WoW Professions and New Items - Season of Discovery

Professions and New Items in Season of Discovery

Season of Discovery introduces innovative gear and items designed to meet the needs of various professions, many of which are expected to enjoy high demand. Alongside the new epic pieces boasting unique effects, there are elaborate items seemingly destined to serve specific purposes, perhaps as an integral part of the novel Discovery experiences.

Previously unseen epic and rare gear is presented, tailored for blacksmiths, leatherworkers, and tailors. Additionally, new consumable items are introduced for blacksmiths and enchanters, while alchemists and engineers have access to new utility items to enhance their skills and functions.

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Announce

New Items

New Epic Gear

Shifting Silver BreastplateBlacksmithing
Mantle of the Second WarBlacksmithing
Void-Touched Leather GlovesLeatherworking
Void-Touched Leather GauntletsLeatherworking
Extraplanar Spidersilk BootsTailoring
Phoenix BindingsTailoring


New Consumables

Blackfathom Sharpening StoneBlacksmithing
Blackfathom Mana OilEnchanting


New Usable Items

Elixir of Coalesced RegretAlchemy
Shredder Autosalvage UnitEngineering


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While alchemists may not enjoy the thrill associated with the new epic gear, they have something equally intriguing at their disposal.

The Elixir of Coalesced Regret empowers the player to cast the "Speak With Dead" spell. Currently, the exact purpose and intent of this elixir are unknown; however, as soon as this information is obtained, it will be detailed in this guide. The recipe for this elixir is available for purchase through Kzixx in Duskwood, who frequents the road upon entering the area from Redridge Mountains.


The blacksmithing discipline is enriched with two new patterns and an innovative sharpening stone in the Season of Discovery:

1. The Shifting Silver Breastplate stands as a remarkably sturdy item, particularly beneficial for Warriors and Paladins (as Hunters and Shamans do not gain the ability to wear mail until level 40). This item boasts a considerable amount of Strength and a powerful Proc effect that increases the damage inflicted by enemies attacking the wearer.

Shifting Silver Breastplate

2. The Mantle of the Second War, on the other hand, is presented as a simpler and niche item. Its utility is mostly limited to Paladins, as they are the only ones who will gain significant benefits from using these shoulders.

3. The innovative Darkforge Sharpening Stone may be confusing at first, as its functionality is not limited exclusively to edged weapons, like most sharpening stones in Classic. Surprisingly, this stone can be applied to all melee weapons. Its hit chance only takes effect within Blackfathom Deeps, making it a valuable consumable to improve your hit rating against bosses in the new raid.

To learn the Design: Darkforge Sharpening Stone, you need to travel to the upper level of the Blackfathom Deeps raid. Lady Sarevess, the third boss of the dungeon, has a waterfall behind her that blocks the path to the depths. This waterfall disappears once the entire raid has been cleared.

Blackfathom Deeps raid

After facing Aku'mai, you can return to Lady Sarevess's cave and explore further, now that the waterfall is no longer an obstacle. At the end of the cave, you will find the Design: Darkforge Sharpening Stone available to loot if you specialize in blacksmithing.


Enchanters will have a new consumable item to craft, providing a valuable boost in the Season of Discovery.

The Blackfathom Mana Oil emerges as a highly appreciated addition for spellcasters, offering MP5 and Spell Hit Chance. This consumable proves its effectiveness exclusively within Blackfathom Deeps, serving as an essential tool to enhance hit ratings against all bosses in the new raid.

Although initial information about the item indicates a duration of 5 minutes, in reality, the Blackforge Mana Oil persists for 30 minutes, following the same standard duration as most mana oils and similar consumables.

Blackfathom Mana Oil

To learn the Formula: Blackforge Mana Oil, it is necessary to travel to the upper level of the Blackfathom Deeps raid. Lady Sarevess, the third boss of the dungeon, is located behind a waterfall that blocks access to the depths. This aquatic barrier disappears once all threats in the raid have been eliminated.

Formula: Blackforge Mana Oil

After facing Aku'mai, you can return to Lady Sarevess's cave and explore further, taking advantage of the fact that the waterfall is no longer an obstacle. Upon reaching the end of the cave, you will find the Formula: Blackforge Mana Oil available to loot, exclusively for enchanters.


Among the professions, engineers are not receiving new schematics for crafting gear; however, they are provided with an intriguing item that currently holds a mystery:

The Schematic: Shredder Autosalvage Unit  originates from Sneed in Deadmines Dungeon, and it has been revealed that this item has the ability to collect the Shredder Turbocharger from the [Venture Co. Light Shredder] in Windshear Crag in Stonetalon Mountains.

Schematic: Shredder Autosalvage Unit

In turn, the Shredder Turbocharger is used in the quest Turbocharging the Shredder, which is part of unlocking the Class Runes listed below:

1. Harmonious Epiphany
2. Rune of Sacrifice
3. Spell Notes: Rewind Time
4. Rune of Lone Wolf
5. Rune of Survival
6. Rune of the Warlord
7. Rune of the Pact
8. Handguard Dagger Rune
9. Dual Wield Specialization Rune

This enigma adds an element of intrigue and challenge for engineers, who must explore and unravel the secret behind this new addition to their crafting and skill-enhancing possibilities.


Leatherworkers will enjoy the addition of two new epic patterns that will expand their crafting capabilities:

These two innovative items are clearly designed to enhance tanking abilities, being particularly beneficial for shamans and rogues. You can find more detailed information about this strategy in our Guide to New Class Role Combinations. Both items feature solid stats, accompanied by on-use effects that increase spell damage or attack speed, along with enhanced threat generation for a period of 10 seconds. These epic patterns promise to be essential for leatherworkers looking to strengthen their arsenal and excel in the tanking role in various situations.

1. Void-Touched Leather Gauntlets:

Void-Touched Leather Gauntlets

2. Void-Touched Leather Gloves: 

Void-Touched Leather Gloves


Tailors will be delighted with the arrival of a new epic piece and a rare set to craft in the upcoming season.

The innovative Dimensional Silk Spider Drape Boots promise to be a formidable addition for all spellcasters and healers. Their on-use effect not only provides robust defense but can also prove useful for warlock tanks, though caution must be exercised with threat, as these boots "instantly reduce threat." Unlocking this pattern involves using the Fused Regret Elixir and the involvement of a deceased Twilight Artisan. Discover the complete process to learn this pattern in our guide "How to Obtain Void-Touched Armaments and Void Fragment."

Dimensional Silk Spider Drape Boots

On the other hand, the Phoenix Bindings present a simpler option and will especially appeal to fire mages. The Pattern: Phoenix Bindings is available for purchase upon reaching Honorable rank with the Azeroth Trade Authority for Alliance players or with Durotar Supplies and Logistics for Horde players. However, it is crucial to exercise caution, as there is currently a bug with this pattern: even though you acquire it, it does not seem to teach you anything. For now, it is recommended not to purchase this pattern until the issue is resolved.

Phoenix Bindings