WoW Priest Healer Class Guide - Season of Discovery

Priest Healer in the Season of Discovery Guide

Welcome, healers of Azeroth, to the enchanting realm of World of Warcraft's Season of Discovery Phase 1! As we embark on this new adventure, the priest class stands tall as a beacon of healing prowess, ready to mend the wounds and guide their allies through the challenges that await in Blackfathom Deeps. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of playing a priest healer during this phase, exploring new runes, discussing viability, understanding strengths and weaknesses, and offering valuable tips on gear, stats, and specialization.

As we step into the Season of Discovery, priests find themselves wielding new runes that seamlessly integrate with their versatile healing toolkit. Notable among these is the hands rune slot, presenting a choice between Circle of Healing for efficient raid healing and Penance for swift tank healing. Similarly, the legs rune slot offers Power Word: Barrier for situational raid protection, enhanced debuffs from Homunculi, and the option to augment raid healing with Prayer of Mending.

Blizzard takes this opportunity to address long-standing bugs and unintended behaviors, exemplified by the Strength of Soul rune allowing shields on any tank without resource loss.

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Best Runes for Priest Healer

Chest Rune

Chest Rune

Legs Rune

Legs Rune

Gloves Rune

Gloves Rune

Best Talent Build for Pirest Healer - Phase 1

Best Talent Build for Pirest Healer - Phase 1

Strengths and Weaknesses

The priest healer, with its diverse spell arsenal, remains a stalwart presence in raids. The rune system enhances this diversity, introducing Power Word: Barrier and three potent debuffs from Homunculi, providing invaluable raid utility. With exclusive access to Magic and Disease dispels on the Alliance side and unique advantages like Power Word: Fortitude's max HP boost, priests stand out as a compelling choice for healing in Phase 1.


1. Diverse healing spells, including single-target and multi-target options, heal over time, and shielding.

2. Exceptional raid healing potential through Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending runes.

3. Robust raid utility via Homunculi, Power Word: Barrier, Dispel Magic, Cure Disease, and Power Word: Fortitude.


1. Lowest survivability among healers due to cloth armor.

2. Mana management is crucial to avoid running out during intense encounters.

3. Rune swapping may be necessary based on encounter dynamics.

4. Limited talent points hinder taking Heal cast time reduction.

5. Best Specialization for Priest Healer - Discipline:

Investing in the Discipline tree during Phase 1 proves beneficial for priest healers. Acquiring Meditation and Inner Focus at level 25 significantly aids mana regeneration. Improved Power Word: Fortitude and Improved Power Word: Shield contribute to raid durability, while Healing Focus provides pushback protection.

How to Play Priest Healer

Mana management takes center stage in Phase 1. Utilize effective healing spells from runes, minimize unnecessary casts to optimize spirit-based mana regeneration, and master the five-second rule for maximum efficiency. The basic healing priority includes Power Word: Shield for instant protection, Penance for efficient healing, Renew for sustained tank healing, and Heal/Flash Heal for addressing remaining damage.

Situational runes like Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending enhance your versatility, while offensive options like Void Plague and Shadow Word: Pain can be deployed strategically. Don't forget to weave in wand shots and leverage Inner Focus during periods of inactivity.

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Stats and Gear for Priest Healer

Given the mana-intensive nature of healing in Blackfathom Deeps, prioritize gear with high Intellect and Spirit to enhance mana regeneration. While Healing Power is valuable, focus on items providing a substantial amount. Downranking is impractical in Phase 1 due to reduced coefficients, and gear recommendations include Crescent Staff, Emberstone Staff, and various crafted Tailoring BoEs.

Stat Priority:

1. Intellect

2. MP5

3. Spirit

4. Healing Power and Spell Power

5. Spell Crit

Best Races for Priest Healer


1. Dwarf: Fear Ward is a game-changer, coupled with self-healing and debuff removal.

2. Human: While lacking Fear Ward, versatility is offered through Feedback and Desperate Prayer.

3. Night Elf: Least advantageous due to missing Fear Ward and Desperate Prayer, with limited racial benefits.


1. Troll: Berserking and strong racial abilities make trolls a powerful choice.

2. Undead: Will of the Forsaken and useful PvP abilities provide a solid option.

Best Professions for Priest Healer


Engineering stands out as the premier profession, granting access to unique gear, explosives, and gadgets. Shadow Goggles, Minor Recombobulator, and engineering-exclusive explosives like Heavy Dynamite enhance your capabilities. Target Dummy offers situational assistance in handling unexpected threats.


In the Season of Discovery Phase 1, priest healers emerge as formidable guardians, wielding enhanced runes, versatile spells, and strategic utility. Navigating the challenges of Blackfathom Deeps requires mastering mana management, understanding situational runes, and optimizing gear choices. Whether you're Alliance or Horde, Dwarf or Troll, the priest healer brings vital support to raid groups, ensuring success in the face of adversity. May your heals be swift, your mana plentiful, and your journey in Azeroth filled with triumphs!