent trips to the Grand Tree will only require one magic log.

5. Make sure your Firemaking level is at least 60 to meet the necessary skill requirement.

Step by step

Scenery 1

Balloon path (Grand Tree, 1).png

1. Relax (x7)

2. Pull normal rope (x1)

3. Relax (x12)

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Scenery 2

Balloon path (Grand Tree, 2).png

1. Burn log (x1)

2. Pull normal rope (x1)

3. Burn log (x1)

4. Pull normal rope (x1)

5. Burn log (x1)

6. Relax (x2)

7. Burn log (x1)

8. Pull normal rope (x1)

9. Relax (x2)

10. Drop sandbag (x1)

11. Relax (x2)

12. Pull RED rope (x1)

13. Relax (x1)

14. Pull normal rope (x1)

15. Relax (x2)

Scenery 3

Balloon path (Grand Tree, 3).png

1. Burn log (x3)

2. Relax (x2)

3. Pull normal rope (x1)

4. Burn log (x1)

5. Relax (x5)

6. Pull RED rope (x1)

7. Relax (x1)

8. Pull RED rope (x1)

9. Pull normal rope (x1)

10. Relax (x2)