WoW Shaman Tank Class Guide - Season of Discovery

Shaman Tank in the Season of Discovery Guide

Embrace the unconventional as Season of Discovery introduces a unique twist to the world of tanking with Shaman. While some argue that Shamans have dabbled in tanking in Classic, the addition of Runes in Season of Discovery truly transforms them into formidable tanks. The key ability, Earthwarden, turns their trusty Rockbiter Weapon into a full-fledged tank stance. With this active, Shamans enjoy a 50% increased threat modifier, critical strike immunity, 30% more health, 10% flat damage reduction, and a fully functional taunt with Earth Shock.

Although lacking an AoE taunt and a defensive cooldown, Shaman Tanks at level 25 are on par with their counterparts. The arsenal includes a potent AoE damage spell, Magma Burst, boasting high innate threat. Paired with the threat modifier from Earthwarden, maintaining aggro on multiple foes becomes effortless. Furthermore, Flame Shock has a chance to reset the cooldown of Magma Burst, incentivizing its consistent use during AoE encounters.

Mana management is a common woe for low-level Shamans, but Runes come to the rescue with Shield Mastery. This ability grants 8% of maximum Mana and a stacking Armor buff each time the Shaman blocks, synergizing seamlessly with Shield Specialization to provide a flat 15% extra Block Chance. While this ensures sustainable Mana during AoE pulls, challenges arise in encounters where physical hits are absent.

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Best Runes for Shaman Tank

Chest Runes

Chest Runes

Legs Rune

Legs Rune

Gloves Rune

Gloves Rune

Best Talent Builds for Shaman Tank - Phase 1

Best Talent Builds for Shaman Tank - Phase 1


In the diverse talent landscape of Shamans, Enhancement stands out as the go-to specialization for Phase 1. Offering essential talents like Shield Specialization, Anticipation, Toughness, and eventually Parry, it paves the way for a sturdy tanking foundation.

For those anticipating off-tanking duties without relying on Shield Mastery for Mana generation, an Elemental build becomes enticing. Featuring cost-efficient, high-damage spells through talents like Convection, Concussion, and Elemental Focus, this build incorporates the noteworthy Reverberation. This talent reduces the cooldown of Flame Shock, enhancing its frequency during AoE pulls.

As phases progress, a hybrid build becomes prominent. Prioritizing Parry before branching into other trees, it ensures the acquisition of key talents like Nature's Guardian.

Strengths and Weaknesses 

Season of Discovery Phase 1 paints a promising picture for Shaman Tanks. Potential limitations in later phases, such as facing Fire or Nature immune enemies or magic-heavy encounters, are likely to be addressed by future Runes. The outlook is bright, with Shaman Tanks poised to become a force to be reckoned with.


1. High Threat Generation: Leveraging Earthwarden and Magma Burst for effective threat.

2. Group Support: Bringing versatile Totems to enhance the group's performance.

3. Flexible DPS Options: Adapting to various roles within the party.

4. Above Average AoE Damage: Standing out in encounters with multiple enemies.


1. Reliance on Blocking for Mana: Mana sustainability hinges heavily on successful blocks.

2. Lack of Defensive Cooldowns: Absence of traditional cooldowns for added survivability.

3. No Parry in Phase 1: The inability to parry limits defensive options in Phase 1.

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How to Play Shaman Tank

The primary strategy revolves around maintaining Flame Shock at all times, coupled with keeping Magma Burst on cooldown. In addition, utilize Frost Shock and deploy the appropriate Totem for the situation.


1. Keep Flame Shock active.

2. Cast Magma Burst on cooldown.

3. Drop the relevant Totems.

4. Use Frost Shock when all targets have Flame Shock.

5. Rebuff Lightning Shield.

For Totems, default to Strength of Earth Totem, Searing Totem, and Healing Stream Totem. Switch to Fire Nova Totem for AoE situations, and Stoneclaw Totem for high-damage encounters. While situational, Tremor Totem, Cleansing Totem, and Frost Resistance Totem prove fantastic.

Stats and Gear for Shaman Tank

Maintaining a balance between defensive stats and potential threat generation is crucial for a Shaman tank.

1. Parry Chance: Not applicable yet, rendering bonuses ineffective.

2. Block: Highly valuable for single-target encounters.

3. Agility: Enhances defensive capabilities and increases Critical Chance.

4. Strength: Boosts Attack Power and improves Block slightly.

5. Intellect: Valuable if Mana becomes a concern during fights.

6. Hit: A desirable stat, though limited options are available at this stage.

Stat Priority:

1. Agility

2. Strength

3. Stamina

4. Intellect

5. Armor

6. Hit Rating

Gear Recommendations for Shaman Tank - Phase 1

1. Humbert's Helm: BoE green with high drop rates, a solid choice for headgear.

2. Thief's Shoulder Cape: BoE drop from Razorfen Kraul, providing valuable stats.

3. Defias Blackened Chestplate: Drop from Edwin VanCleef in The Deadmines.

4. Brotherhood Cloak: Obtainable from Edwin VanCleef, complementing your gear.

5. Tightrope Treader Belt: Easily acquired through the quest "Je'neu of the Earthen Ring" in Ashenvale.

6. Wolfclaw Gloves: BoE drop from Razorfen Kraul, enhancing your gear.

7. Racer's Chestguard: Reward for completing "The Warsong Reports" in Gnomeregan.

8. Arena Master: Obtainable by looting the chest in Gurubashi Arena, a challenging task.

9. Spectral Necklace: Limited neck options at level 25; check Auction House for availability.

10. Seal of Sylvanas: Reward for completing "Arugal Must Die" in Shadowfang Keep.

11. Familiar's Seal of Filargenta: Drop from Baron Silverlaine in Shadowfang Keep.

Best Races for Shaman Tank

Best Horde Races

With only three race options, each brings a unique contribution to the table. Amidst the Season of Discovery uncertainties, the Troll race stands out as the top choice. Berserking serves as a potent DPS cooldown, and in a tanking role, it has the potential to trigger the full 30% boost. Additionally, Trolls boast Beast Slaying, proving valuable in specific encounters like Blackfathom Deeps bosses during Phase 1 and potentially gaining more prominence in later phases.

Orcs feature the notable Axe Specialization, traditionally one of the best racials in Classic. While still impactful in Season of Discovery, the introduction of new items with Weapon Skills might alter its significance. The controversial Blood Fury ability, despite providing a substantial damage boost, imposes a significant drawback—50% reduced healing for 25 seconds. For tanks, this trade-off is seldom a viable choice, rendering the racial less effective.

Tauren, on the other hand, bring a tank-centric racial in the form of Endurance, bestowing them with higher health than any other race. Their slightly extended melee range, while infrequently beneficial, has historically found potent niche uses. The War Stomp ability, excellent for AoE pulls, rarely finds utility in boss fights.

Best Alliance Races

For Shamans in the Alliance, race options are limited, leaving them with no distinct advantages.

Best Professions for Shaman Tank


An indispensable Classic profession, Engineering retains its quintessential status in Season of Discovery. Remarkably impactful even at level 25, Engineering introduces Heavy Dynamite, a stellar asset for AoE damage. Various goggles, including Green Tinted Goggles, serve as reliable and accessible headpieces in a level range with scarce options. Furthermore, Engineering unlocks coveted Trinkets like Minor Recombobulator, a rare commodity at level 25.


Shaman Tanking in Season of Discovery marks a groundbreaking exploration into unconventional tanking, blending the elements to forge a resilient and threat-generating force. While challenges lie ahead, the potential for growth and adaptation is limitless. As we venture forth, the echoes of thunder guide our path.

Embark on your journey with Shaman Tanking and unlock the untapped potential of the elements. Stay tuned for more insights, strategies, and thrilling adventures in the ever-evolving World of Warcraft.Until next time, may your totems stand strong, and your shields never waver. Farewell, adventurers!