WoW Season of Discovery Warrior Runes Phase 2

WoW Season of Discovery Warrior Runes Phase 2

WoW Season of Discovery (SoD) Runes guide & locations Phase 1

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the new Warrior runes introduced in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft. Below, you'll find detailed information, including exact locations, maps, and walkthroughs for all discovered Warrior runes up to Level 40.

Warrior runes are essential elements that enhance your abilities and prowess as a Warrior in World of Warcraft. As you journey through the Season of Discovery, uncovering these runes will greatly augment your gameplay experience.

Runes Phase 2

Blood Surge Blood Surge (Belt):

Description: Heroic Strike, Bloodthirst, and Whirlwind have a 30% chance to make your next Slam within 15 sec instant and cost no Rage. (Proc chance: 30%)

Blood Surge Rune Location: The Blood Surge Rune is a crucial item to unlock the powerful Blood Surge ability for your Warrior in World of Warcraft. Follow these steps to locate and obtain the Rune:

1. Kill Ogres in Alterac or Stromgarde: Your journey begins by facing the ogres in Alterac or Stromgarde. Engage in battle until you acquire an "Illegible Recipe" as a drop. This mysterious recipe initiates the quest "Anyone Can Cook."

2. Visit Skonk in Southeast Arathi Highlands: Head to the southeast of Arathi Highlands and locate Skonk at coordinates /way 59.0, 72.0. Present the Illegible Recipe to Skonk, and this will trigger the questline.

Visit Skonk in Southeast Arathi Highlands

3. Complete the Follow-up Quest: Skonk will offer you a follow-up quest that involves gathering specific ingredients:

- Hybrid Haunch: Obtain this from Wild Gryphons in the Hinterlands and Hillsbrad Foothills.

Hybrid Haunch

- Smuggler's Spice Blend: Dive to the bottom of a sunken vessel at coordinates /way 20.0, 83.0 in Arathi Highlands.

Smuggler's Spice Blend:

- Balmy Brew: Retrieve the keg located in the basement of Angor Fortress in the Badlands.

Balmy Brew

- Viscous Venom: Acquire this by defeating spiders in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Viscous Venom

4. Return to Skonk and Face Him: Once you've collected all the ingredients, return to Skonk. Complete the quest by defeating him in battle. Your reward for overcoming this challenge will be the coveted Blood Surge Rune.

Focused Rage Focused Rage (Belt):

Description: Reduces the rage cost of your offensive abilities by 3.

Focused Rage Rune Location: The Focused Rage Rune is a key item that unlocks the potent Focused Rage ability for your Warrior in World of Warcraft. Follow these steps to discover and obtain the Rune:

1. Acquire the Witherbark Mallet: Begin your quest by looting the Witherbark Mallet from Witherbark trolls located around Witherbark Village in the Southwest Arathi Highlands. Defeat Witherbark Headhunters, Witherbark Axe Throwers, and Witherbark Witch Doctors to obtain the mallet.

2. Locate the Witherbark Cave: Head to the coordinates /way 63 77 to find the entrance to the Witherbark Cave.

Locate the Witherbark Cave

3. Navigate Inside the Cave: Enter the cave and explore until you find the Witherbark Gong.

4. Interact with the Witherbark Gong: Use the Witherbark Mallet to interact with the Witherbark Gong. This action triggers the appearance of the Witherbark Goliath, a formidable level 35 Elite accompanied by two adds.

5. Defeat the Witherbark Goliath: Engage in battle with the Witherbark Goliath and its minions. Once you successfully defeat the Witherbark Goliath, loot the Rune of Focused Rage from its remains.

Witherbark Goliath

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Precise Timing Precise Timing (Belt):

Description: Slam is now instant but has a 6 sec cooldown.

Precise Timing Rune Location: To obtain the Rune of Ruthless Precision and learn the Precise Timing ability, follow these steps:

1. Venture into Deadwind Pass and seek out the Dalaran Agent at Ariden's Camp. Engage in conversation with them to receive Ariden's Sigil.

Dalaran Agent

dalaran agent

2. Equip Ariden's Sigil and venture forth, or join forces with another player who bears this mystical artifact. With the sigil activated, players must uncover and defeat seven formidable Dark Rider Elites. Activate Ariden's Sigil to Reveal Dark Rider, and the presence of a Dark Rider will be signaled by the acquisition of the Dark Presence buff.

3. Hunt down the Dark Riders in various locations:

- Deadwind Pass: (/way 43 29) 

Deadwind Pass

- Duskwood: (/way 23 47) 


- Swamp of Sorrows: (/way 69 28).

swamp of sorrows

- Arathi Highlands: (/way 60 40).

arathi highlands

- Badlands: (/way 58 54).


- The Barrens: (/way 52 36).

The Barrens

- Desolace: (/way 65 25).


4. Collect the diverse Dalaran Relics dropped by the Dark Riders, including Odd Dalaran Relic, Whirring Dalaran Relic, Heavy Dalaran Relic, Slippery Dalaran Relic, and Creepy Dalaran Relic.

5. Return to the Dalaran Agent with all obtained Dalaran Relics and turn in the respective reward quests:

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

6. Once all seven Dalaran Relics have been surrendered, bask in the glory of your accomplishment as the Precise Timing Rune is bestowed upon you as the ultimate reward. May the arcane forces guide you on this intricate quest, and may your Precise Timing rune with newfound power!

Enraged Regeneration Enraged Regeneration (Boots):

Description: Heals you for 30% of your maximum health over 10 sec, but can only be used while Enrage, Berserker Rage, or Bloodrage is active. Useable while Stunned.

Enraged Regeneration Rune Location: To obtain the Rune of Healing Rage and learn the Enraged Regeneration ability, follow these steps:

1. Desolace Quest Start: Begin your adventure by obtaining the "questHighway Robbery" quest in Desolace. Locate an Extinguished Campfire northwest of the Kodo Graveyard at coordinates /way 47 54.

Desolace Quest Start

2. Desolace - On the Lam: Head to /way 63 39 near Kormek's Hut in Desolace. Turn in the "questHighway Robbery" quest to Bibbly F'utzbuckle and pick up the quest "questOn the Lam."

Desolace - On the Lam

3. Booty Bay - Cherry for Your Thoughts?: Journey to Booty Bay and visit the inn. Turn in "questOn the Lam" to Tokal and acquire the quest "questCherry for Your Thoughts?". Purchase Cherry Grog for the next part of your quest, "questNo Honor Among Thieves."

booty bay

4. Arathi Highlands Bridge: Seek out a rowboat located under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, approximately at /way 53 91 on the Arathi Highlands map. Interact with the boat to teleport to the eastern shore.

Arathi Highlands Bridge

5. Confront Illari Duskfeather: Locate Illari Duskfeather and engage in conversation. For most races, two equally hostile dialogue options will be presented. Choose one to initiate combat with Illari. Defeat her, collect the dropped bag, and loot Illari's Key.

6. Unlock the Treasure: Utilize Illari's Key to unlock the Jewel-Encrusted Box. Open the box and claim your well-earned Rune.

Note: Night Elves have a peaceful dialogue solution available, and if chosen, Illari will provide them with Illari's Key for the Jewel-Encrusted Box. May the arcane winds guide you through this intricate quest, and may the Enraged Regeneration Rune enhance your magical prowess!

Intervene Intervene (Boots):

Description: Requires Defensive StanceRun at high speed towards a party member, intercepting the next melee or ranged attack made against them as well as reducing their total threat by 10%.

Intervene Rune Location: To obtain the Rune of Intervention and unlock the Intervene ability, follow these steps:

1. Locate Combat Dummies in Shimmering Flats: Journey to the southwest part of Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles, approximately around coordinates /way 66 88. Look for Combat Dummies in this area.

Locate Combat Dummies in Shimmering Flats

2. Execute, Taunt, and Shield Bash: Interact with the Combat Dummies using the specified actions on each:

- Execute the first Combat Dummy while wielding a two-handed weapon.
- Taunt the second Combat Dummy while dual-wielding.
- Shield Bash the third Combat Dummy.

By successfully executing these actions on the Combat Dummies, you'll trigger the acquisition of the Rune of Intervention. This rune is essential for learning the Intervene ability, which enables you to rush to a party member's aid, intercepting incoming attacks and reducing their threat.

Rallying Cry Rallying Cry (Boots):

Description: Let loose a rallying cry, granting all party and raid members within 40 yards 15% increased maximum health for 10 sec.

Rallying Cry Rune Location: To obtain the Rune of the Commander and unlock the Rallying Cry ability, follow these steps:

1. Head to the West Side of the Badlands: Travel to the western part of the Badlands.

2. Locate the Wandering Swordsman NPC: Search for the level 40 rare Wandering Swordsman NPC. This formidable foe patrols the Mirage Flats area near the coordinates /way 31.2, 67.9.

Locate the Wandering Swordsman NPC

3. Defeat the Wandering Swordsman: Engage in battle with the Wandering Swordsman and defeat this challenging opponent.

4. Loot the Chest: After defeating the Wandering Swordsman, he will lay down a chest that can be looted.

5. Acquire the Rune of the Commander: Loot the chest to obtain the Rune of the Commander. This rune is the key to learning the powerful Rallying Cry ability for your Warrior.