WoW Season of Discovery Druid Runes Phase 2

WoW Season of Discovery Druid Runes Phase 2

Welcome, Druids, to the Season of Discovery Phase 2! As you embark on your journey, uncovering the arcane mysteries that lie ahead, this guide aims to assist you in locating and understanding the Mage runes scattered throughout Azeroth. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a fresh recruit, follow our comprehensive guide to ensure you harness the power of these runes effectively.

WoW Season of Discovery (SoD) Runes guide & locations Phase 1

Runes Phase 2

berserk Berserk (Belt):

Description: When activated, this ability causes your Mangle (Bear) ability to hit up to 3 targets and have no cooldown, and reduces the energy cost of all your Cat Form abilities by 50%. Lasts 15 sec. Requires Bear Form, Cat Form, or Dire Bear Form to activate. Clears the effect of Fear and makes you immune to Fear for the duration.

Berserk Rune Location Guide: The Berserk Rune can be found in Thousand Needles, specifically near the Beastly Effigy located at approximately coordinates (/way 69 55).

Steps to Obtain:

1. Locate the Beastly Effigy: Head to the designated location in Thousand Needles where the Beastly Effigy is situated.

Locate the Beastly Effigy

2. Receive the Beastly Effigy Buff: Upon entering the vicinity of the Effigy, you will receive the Beastly Effigy buff, indicating you are in the correct area.

beastly efiigy buff

3. Use Challenging Roar: Activate your Challenging Roar ability while targeting the Beastly Effigy. This action will summon Zai'enki, an enemy you must defeat to proceed.

Zai'enki] - NPC - Классический World of Warcraft

4. Defeat Zai'enki: Engage in combat with Zai'enki and emerge victorious to obtain the loot necessary for the next step.

5. Acquire Idol of the Heckler: Upon defeating Zai'enki, you'll have the opportunity to loot the Idol of the Heckler.

6. Equip the Idol: Equip the Idol of the Heckler from your inventory.

7. Use Challenging Roar with Idol Equipped: With the Idol of the Heckler equipped, activate Challenging Roar to taunt two or more enemies simultaneously.

8. Defeat Enemies While Taunted: Engage in combat and ensure to defeat at least one enemy while they are taunted by your Challenging Roar. Repeat this process until you have killed five enemies in this manner.

9. Learn the Berserk Rune: After successfully defeating five enemies while they are taunted, right-click on the equipped Idol of the Heckler. This action will allow you to learn the Berserk Rune.

Eclipse Eclipse (Belt):

Description: Starfire increases the critical strike chance of your next two Wraths by 30%, and Wrath reduces the cast time of your next Starfire by 1.0 sec, both effects stacking up to 4 charges. Both spells also gain 70% chance at all times to not lose casting time when you take damage.

Rune of Eclipse Location Guide: Follow the following steps to get the Eclipse rune.

1. Desolace Quest Start: Begin your adventure by obtaining the "questHighway Robbery" quest in Desolace. Locate an Extinguished Campfire northwest of the Kodo Graveyard at coordinates /way 47 54.

Desolace Quest Start

2. Desolace - On the Lam: Head to /way 63 39 near Kormek's Hut in Desolace. Turn in the "questHighway Robbery" quest to Bibbly F'utzbuckle and pick up the quest "questOn the Lam."

Desolace - On the Lam

3. Booty Bay - Cherry for Your Thoughts?: Journey to Booty Bay and visit the inn. Turn in "questOn the Lam" to Tokal and acquire the quest "questCherry for Your Thoughts?". Purchase Cherry Grog for the next part of your quest, "questNo Honor Among Thieves."

booty bay

4. Arathi Highlands Bridge: Seek out a rowboat located under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, approximately at /way 53 91 on the Arathi Highlands map. Interact with the boat to teleport to the eastern shore.

Arathi Highlands Bridge

5. Confront Illari Duskfeather: Locate Illari Duskfeather and engage in conversation. For most races, two equally hostile dialogue options will be presented. Choose one to initiate combat with Illari. Defeat her, collect the dropped bag, and loot Illari's Key.

6. Unlock the Treasure: Utilize Illari's Key to unlock the Jewel-Encrusted Box. Open the box and claim your well-earned Rune.

Note: Night Elves have a peaceful dialogue solution available, and if chosen, Illari will provide them with Illari's Key for the Jewel-Encrusted Box. May the arcane winds guide you through this intricate quest, and may the Eclipse Rune enhance your magical prowess!

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nourish Nourish (Belt):

Description: Heals a friendly target for (161 / 100 *) to (189 / 100 *). Heals for an additional 20% if you have a Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom, or Wild Growth effect active on the target. This spell benefits from and triggers all effects associated with Healing Touch.

Nourish Rune Location Guide: Follow these steps to locate and obtain the Rune of Nourishing, which is essential for learning the Nourish ability:

1. Kill Rotting Ancient in Dustwallow Marsh:

- Journey to Dustwallow Marsh and locate the Rotting Ancient at coordinates around 45, 51.

Kill Rotting Ancient in Dustwallow Marsh

- Engage and defeat the Rotting Ancient to obtain the Rotten Seed.

2. Start "The Lost Ancient" Quest: Loot the Rotten Seed to initiate the quest "The Lost Ancient."

3. Teleport to Moonglade and Speak to Orokai:

- Use your teleportation abilities to travel to Moonglade.

- Speak to Orokai to turn in "The Lost Ancient" quest and receive the follow-up quest, "The Lost Saplings."


4. Accept "The Lost Saplings" Quest: Upon accepting "The Lost Saplings," a timer begins for the remaining portion of the Rune discovery.

The Lost Saplings

5. Collect Crystal Waters of Lake Elune'ara: Without teleporting, dying, or allowing the timer to run out, locate and loot the Crystal Waters of Lake Elune'ara. This item is crucial for the quest progression.

Collect Crystal Waters of Lake Elune'ara

6. Water Saplings in Eastern Kingdoms: Within the time limit, water four separate Saplings in the Eastern Kingdoms:

- Alterac Mountains: Ancient Sapling at (/way 58, 44).

Alterac Mountains: Ancient Sapling

- Arathi Highlands: Ancient Sapling at (/way 47, 72).

Arathi Highlands: Ancient Sapling

- Swamp of Sorrows: Ancient Sapling at (/way 10, 39).

Swamp of Sorrows: Ancient Sapling

- Stranglethorn Vale: Ancient Sapling at (/way 33, 65).

Stranglethorn Vale: Ancient Sapling

7. Return to Orokai: Once all four Saplings have been watered, promptly return to Orokai in Moonglade.

8. Complete the Quest and Gain the Rune:

- Speak to Orokai and complete the "The Lost Saplings" quest.

- Upon completion, you will gain the Rune of Nourishing, which is essential for learning the Nourish ability.

Note: Be mindful of the timer and ensure efficient travel between the locations to successfully water all four Saplings before the quest timer expires.

Dreamstate Dreamstate (Boots):

Description: Your damaging spell critical strikes grant you 50% of your mana regeneration while casting for 8 sec and increase Nature damage dealt to the target by 20% for 12 sec.

Dreamstate Rune Location Guide: Follow these steps to locate and obtain the Rune of the Dreamer, which is essential for learning the Dreamstate talent:

1. Kill Kolkar Centaurs in Eastern Desolace:

- Head to eastern Desolace around coordinates /way 73, 49.

Kill Kolkar Centaurs in Eastern Desolace

- Engage and defeat Kolkar Centaurs until you loot the Desiccated Seed Pod.

2. Head South to the Pond:

- Travel south to the pond located approximately around /way 70, 70.

Head South to the Pond

3. Transform Desiccated Seed Pod into Satyrweed Bulb: Swim in the pond while holding the Desiccated Seed Pod. Eventually, it will transform into the Satyrweed Bulb.

4. Move North to Sargeron (Northeast Corner): Go north to Sargeron, situated in the northeast corner of Desolace.

5. Plant the Seed in Sandy Loam:

- Locate Sandy Loam, marked as a green dot around /way 75, 20.

 Plant the Seed in Sandy Loam

- Plant the Satyrweed Bulb in the Sandy Loam.

6. Collect Your Reward: Planting the seed will reward you with the Rune of the Dreamer.

Note: Ensure that you follow the sequence of steps without interruptions or deaths, as the process may require continuity.

King of the JungleKing of the Jungle (Boots):

Description: Tiger's Fury now increases all physical damage you deal by 15% instead of by a flat value, and instantly grants you 60 Energy. It is no longer on the global cooldown, but it now has its own 30 sec cooldown.

King of the Jungle Rune Location Guide: Follow these steps to locate and obtain the Rune of the Jungle King, which is essential for learning the King of the Jungle talent:

1. Travel to Deadwind Pass and Speak with the Dalaran Agent:

- Head to Deadwind Pass and locate Ariden's Camp at coordinates /way 52 35.

Dalaran Agent

- Speak with the Dalaran Agent at Ariden's Camp. They will provide you with Ariden's Sigil.

dalaran agent

2. Use Ariden's Sigil to Reveal Dark Rider: Equip Ariden's Sigil and activate it to Reveal Dark Rider. Ensure you have it equipped or are in a party with someone who has it equipped.

3. Hunt Down and Kill Seven Dark Rider Elites:

- Look for Dark Rider Elites in various locations after using Ariden's Sigil.

- You'll know a Dark Rider is nearby when you obtain the Dark Presence buff.

- Hunt down the Dark Riders in various locations:

Deadwind Pass: (/way 43 29) 

Deadwind Pass

Duskwood: (/way 23 47) 


Swamp of Sorrows: (/way 69 28).

swamp of sorrows

Arathi Highlands: (/way 60 40).

arathi highlands

Badlands: (/way 58 54).


The Barrens: (/way 52 36).

The Barrens

Desolace: (/way 65 25).


4. Collect Various Dalaran Relics: Each Dark Rider Elite drops a different Dalaran Relic. The specific relic each Dark Rider drops is currently unknown, but the relics include Odd Dalaran Relic, Whirring Dalaran Relic, Heavy Dalaran Relic, Slippery Dalaran Relic, Creepy Dalaran Relic.

5. Return to the Dalaran Agent: Once you've obtained all seven Dalaran Relics, return to the Dalaran Agent at Ariden's Camp.

6. Turn in Dalaran Relics for Rewards:

- Turn in each of the various reward quests associated with the Dalaran Relics. Each quest corresponds to a specific relic.

- Curious Dalaran Relic (Repeat this step for each type of Dalaran Relic).

7. Obtain the King of the Jungle Rune: Once you've turned in all seven Dalaran Relics, you will obtain the Rune of the Jungle King as a final reward.

Survival Instincts Survival Instincts (Boots):

Description: When activated, this grants you 30% of your maximum health for 20 sec. After the effect expires, the health is lost. Useable in any form.

In addition, you regenerate 5 rage every time you dodge while in Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, 10 energy while in Cat Form, or 1% of your maximum mana while in any other form.

Survival Instincts Rune Location Guide: Follow these steps to locate and obtain the Rune of Instinct, which is essential for learning the Survival Instincts ability:

1. Swamp of Sorrows - Find Amaryllis Webb:

- Head to Swamp of Sorrows and locate Amaryllis Webb at coordinates /way 25.0 54.2.

Swamp of Sorrows - Find Amaryllis Webb

- Amaryllis Webb sells an Entomology Starter Kit for 50 silver, containing a net and a guide.

amaryllis webb

2. Stranglethorn Vale - Catch an Arbor Tarantula:

- Travel to the Lake Nazferiti logging camp in Stranglethorn Vale.

- Use the net from the Entomology Starter Kit to catch an Arbor Tarantula located on a tree stump (around /way 45 19).

Stranglethorn Vale - Catch an Arbor Tarantula

3. Arathi Highlands - Catch a Hay Weevil:

- Go to the Northfold Manor in Arathi Highlands.

- Use the net to catch a Hay Weevil located in any of the barns or stables (around /way 31 28).

Arathi Highlands - Catch a Hay Weevil

4. Desolace - Catch a Flesh Picker:

- Move to the Kodo Graveyard in Desolace.

- Use the net to catch a Flesh Picker located within the bone graveyard (around /way 51 59).

Desolace - Catch a Flesh Picker

5. Return to Amaryllis Webb - Claim the Rune:

- Return to Amaryllis Webb in Swamp of Sorrows.

- Present the obtained specimens to Amaryllis Webb, showcasing your bug-hunting prowess.

- Receive the Rune of Instinct as a reward for completing the scavenger hunt.

Note: Ensure that you have the Entomology Starter Kit with you throughout the scavenger hunt to catch the specified creatures.