WoW Season of Discovery Priest Runes Phase 2

WoW Season of Discovery Priest Runes Phase 2

WoW Season of Discovery (SoD) Runes guide & locations Phase 1

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the new Priest runes introduced in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft. Below, you'll find detailed information, including exact locations, maps, and walkthroughs for all discovered Priest runes up to Level 40.

Priest runes are essential elements that enhance your abilities and prowess as a Priest in World of Warcraft. As you journey through the Season of Discovery, uncovering these runes will greatly augment your gameplay experience.

Runes Phase 2

Empowered Renew Empowered Renew (Belt):

Description: Your Renew now heals one extra time immediately when applied, and gains 15% increased benefit each time it heals from your bonus healing effects.

In addition, your Renew can now be active on targets affected by another Priest's Renew.

Locating the Empowered Renew: To acquire the Empowered Renew Rune, you'll need to obtain the Prophecy of the Quickened Path item. Below are the locations where you can find this item:

1. Thousand Needles: 

- This Rune is dropped by various Grimtotem mobs, including Grimtotem Stompers.

Grimtotem Stomper - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

- A recommended farming spot is located around coordinates /way 34.4 30.6.

Thousand Needles

2. Alterac Mountains:

- Crushridge Ogre mobs in this area drop the Empowered Renew Rune.

Ogro Aplastacresta - PNJ - World of Warcraft Clásico

- Look for these mobs along the eastern edge of the snowy region of the zone, particularly around coordinates /way 52.8 44.6.

Alterac Mountains

When farming for the Prophecy of the Quickened Path, focus your efforts on defeating these specific mobs in the designated areas. Persistence and diligence will eventually reward you with the Empowered Renew Rune, unlocking its potent healing capabilities for your Priest in World of Warcraft's Season of Discovery. Good luck on your journey!

Mind Spike Mind Spike (Belt):

Description: Blasts the target for (111 */ 100) to (129 */ 100) Shadowfrost damage, and increases the critical strike chance of your next Mind Blast on the target by 30%, stacking up to 3 times.

Locating the Mind Spike Rune: To acquire the Mind Spike Rune, you'll need to obtain the Psychosophic Epiphany item. Follow these steps to uncover the secrets of Mind Spike:

1. Desolace Quest Start: Begin your adventure by obtaining the "questHighway Robbery" quest in Desolace. Locate an Extinguished Campfire northwest of the Kodo Graveyard at coordinates /way 47 54.

Desolace Quest Start

2. Desolace - On the Lam: Head to /way 63 39 near Kormek's Hut in Desolace. Turn in the "questHighway Robbery" quest to Bibbly F'utzbuckle and pick up the quest "questOn the Lam."

Desolace - On the Lam

3. Booty Bay - Cherry for Your Thoughts?: Journey to Booty Bay and visit the inn. Turn in "questOn the Lam" to Tokal and acquire the quest "questCherry for Your Thoughts?". Purchase Cherry Grog for the next part of your quest, "questNo Honor Among Thieves."

booty bay

4. Arathi Highlands Bridge: Seek out a rowboat located under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, approximately at /way 53 91 on the Arathi Highlands map. Interact with the boat to teleport to the eastern shore.

Arathi Highlands Bridge

5. Confront Illari Duskfeather: Locate Illari Duskfeather and engage in conversation. For most races, two equally hostile dialogue options will be presented. Choose one to initiate combat with Illari. Defeat her, collect the dropped bag, and loot Illari's Key.

6. Unlock the Treasure: Utilize Illari's Key to unlock the Jewel-Encrusted Box. Open the box and claim your well-earned Rune.

Note: Night Elves have a peaceful dialogue solution available, and if chosen, Illari will provide them with Illari's Key for the Jewel-Encrusted Box. May the arcane winds guide you through this intricate quest, and may the Trap Launcher Rune enhance your magical prowess!

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Renewed Hope Renewed Hope (Belt):

Description: Your heals from Flash Heal, Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance have 10% increased critical effect chance when cast on targets with Weakened Soul.

Locating the Renewed Hope Rune: To unlock the Renewed Hope Rune and harness its potent healing benefits, follow these steps to obtain the Unsettling Vision:

1. Defeat Nagas on the Northwestern Shoreline:

- Venture to the northwestern shoreline of Desolace.

northwestern shoreline of Desolace

- Engage and defeat Nagas in this area to acquire the Unsettling Vision.

2. Mind Control Slitherblade Tide Priestess:

- Locate a Slitherblade Tide Priestess among the Nagas.

slitherblade tide priestess

- Use Mind Control on the Slitherblade Tide Priestess to gain access to her Meditation buff.

3. Acquire Meditation Buff: While under the effects of Mind Control, obtain the Meditation buff from the Slitherblade Tide Priestess.

4. Use Unsettling Vision: With the Meditation buff active, use the Unsettling Vision item. This will enable you to tap into the powers of the vision and learn the Renewed Hope Rune.

dispersion Dispersion (Boots):

Description: You disperse into pure Shadow energy, reducing all damage taken by 90%.  You are unable to attack or cast spells, but you regenerate 6% mana every 1 sec for 6 sec. Dispersion can be cast while stunned, feared or silenced and clears all snare and movement impairing effects when cast, and makes you immune to them while dispersed.

Locating the Dispersion Rune: To obtain the Prophecy of Imprisoned Malice and unlock the Dispersion Rune, follow these steps:

1. Rogue Assistance:

- Enlist the help of a Rogue who has earned the Master of Subtlety Rune and acquired Jani's Charm.

- The Rogue must use Pick Pocket on trolls in Stranglethorn Vale, particularly Bloodscalp Scavengers, around coordinates /way 1434 33 14, to obtain a Mysterious Troll Scroll.

Bloodscalp Scavengers

2. Mage Assistance:

- Seek the aid of a Mage who can use a Comprehension Charm to decipher the Mysterious Troll Scroll into a Deciphered Troll Scroll.

- The Deciphered Troll Scroll reveals the clue: "When Zul'Kund's fountain runs with the waters of the holy spring, the gods grant their blessing."

3. Gathering Holy Spring Water:

- Journey to the southern part of Stranglethorn Vale, specifically to the Naga area where Lord Sakrasis can spawn, around coordinates /way 1434 28.9 62.0.

Lord Sakrasis

- Collect Holy Spring Water from the Holy Spring (Naga fountain). If another Priest has shared the quest with you, you can begin at this step.

4. Ruins of Zul'Kunda: With two active Meditation Buffs obtained from step 3, head to the troll's Ruins of Zul'Kunda in Stranglethorn Vale, particularly to the area where Gan'zulah spawns, around coordinates /way 1434 23.6 8.2.

Ruins of Zul'Kunda

5. Unlocking the Dispersion Rune:

- Use the Holy Spring Water next to the fountain behind Gan'zulah to make it interactable.

- Loot the fountain to acquire the Prophecy of Imprisoned Malice, thus unlocking the Dispersion Rune.

Pain Suppression Pain Suppression (Boots):

Description: Instantly reduces all damage taken by a friendly target by 40% and increases resistance to Dispel mechanics by 65% for 8 sec.

Locating the Pain Suppression Rune: To acquire the Memory of a Leader's Betrayal and unlock the Pain Suppression Rune, follow these steps:

1. Loot Echos Across Four Zones: Search for Echos, which are located on graves in different zones.

- Scarlet Monastery (Graveyard): Find the Graveyard Echo about halfway down the grave area and to the left (near where the Headless Horseman spawns during the holiday event in Retail).

Scarlet Monastery (Graveyard)

- Arathi Highlands: Locate the Arathi Echo at Go'shek Farm, around coordinates /way 62 54.

Arathi Highlands

- Dustwallow Marsh: Discover the Theramore Echo in the graveyard around coordinates /way 63.5 42.5.

Dustwallow Marsh

- Swamp of Sorrows: Uncover the Swamp Echo around coordinates /way 16.8 53.8.

Swamp of Sorrows

2. Activate Echos at Correct Statues:

- Travel to the Scarlet Monastery's Library wing.

- Activate the Echos at the correct statues in the following order:

Warrior (Swamp Echo)
Mage (Arathi Echo)
Paladin (Theramore Echo)
Priest (Graveyard Echo)

3. Summon the Glowing Sphere: If all steps are executed correctly, a glowing sphere will appear in the middle of the room.

4. Loot Memory of a Leader's Betrayal: Approach the glowing sphere and loot the Memory of a Leader's Betrayal.

5. Learn Pain Suppression: Use the Memory of a Leader's Betrayal to learn the Pain Suppression Rune.

Spirit of the Redeemer  Spirit of the Redeemer (Boots):

Description: Activate to become the Spirit of Redemption for 10 sec. While in this form, you can cast any healing spell free of cost, but you cannot move, attack, be attacked, or be targeted by any spells or effects. Requires Spirit of Redemption talent to activate, and you will no longer enter Spirit of Redemption  upon dying.

Spirit of the Redeemer Rune Location: To obtain the Spirit of the Redeemer Rune, you'll need to embark on a quest involving Ariden's Sigil and Dark Riders in various locations. Follow these steps to uncover the rune:

1. Venture into Deadwind Pass and seek out the Dalaran Agent at Ariden's Camp. Engage in conversation with them to receive Ariden's Sigil.

Dalaran Agent

dalaran agent

2. Equip Ariden's Sigil and venture forth, or join forces with another player who bears this mystical artifact. With the sigil activated, players must uncover and defeat seven formidable Dark Rider Elites. Activate Ariden's Sigil to Reveal Dark Rider, and the presence of a Dark Rider will be signaled by the acquisition of the Dark Presence buff.

3. Hunt down the Dark Riders in various locations:

- Deadwind Pass: (/way 43 29) 

Deadwind Pass

- Duskwood: (/way 23 47) 


- Swamp of Sorrows: (/way 69 28).

swamp of sorrows

- Arathi Highlands: (/way 60 40).

arathi highlands

- Badlands: (/way 58 54).


- The Barrens: (/way 52 36).

The Barrens

- Desolace: (/way 65 25).


4. Collect the diverse Dalaran Relics dropped by the Dark Riders, including Odd Dalaran Relic, Whirring Dalaran Relic, Heavy Dalaran Relic, Slippery Dalaran Relic, and Creepy Dalaran Relic.

5. Return to the Dalaran Agent with all obtained Dalaran Relics and turn in the respective reward quests:

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

- quest Curious Dalaran Relic

6. Once all seven Dalaran Relics have been surrendered, bask in the glory of your accomplishment as the Spirit of the Redeemer Rune is bestowed upon you as the ultimate reward. May the arcane forces guide you on this intricate quest, and may your Spirit of the Redeemer rune with newfound power!