WoW Season of Discovery Dungeons Accessible in Phase 2

WoW Season of Discovery Dungeons Accessible in Phase 2

Here, we will be showcasing the new dungeons available for Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 is Now Live!

Scarlet Monastery

The Scarlet Monastery, nestled in the northeastern reaches of Tirisfal Glades, stands as the formidable bastion of the Scarlet Crusade, a level 26-45 dungeon beckoning adventurers with its treacherous halls and perilous challenges. Divided into four distinct wings, each tailored to varying degrees of difficulty, it offers a diverse range of encounters and loot opportunities.

scarlet monastery

1. Graveyard (Levels 26-36): As the entry point to the Scarlet Monastery, the Graveyard greets adventurers with the chilling atmosphere of crypts and mausoleums. Here, the unliving guardians of the Crusade tirelessly defend their domain against intruders.

2. Library (Levels 29-39): Delving deeper into the Scarlet Monastery, adventurers will find themselves ensconced within the scholarly confines of the Library. But amidst the tomes and scrolls lies a sinister presence, as fanatical zealots and dark magic practitioners seek to maintain the Crusade's iron grip on knowledge.

3. Armory (Levels 32-42): The Armory stands as a testament to the martial prowess of the Scarlet Crusade, housing their formidable arsenal and training grounds. Here, warriors and champions of the Crusade stand ready to test the mettle of any who dare to challenge their might.

4. Cathedral (Levels 35-45): At the heart of the Scarlet Monastery looms the Cathedral, a towering edifice dedicated to the twisted ideals of the Crusade's leadership. Within its hallowed halls, the most devout and fanatical followers of the Scarlet Crusade await, prepared to unleash their righteous fury upon any who oppose them.


Indeed, the Scarlet Monastery boasts a wealth of notable items and loot that entice adventurers seeking both power and style. Here are some highlights:

-  Cobalt Crusher: A formidable weapon, particularly sought after by level 29 twinks for its effectiveness.

-  Torturing Poker: Another choice for level 29 twinks, offering a unique blend of stats and usability.

-  Sword of Omen: A valuable quest reward for leveling Rogues, providing a reliable blade to aid them in their endeavors.

-  Bonebiter: A significant quest reward, especially beneficial for leveling Alliance Warriors and Paladins.

- Chain of the Scarlet Crusade Set: Highly prized for its impressive stats and distinctive appearance, making it a sought-after choice for many adventurers.

-  Aegis of the Scarlet Commander,  Herod's Shoulder, and  Whitemane's Chapeau: Additional items with the iconic Scarlet Crusade appearance, enhancing both style and substance.

-  Ravager: This weapon stands out for its iconic procs, making it a memorable and powerful choice for those fortunate enough to obtain it.

-  Icefury Wand: Scarlet Monastery is a pivotal part of a lengthy quest chain for Mages to acquire the coveted Icefury Wand, adding a touch of frosty might to their arsenal.

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Razorfen Kraul

Nestled in the southern expanses of The Barrens, Razorfen Kraul (RFK) stands as a formidable dungeon for adventurers ranging from level 30 to 40. This subterranean labyrinth serves as the ancestral home of the quilboar, concealed beneath a dense thicket of thorns that sprouted from the remains of the demigod Agamaggan. Parties venturing into its depths face the dual challenges of navigating intricate tunnels and confronting the powerful quilboar bosses that await within.

The enigmatic atmosphere of Razorfen Kraul is further intensified by its unique backstory the thorns serving as both a barrier and a grim testament to the demigod's demise. As parties delve deeper into the tangled passages, they encounter the relentless quilboar forces that fiercely defend their ancestral domain.

Razorfen Kraul


1. Blind Hunter: Hunters have the opportunity to tame the elusive white bat known as the Blind Hunter, adding a unique and visually striking companion to their arsenal.

2.  Corpsemaker: A formidable Two-Handed Axe coveted by Warriors, Paladins, and Shamans alike as they journey through the trials of leveling. Its raw power and imposing presence make it a valuable asset in battle.

3.  Nightstalker Bow and  Staff of the Shade: Both of these weapons are highly sought after by level 29 twinks, offering exceptional stats and utility for those seeking an edge in PvP or PvE encounters.

4.  Brutal Hauberk /  Fire Hardened Hauberk: Warriors embarking on their journey through Razorfen Kraul can undertake a quest to obtain either the Brutal Hauberk or Fire Hardened Hauberk, sturdy armor pieces that provide essential protection and bolster their strength on the battlefield.


Nestled deep within the Khaz Mountains, Uldaman is a formidable level 42-52 dungeon, an ancient Titan vault shrouded in mystery and danger. Accessible from the arid Badlands, this sprawling complex holds the echoes of a bygone era, marked by Titan architecture and the remnants of a civilization long past. Unfortunately, Uldaman has fallen into the clutches of the Dark Iron dwarves, who now seek to exploit its riches for the malevolent firelord, Ragnaros.

As adventurers delve into the depths of Uldaman, they encounter a blend of Titan technology, ancient artifacts, and the nefarious designs of the Dark Iron dwarves. The dungeon unfolds in a series of chambers and passages, revealing the secrets of its past and the imminent threat posed by those who would wield its power for dark purposes.

Uldaman offers a diverse range of challenges, from battling corrupted constructs to deciphering Titan lore. The presence of the Dark Iron dwarves adds an additional layer of complexity to the dungeon, as players navigate the ever-present danger of ambushes and traps set by these malevolent denizens.



1.  Restorative Potion Recipe: Alchemists have the opportunity to learn the recipe for the Restorative Potion by completing a quest chain, starting with "Badlands Reagent Run." This potion may prove valuable for those seeking to enhance their restorative capabilities.

2. Artisan Enchanting: Enchanters can advance their craft by learning Artisan Enchanting from Annora, a skilled enchanter found within the depths of Uldaman. This provides access to more potent enchantments and further enhances their enchanting abilities.

3.  Horned Viking Helmet: A Horde-exclusive PvP item with the unique ability to crowd-control opponents for 30 seconds. This helmet adds a strategic element to battles, providing an advantage in player versus player encounters.

4.  Olaf's All Purpose Shield: Another Horde-exclusive item, this shield reduces the damage taken from falling. Useful for navigating precarious terrain and minimizing fall-related damage during adventures.

5.  Stoneslayer and The  Rockpounder: Two-handed weapons tailored for leveling Warriors, these weapons provide a sturdy and powerful option for those seeking to cleave through foes as they progress through Uldaman.

6. Powerful BoE Items: Uldaman also offers potent Bind on Equip (BoE) items, including the infamous Pendulum of Doom, sought after by level 39 Twinks, and The Shoveler, a whimsical item popular among roleplayers (RPers).

Razorfen Downs

Situated amidst the brambles and tunnels of Thousand Needles, Razorfen Downs stands as a challenging level 35-45 instance, serving as the capital of the Quilboar. Once the heart of Quilboar civilization, it has succumbed to the influence of the Scourge, and now the majority of its inhabitants are the undead minions of this malevolent force.

Parties venturing into Razorfen Downs face the dual challenge of navigating the intricate tunnels while confronting the twisted amalgamation of Quilboar and undead forces. The once-thriving Quilboar capital has become a haunting battleground, echoing with the whispers of the Scourge and the remnants of the Quilboar's former glory.

As adventurers delve deeper into the Downs, they encounter a variety of undead monstrosities and corrupted Quilboar leaders, each presenting a unique challenge. The dynamic mix of environments, from dark tunnels to open chambers, adds to the dungeon's atmospheric and perilous nature.

Razorfen Downs offers not only formidable foes but also the promise of valuable loot and rewards. The desire to cleanse the Quilboar capital of the Scourge's influence and to secure the treasures hidden within its depths lures parties into this challenging instance.

Razorfen Downs


1.  Arachnid Gloves: Leather gloves equipped with Nature Resistance, proving particularly useful in encounters where nature-based damage is prevalent, such as in Ahn'Qiraj.

2.  Vanquisher's Sword: A one-handed sword that serves as a quest reward, suitable for leveling Rogues and Hunters. Its versatile design makes it an effective weapon for those engaged in close combat.

3.  X'caliboar: A two-handed sword drop, tailored for Warriors and Paladins. With its distinctive name and design, it adds both style and power to the arsenal of those who wield it.

4. Henry Stern: An NPC located in the Murder Pens, Henry Stern provides valuable Alchemy and Cooking recipes. Alchemists can learn the recipe for Mighty Troll's Blood Potion, while cooks can acquire the recipe for Goldthorn Tea.

5.  Freezing Shard: A Bind on Equip (BoE) Mage wand drop, prized for its fast speed. This wand can prove particularly useful in encounters like Viscidus, where rapid spellcasting is advantageous.

6.  Manslayer: A two-handed axe with a unique appearance, resembling a gravestone on a stick. This distinctive weapon adds a touch of macabre style to the arsenal of Warriors or anyone seeking a formidable two-handed axe.