WoW Hunter Pet Tier List - Season of Discovery

Hunter Pet Tier List for Season of Discovery Phase 1

Greetings, brave hunters of Azeroth! As we venture into the thrilling Season of Discovery Phase 1, the significance of selecting the right companion cannot be overstated. Whether you are a seasoned marksman or a budding beastmaster, your choice of pet can make all the difference in the world. In this guide, we present the Pet Tier List, a comprehensive ranking designed to assist you in choosing the most formidable allies for both PvE and PvP encounters.

WoW Classic Hunter Pet Guide

Understanding the Tierlist

In Phase 1, the Tier list rankings for both PvE and PvP remain nearly identical. This consistency allows you to follow this tier list for various situations. While specific PvP situations and benefits will be detailed in the breakdown of individual pets, the overarching criteria are as follows:

S Tier: The overall DPS of the pet surpasses anything else available during Phase 1.

A Tier: While the pet's DPS may not be the absolute best, they are still perfectly viable and, in certain circumstances, necessary to use.

B Tier: The DPS of these pets is not the best, but they won't significantly hinder your group's overall DPS.

C Tier: These pets are not worth using. Better options are available, and there is no compelling reason to choose these pets.

S Tier Pets



With recent changes, Cats have become exceptional for PvE, boasting a high damage modifier of 1.10.

Cats are now highly recommended for PvP, offering a strategic advantage against caster targets.



Similar to Cats, Raptors share the 1.10 damage modifier, making them outstanding choices for both PvE and PvP.

Wind Serpent:

Wind Serpent

Despite recent nerfs, Wind Serpents still offer respectable damage and are suitable for short encounters in Phase 1.

A Tier Pets



Recent changes have shifted Scorpid to the A tier, making it viable but no longer a must-have for optimal damage.



Boars find their place in the A tier, particularly for PvP, with the Charge ability offering strategic advantages.



Wolves, with a damage modifier lower than S tier, compensate by providing Furious Howl, a valuable buff for melee group members.

B Tier Pets



Owls, with a 1.07 damage modifier, are decent leveling pets but face reduced utility due to changes in Season of Discovery.



Bats share similarities with Owls but lack the Claw ability, making them slightly less effective.

Carrion Bird, Spider, Crocolisk, Hyena, Tallstrider:

These pets fall into the B tier, offering moderate damage but lacking in offensive abilities compared to higher-tier options.

C Tier Pets



Bears, with a lower damage modifier of 0.91, are outperformed by higher-tier pets in terms of overall damage.



Despite high armor, Turtles suffer from low damage and reduced viability in tanking due to recent changes.



Similar to Turtles, Crabs have high armor but fall short in health, limiting their effectiveness in various scenarios.


As you embark on your Season of Discovery journey, remember that the choice of a hunting companion is a personal one. Assess your playstyle, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each pet, and forge a bond with a creature that complements your adventures. May your path be guided by the strength of your companion and the thrill of the hunt!

With this comprehensive Pet Tier List, we hope you find the perfect ally to accompany you through the challenges of Season of Discovery Phase 1. Whether you prefer the fierce agility of a Cat, the strategic prowess of a Wolf, or the unique utility of other creatures, may your hunts be successful and your bonds with your pets grow stronger. Happy hunting, brave adventurers!