WoW Tips and Trcks - Season of Discovery

Tips and Tricks to Season of Discovery

Prepare yourselves, brave adventurers, for the Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic is upon us! With the level cap set to 25 in Phase 1, a myriad of challenges and opportunities awaits. As we embark on this journey, this guide aims to equip you with essential tips and tricks tailored for the level 25 endgame. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh recruit, this compendium will be your compass through the intricacies of Season of Discovery.

In the Season of Discovery, storage is a precious commodity, and obtaining the largest bags becomes paramount. The 10-slot Small Silk Pack serves as a baseline, but for those seeking more capacious options, quests such as Deviate Hides, The Night Watch, and Digging Through the Ooze offer alternatives. Venturing into risky territories like Winterspring can yield the coveted 16-slot Traveler's Backpack through fishing, though caution is advised.

Remember, for Darkmoon Faire enthusiasts, the exclusive Darkmoon Storage Box can be obtained for 50 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets.

When does WoW Season of Discovery come out? Release times for all regions -  Dexerto

Best Quest Rewards at Level 25

Quest rewards play a pivotal role in gearing up for the challenges that lie ahead. Dungeon quests and class-specific endeavors promise guaranteed rewards without the uncertainties of random drops. While some quests may require assembling a full party, the benefits far outweigh the efforts. Keep an eye on notable quest rewards as they can significantly enhance your character's capabilities.

Notable Quest Rewards

 Seal of Wrynn An Audience with the King
 Ancient War Sword Defeat Nek´rosh
 Consecrated Wand Worgen in the Woods
 Raptor´s End Ormer´s Revenge
 Cliffrunner´s Aim The Sacred Flame
 Crescent of Forlorn Spirits The Legend of Stalvan
 Emil´s Brand Insane Druids
 Crest of Darkshere Bride of the Embalmer
 Sparkmetal Coif Morbent Fel
 Warsong Gauntlets Warsong Supplies
 Warsong Boots Warsong Supplies
 Deftkin Belt Je´neu of the Earthen Ring
 Silk Mantle of Gamn  Uncovering the Past
 Warsong Sash Warsong Supplies
 Night Watch Pantaloons Morbent Fel
 Mantle of Honor Bride of the Embalmer


Best Dungeon Quest Rewards

 Chausses of Westfall The Defias Brotherhood
 Tunic of Westfall The Defias Brotherhood
 Staff of Westall The Defias Brotherhood
 Crescent Staff Leaders of the Fang
 Wingblade Leaders of the Fang
 Sizzle Stick Deviate Eradication
 Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt Deviate Eradication
 Talbar Mantle The Glowing Shard
 Seal of Syvanas Arugal Must Die
 Monkey Ring/ Snake Hoop/ Riger Band Willix the Importer


Best Class Quest Rewards

RewardClassStarting Quest
 Verigan´s Fist Paladin The Tome of Valor
 Recipe: Thistle Tea Rogue The Sattered Salude / Mathias and the Defias
 Small Soul Pouch Warlock The Binding
 Staff of Soran´ruk or Orb of Soran´ruk Warlock The Orb of Soran´ruk
 Dread Mage Hat Warlock You Have Served Us Well
 Brutal Hauberk Warrior Speak with Ruga
 Brutal Helm Warrior Speak with Ruga
 Brutal Gauntlets Warrior Speak with Ruga
 Brutal Legguards Warrior Speak with Ruga
 Fire Hardened Hauberk Warrior The Rethban Gauntlet
 Fire Hardened Coif Warrior The Rethban Gauntlet
 Fire Hardened Gauntlets Warrior The Rethban Gauntlet
 Fire Hardened Leggings Warrior The Rethban Gauntlet

Best Dungeon Drops at Level 25

To face the impending Blackfathom Deeps raid, gearing up with the best items from dungeons becomes imperative. Dungeons like Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, The Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and The Stockade will be your proving grounds. While Gnomeregan is accessible, the optimal level for boss loot is 27 and above, making it less rewarding for level 25 characters.

Explore the best dungeon drops and prepare yourself for the challenges that await within the dark depths.

 Prison ShankThe StockadeBruegal Ironknuckle
 Iron KnucklesThe StockadeBruegal Ironknuckle
 Jimmied HandcuffsThe StockadeBruegal Ironknuckle
 Butcher´s CleaverShadowfang KeepRazorclaw the Butcher
 Silverlaine´s Family SealShadowfang KeepBaron Silverlaine
 Commander´s CrestShadowfang KeepCommander Springvale
 Odo´s Ley StaffShadowfang KeepOdo the Blinwatcher
 Phantom ArmorShadowfang KeepDeathsworn Captain
 Feline MantleShadowfang KeepWolf Master Nandos
 Robes of ArugalShadowfang KeepArchmage Arugal
 Belt of ArugalShadowfang KeepArchmage Arugal
 Metear ShardShadowfang KeepArchmage Arugal
 Gold plated BlucklerThe Dead MinesMiner Jonhson
 Lavishly jeweled RingThe Dead MinesGilnkl
 Smite´s Migthy HammerThe Dead MinesMr. Smite
 Emberstone StaffThe Dead MinesCaptain Greenskin
 Cape of the BrotherhoodThe Dead MinesEdwin VanCleef
 Cruel BarbThe Dead MinesEdwin VanCleef
 Blackened Defias armorThe Dead MinesEdwin VanCleef
 Cookie´s Stirring RodThe Dead MinesCookle
 Cobranh´s GraspWailing CavernsLord Cabranh
 Leggings of the FangWailing CavernsLord Cabranh
 Glowing Lizardscale CloakWailing CavernsSkum
 VenomstrikeWailing CavernsLord Serpentis
 Seedcloud BucklerWailing CavernsVerdan the Everliving
 Mutant Scale BreastplateWailing CavernsMutanus the Devourer
 Deep Fathom RingWailing CavernsMutanus the Devourer
 Slime encrustedWailing CavernsMutanus the Devourer

Traversing the World

With the level cap at 25, conventional mounts are still a distant dream until Phase 2. However, the Ashenvale open world PvP event offers "Trainee mounts" – Trainee's Sentinel Nightsaber for Alliance and Trainee's Outrider Wolf for Horde – exclusive to Ashenvale. Additional movement speed enhancements like Aspect of the Cheetah and Feline Swiftness for specific classes and Ritual of Summoning for Warlocks become invaluable assets.

Explore Azeroth efficiently and make the most of your limited mobility options.

Movement Speed Skills and Talents

Skill or TalentClassAvailable at Level
 Pursuit of justice Paladin21
 Aspect of the Cheetah Hunter20
 Sprint Rogue10
Ghost Wolf +  Improved Ghost Wolf Shaman20
 Blink Mage20
 Teleport: Stormwind Mage20
 Teleport: Ironforge Mage20
 Teleport: Ogrimar Mage20
 Teleport: Undercity Mage20
 Ritual of Summoning Warlock20
 Teleport: Moonglade Druid10
 Aquatic Form Druid16
 Feline Swiftness Druid21

Best Profession Items at Level 25:

Professions play a crucial role in Season of Discovery, providing valuable items to enhance your character. Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, First Aid, Fishing, Mining, Leatherworking, Skinning, and Tailoring – each profession offers unique benefits.

From crafting powerful armor and weapons to concocting potions and elixirs, tailor your chosen profession to your advantage. The guide outlines notable items and recipes for each profession, ensuring you make the most of your skills.


There are plenty of useful Potions and Elixirs available for level 25 characters. Most of them you can simply learn at a trainer, but there are also some rare drops that are worth keeping an eye out for.

Items that are listed as Recipes have to be either bought from a vendor different than your profession trainer or are drops.

1. Greater Healing Potion

2. Mana Potion

3. Swim Speed Potion

4. Strong Troll's Blood Potion

5. Recipe: Swiftness Potion

6. Elixir of Defense

7. Elixir of Wisdom

8, Recipe: Free Action Potion

9. Recipe: Elixir of Minor Agility

10. Recipe: Elixir of Ogre's Strength

11. Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth

12. Elixir of Firepower

13. Recipe: Elixir of Poison Resistance

14. Recipe: Minor Magic Resistance Potion

15. Recipe: Holy Protection Potion

16. Recipe: Shadow Protection Potion


Crafting your own armor and weapons has always been a power fantasy, and it can be in Season of Discovery too! Not only are there already some pretty strong items worth crafting at level 25, you can also craft usable items like Skeleton Keys.

Some brand new items have also been found in the files -  Shifting Silver Breastplate and  Blackfathom Sharpening Stone both seem connected to the new Blacktfathom Deeps raid.

Items that are listed as Plans have to be either bought from a vendor different than your profession trainer or are drops.

1. Shifting Silver Breastplate

2. Shining Silver Breastplate

3. Silvered Bronze Gauntlets

4. Heavy Bronze Mace

5. Silvered Bronze Boots

6. Patterned Bronze Bracers

7. Plans: Iron Shield Spike

8. Plans: Green Iron Gauntlets

9. Plans: Green Iron Boots

10. Golden Rod

11. Blackfathom Sharpening Stone

12. Solid Weightstone

13. Solid Sharpening Stone

14. Golden Skeleton Key


Most of the truly useful items from cooking aren't accessible until higher levels, but there is still Stamina and Spirit food that is worth crafting and using. The highest we'll get is 8 Stamina and Spirit, and there are a plethora of recipes to choose from - some of them are listed below. There are also a couple other notable recipes that are worth learning:

1. Recipe: Thistle Tea

2. Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight

3. Soothing Turtle Bisque

4. Roast Raptor

5. Recipe: Heavy Crocolisk Stew


There are both wands, oils and enchants that are worth crafting at level 25. If you want that little extra edge, we have found a new Mana Oil that presumable is connected to the new Blackfathom Deeps raid -  Blackfathom Mana Oil.

Items that are listed as Formulas have to be either bought from a vendor different than your profession trainer or are drops.

1. Blackfathom Mana Oil

2. Greater Magic Wand

3. Minor Mana Oil

4. Minor Wizard Oil

5. Enchant Boots - Minor Stamina

6. Formula: Enchant Boots - Minor Agility

7. Enchant Bracer - Lesser Intellect

8. Formula: Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength

9. Enchant Bracer - Lesser Stamina

10. Formula: Enchant Bracer - Lesser Spirit

11. Enchant Chest - Minor Stats

12. Enchant Chest - Mana

13. Enchant Chest - Health

14. Formula: Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility

15. Enchant Cloak - Lesser Protection

16. Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Protection

17. Enchant Shield - Lesser Spirit

18. Enchant Weapon - Lesser Striking

19. Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Impact

20. Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Spirit

21. Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Intellect


There has never been a bad time to be an engineer, and that holds true for Season of Discovery as well. There are several items that you can either use personally, or channel your inner goblin and make a nice profit on the Auction House.

Speaking of Goblins, we won't be able to get Gnomish or Goblin Engineering until phase 2, as it requires you to be level 30. There is however a new Schematic found for Season of Discovery -  Shredder Autosalvage Unit. We don't know what it's for, though...

1. Standard Scope

2. Crafted Heavy Shot

3. Target Dummy

4. Minor Recombobulator

5. Big Bronze Bomb

6. Explosive Sheep

7. Green Tinted Goggles


As a gathering profession, there isn't anything you can craft to make use of. But there will be a lot of Alchemists, so even if you're not one yourself, it's a good bet that most herbs will sell well on the Auction House. Gather whatever comes your way.

First Aid:

First Aid will never go out of style, and it's a great profession to have for almost all classes.

The strongest bandage you will be able to craft is  Heavy Silk Bandage - or even  Heavy Wool Bandage if  Silk Cloth is in short supply.


While you can get some useful fish to cook with while leveling up, none of the good Cooking recipes require fish.

You can still find some value out of fishing for junk boxes, especially if you traverse the coasts of higher level zones - this might be the best way to acquire  Mageweave Cloth.


As a gathering profession, there isn't anything you can craft to make use of. But there will be a lot of Blacksmiths, so even if you're not one yourself, it's a good bet that most ores and bars will sell well on the Auction House. Mine whatever comes your way.


As with all crafting professions, Leatherworkers will be able to craft gear beyond the max level of 25. While these aren't really of interest in Phase 1 of Season of Discovery, keep an eye out for a couple new patterns that will be introduced for SoD -  Void-Touched Leather Gauntlets and  Void-Touched Leather Gloves. Both are clearly intended to assist Shaman and Rogue respectively in tanking (which you can read more about in our New Class Role Combinations Guide).

Below you can find a list of some notable Leatherworking items to craft in Phase 1.

1. Void-Touched Leather Gauntlets

2. Void-Touched Leather Gloves

3. Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt

4. Toughened Leather Gloves

5. Pattern: Heavy Earthen Gloves

6. Pattern: Pilferer's Gloves

7. Hillman's Shoulders

8. Pattern: Dark Leather Shoulders

9. Pattern: Earthen Leather Shoulders

10. Pattern: Red Whelp Gloves

11. Heavy Armor Kit

12. Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball


As a gathering profession, there isn't anything you can craft to make use of. But there will be a lot of Leatherworkers, so even if you're not one yourself, it's a good bet that most leather will sell well on the Auction House. Skin all beasts that cross your path.


Tailors will have a major role in the Season of Discovery market: Bags. The biggest bag you will be able to craft is  Small Silk Pack.

Aside from bags, there are also a good amount of gear you can craft as a Tailor, including a brand new pattern -  Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots.

Below you can find a list of some notable Tailoring items to craft in Phase 1.

1. Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots

2. Spidersilk Boots

3. Azure Silk Vest

4. Robes of Arcana

5. Truefaith Gloves

6. Hands of Darkness

7. Azure Silk Gloves

8. Azure Silk Pants

9. Phoenix Pants

10. Small Silk Pack


As you embark on your Season of Discovery adventure, remember that knowledge and preparation are your greatest allies. With this comprehensive guide, you're now armed with the insights needed to thrive in Phase 1. Forge alliances, conquer dungeons, and emerge victorious as you navigate the challenges that await.

In the ever-evolving world of Azeroth, the Season of Discovery promises excitement and challenges. Whether you're delving into dungeons, mastering professions, or engaging in epic battles, may your journey be filled with triumphs and legendary moments. Stay tuned to Wowhead for the latest updates and guides, and may your adventures in World of Warcraft be nothing short of extraordinary. Safe travels, champions!