WoW Warrior Tank Class Guide - Season of Discovery

Warrior Tank in the Season of Discovery Guide

The Warrior Tank in the Season of Discovery undergoes significant improvements, notably with the introduction of Devastate right from the start. This Wrath-like ability adds substantial damage and threat generation, enhancing the Warrior Tank's overall performance. Quality of Life runes such as Warbringer bring increased mobility within Defensive Stance, and Furious Thunder makes Thunder Clap usable in Defensive Stance, adding an AoE threat component.

While the iconic Fury/Prot Dual-Wielding Tank build may resurface in later stages, Blizzard encourages a return to conventional Shield-based tanking with the new Devastate rune. However, future phases may introduce runes to enhance Shield Slam, Revenge, and Thunder Clap, aiming to promote the Protection talents tree.

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Best Runes for Warrior Tank

Chest Rune

Chest Rune

Legs Rune

Legs Rune

Gloves Rune

Gloves Rune

Best Talent Builds for Warrior Tank - Phase 1

Strengths and Weaknesses for Warrior Tank

Warrior Tanks maintain high survivability at all levels, thanks to Defensive Stance, substantial armor, and timely use of Shield Block to mitigate critical strikes. Their self-sufficiency and versatility make them easy to integrate into any group, providing mitigation debuffs like Thunder Clap and Demoralizing Shout, along with essential damage increases through Sunder Armor and Battle Shout.

In the initial levels, Warrior Tanks lack access to Bloodthirst or Shield Slam, limiting their threat generation and damage output. However, the introduction of Devastate marks a game-changing addition, offering a powerful and spammable ability to replace Sunder Armor.

Furious Thunder and Warbringer introduce valuable tools for Warriors. Furious Thunder unlocks Thunder Clap in Defensive Stance, offering a short-cooldown AoE ability for threat generation. Warbringer enables Charging without leaving Defensive Stance, allowing efficient rage management between fights and addressing encounters with knockbacks.

At level 25, the Defiance talent significantly boosts threat generation, and Last Stand serves as an early defensive cooldown, setting Warrior Tanks apart from other tank classes.

The introduction of the Shifting Silver Breastplate, exclusively available to mail wearers proficient in Blacksmithing, adds another layer to Warrior Tanking, applying the Curse of Vulnerability to enemies and increasing raid damage output.


1. High survivability with Defensive Stance, mail armor, shield, and Shield Block.

2. Robust threat generation through Devastate and Defiance.

3. Enhanced mobility with Warbringer.

4. Versatile utility with Sunder Armor, Battle Shout, Thunder Clap, and Demoralizing Shout.

5. Unique defensive cooldown with Last Stand.

6. Additional raid damage potential with Shifting Silver Breastplate.


1. Incomplete rotation until level 40.

2. Moderate AoE threat generation due to Thunder Clap's lack of scaling.

3. Best Specialization for Warrior Tank

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How to Play Warrior Tank

Before level 40 and unlocking Shield Slam or other significant abilities, the Warrior Tank rotation revolves around using Revenge whenever available and spamming Devastate for threat and damage. Shield Block should be used every 5 seconds against bosses to mitigate damage and prevent critical hits.

Maintaining debuffs like Demoralizing Shout and Thunder Clap is crucial for mitigating incoming damage. Heroic Strike and Cleave serve as rage dump abilities, but their threat-per-rage is low, making them secondary to primary abilities.



1. Revenge: Highest threat-per-rage ability.

2. Shield Block: Mitigates damage and prevents critical hits.

3. Demoralizing Shout: Reduces incoming damage.

4. Thunder Clap: Reduces incoming damage.

5. Devastate: Main filler ability.

6. Heroic Strike: Use when having spare rage.


1. Thunder Clap: Low but even threat on up to 4 targets.

2. Revenge: Highest threat-per-rage ability.

3. Devastate: Main filler ability.

4. Cleave: Rage dump for AoE threat.

5. Demoralizing Shout: Reduces incoming damage.

Stats and Gear for Warrior Tank

Stat Priority:

1. Stamina

2. Hit Chance

3. Agility

4. Strength

5. Armor

Prioritize mail items with stamina and either agility or strength. Hit Chance is crucial for reliable threat generation. Armor and agility contribute to survivability. Strength mainly enhances threat generation.

Gear Recommendations for Warrior Tank - Phase 1:

1. Fire Hardened Mail and Brutal Armor quest chains offer excellent gear options.

2. PvP reputation in Warsong Gulch provides necklaces, rings, and trinkets.

3. Shining Silver Breastplate and Brutal Hauberk are strong chest options.

4. Belt of the Stars, Chausses of Westfall, and Seal of Wrynn for Alliance; Warsong Gauntlets and Seal of Sylvanas for Horde.

5. Basalt Buckler or Commander's Crest for shields.

6. Windstorm Hammer is a powerful quest reward.

7. Consider the BoP Shifting Silver Breastplate from Blacksmithing.

Best Races for Warrior Tank


Human: Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization racials provide weapon skill bonus, reducing chances to miss or be dodged. Diplomacy increases reputation gains.

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Night Elf: Quickness offers a slight survivability advantage with 1% avoidance.

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Orc: Axe Specialization provides a weapon skill bonus, and Blood Fury is a useful DPS steroid. Hardiness aids in PvP.

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Troll: Berserking racial offers an on-demand haste steroid. Suitable for a full-time Warrior main tank.

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1. Additional sources for weapon skill bonuses may be introduced in future phases.

2. Human or Orc is recommended due to existing racials and potential flexibility.

Best Professions for Warrior Tank

1. Engineering: Essential for additional AoE damage, trinkets, and overall utility.

2. Blacksmithing: Valuable for crafting the Shifting Silver Breastplate, a potent chest piece in Phase 1.

3. Mining: Necessary for gathering materials for Engineering and Blacksmithing.

Consider leveling Mining on an alt character to fund Warrior's professions.


The Warrior Tank in the Season of Discovery brings exciting changes, with Devastate, Warbringer, and Furious Thunder enhancing gameplay. While survivable and versatile, Warriors face the challenge of an incomplete rotation until level 40. Strengths lie in high survivability, robust threat generation, and unique utility. Careful gear selection, racial considerations, and strategic use of professions contribute to a successful Warrior Tanking experience.

As you embark on your journey as a Warrior Tank in the Season of Discovery, may your shields be sturdy, your threat generation fierce, and your raids victorious. Face the challenges of Azeroth with valor, and may the loot be ever in your favor. Good luck, brave warriors!