How to get to Fossil Island OSRS

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What is Fossil Island in OSRS

Embark on an odyssey to Fossil Island, a hidden sanctuary in the vast expanse of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Tucked away northeast of Morytania, this members-only haven offers a myriad of untold adventures and skill-training opportunities. As the Varrock Museum spearheads exploration on this ancient isle, players are beckoned to discover its secrets, hone their abilities, and unlock the full potential of Fossil Island.

Fossil Island's allure lies not only in its enigmatic past but also in the diversity of its landscapes. From the Mushroom Forest in the northwest to the sprawling Tar Swamp in the southwest, each region presents unique challenges and opportunities for skill development. The daunting Volcano in the southeast and the mysterious Underwater realm beneath the waves add further layers to the island's mystique. Let's delve into the various areas and discover the wonders they hold.

Fossil Island brings paleontology to Old School Runescape

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How to get to Fossil Island 

Accessing Fossil Island requires more than mere curiosity; it demands completion of the Bone Voyage quest and a minimum of 100 kudos. Initially reachable by ferry, players soon unlock faster travel methods, including the digsite pendant and the intricate Magic Mushtree network. Whether gliding from Varrock or sailing through the Glider and Spirit Tree systems, the island's secrets become more accessible with each mode of transportation. For new adventurers, this marks the beginning of a thrilling journey.

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A Guide to Fossil Island's Enclaves

1. Museum Camp: The hub of activity, players can enhance this camp through construction skills. Fossil Storage and other utilities become invaluable assets as you explore the island.


2. Mushroom Forest: A haven for diverse activities, including slaying Ancient Zygomites, tracking herbiboars, and cultivating trees. The Wyvern Cave, housing formidable creatures, adds an element of challenge.


3. Tar Swamp: Navigating this hazardous swamp requires wit and agility. Encounter aggressive Tar Monsters as you traverse, leading to the ominous Deranged Archaeologist and the coveted Sulliuscep mushrooms.


4. Volcano: The heart of the island, the volcano, hosts ash piles and the entrance to the Volcanic Mine, promising riches to those brave enough to venture within.

Fossil Island Volcano - OSRS Wiki

5. Underwater Realm: A unique feature, the underwater area challenges players with an oxygen mechanic. Collect pufferfish to replenish oxygen and explore this mysterious aquatic expanse.


6. House on the Hill: Perched on the northeast side, this house holds strange machines and a magic mushtree for quick travel. Delve into the basement's mysteries for ancient diaries and numulites.