WoW Feral Druid DPS Class Guide - Season of Discovery

Feral Druid DPS in the Season of Discovery Guide

Feral Druids are set to shine in the Season of Discovery with remarkable new runes that redefine their playstyle and rotation, solidifying their position as one of the most coveted classes for raids of all sizes and compositions. The standout addition is the Golpes descontrolados rune, bringing the coveted Windfury buff, once exclusive to Shamans, making Feral Druids a powerhouse in Classic WoW SoD.

The rotation and damage output of Feral Druids have seen substantial improvements with runes like Rugido salvaje, providing a raw 30% damage increase. This introduces a finishing move that demands meticulous uptime for optimal benefits. Another notable addition is the new ability Destrozar, serving not only as a damage-dealing tool but also applying a vital debuff on the target. This debuff amplifies all Bleed damage from various sources and enhances Triturar damage by 30%, benefiting Feral Druids, Warriors, and Rogues against debuffed targets.

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Best Talent Builds for Feral Druid DPS - Phase 1

Best Talent Builds for Feral Druid DPS - Phase 1

One of the most potent talents for Feral Druids is Augury of Clarity. This talent provides Druids with the opportunity to have their next ability cost 0 energy. Despite being 11 points deep into the Balance tree, its strength makes it a likely inclusion in the most popular talent builds at level 25.

The next significant decision in talents arises between Furor and Ferocity, where Ferocity offers consistent and reliable resource cost reduction for some of the Feral Druid's key abilities. On the other hand, Furor promotes Power Shifting for additional energy gain.

Furor necessitates spending 5 talent points in the Restoration talent tree. If both Furor and Augury of Clarity are chosen, Feral Druids will have allocated all 16 talent points available in Phase 1 before investing in the Feral Tree. Furor is the more probable choice due to current Mana Per 5 numbers at level 25, resulting in more energy gain than Ferocity. This allows Druids to spam Shred while Powershifting as a combo point builder and forgo the use of Mangle entirely outside of Omen of Clarity procs.

Runes for Feral Druid DPS

Chest Rune

Chest Rune

Legs Rune

Legs Rune

Gloves Rune

Gloves Rune

Strengths and Weaknesses

Feral Druid DPS doesn't just deliver robust single-target damage; it brings the game's most potent melee buff with the Golpes descontrolados effect. The class seamlessly transitions between DPS and Tanking runes, notably Supervivencia del más fuerte, showcasing its versatility. Feral Druids possess multiple bleed abilities at level 25, including Arañazo and Destripar, but the rotation centers around maintaining the Rugido salvaje buff and utilizing Destrozar to build combo points. While the big instant damage finisher Mordedura feroz is unavailable at level 25, reducing burst damage potential in Phase 1, the class's limitations in energy gain may alter its playstyle in subsequent phases. Additionally, Feral Druids face challenges in terms of cleave abilities and energy gain, affecting their gameplay in Phase 2 and beyond.


1. Exclusive access to the coveted Windfury buff with Golpes descontrolados.

2. A substantial 30% damage boost from Rugido salvaje.

3. A 30% damage increase to Bleeds and Triturar through the Destrozar debuff.

4. Effortless role-switching between DPS and Tanking without rune adjustments.

5. A valuable 3% increased Crit Chance Buff to their group post-Phase 1 with the Líder de la manada talent.


1. Lack of consistent AoE damage due to the absence of a Thrash (Flagelo is limited to Bear & Dire Bear form only).

2. Key instant damage-dealing finisher, Mordedura feroz, is acquired at level 32.

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How to Play Feral Druid DPS

Feral Druid DPS follows a builder-spender playstyle, where feral druids utilize abilities that cost Energy to generate combo points on the target. These combo points are then spent on finishers that either deal damage to the target or provide buffs to the druid itself. The key is to consistently use energy efficiently, directing it towards abilities that deliver the maximum damage per energy cost.

The central aspect of Feral Druid gameplay in the Season of Discovery is to maintain the uptime of the Ferocious Roar buff, which grants a 30% increase in damage. Subsequently, use Shred to enhance bleed effects and build combo points. Whenever you receive an Augury of Clarity proc for a free cast, invest it in Mangle for maximum damage and the benefit of a free 60-energy cast.

Therefore, always prioritize Ferocious Roar, followed by Shred, and use Augury of Clarity on Mangle for a straightforward rotation.


1. Use Tiger's Fury before a pull for extra damage.

2. Use Shred to generate a combo point and apply the debuff to the target.

3. Use Ferocious Roar to increase all damage by 30%, then maintain it as your primary finisher.

4. Use Shred to generate additional combo points.

5. Use Mangle with any free cast proc.

6. At 5 combo points, use Rip as your secondary finisher. This finisher provides a second bleed on the target and scales with your attack power.

Feral Druid DPS can employ Tiger's Fury 4-3 seconds before a pull while running in. After that, it is not worth the energy cost to cast the spell. The highest priorities are to keep up the Ferocious Roar buff and maintain the Shred debuff on the boss. At level 25, spamming Shred is the most efficient ability in terms of damage per energy cost. Always spend free cast procs on Mangle. In Phase 1, energy gain may restrict Feral Druid DPS from using Rip frequently enough for full uptime, as Ferocious Roar must be prioritized above all else.

Stats and Gear for Feral Druid DPS

The stat weights for Feral Druid DPS will change as we progress through the phases, gaining access to talents that enhance the specialization, such as 2 combo points per critical attack.

Important Stats:

1. Feral Druid Hit Cap is 9%

2. 1 Strength = 2 Attack Power

3. 1 Agility = 1 Attack Power (and some crit, dodge, and armor)

At level 25, the Stat Priority is as follows:

1. Hit %

2. Strength

3. Attack Power

4. Haste %

5. Agility

6. Crit %

7. Intellect

8. Stamina

9. Armor

Currently, there are no talents that increase hit chance. Therefore, anything that increases Hit Rating will be highly valuable. Crit rating loses some of its priority because at level 25, you can only invest 1 point into Blood Frenzy, and most builds won't go that deep into the feral tree. As a result, it no longer provides 2 combo points per crit.

Gear Recommendations for Feral Druid DPS - Phase 1

1. Humbert's Helm: Dropped from Dun Garok Rifleman in Southeastern Hillsbrad Foothills. Alliance players will need to acquire it through the Neutral Auction House.

2. Thief's Mantle: Drops in Razorfen Kraul, a level 30 Dungeon. Despite the danger in Phase 1, the 10 Agility and 4 Stamina make it ideal for Feral Druid DPS.

3. Westfall Tunic: Alliance-only reward from the quest "The Defias Brotherhood" within the Deadmines dungeon. With 11 agility, it boasts the maximum agility for any chestpiece in the open world at this level, and the 5 stamina aids in Feral's survivability.

4. Wolfshead Gloves: Leatherworker's Void-Touched Gloves are the best, but Tiger gloves with 6 Agility and 5 Stamina or Bind on Equip gloves from Razorfen Kraul are decent alternatives.

5. Worn Turtle Shell Buckler: A Bind on Equip item that drops from mobs in the level 26-33 range, potentially challenging to find.

6. Lynx Boots: Bind on Equip item dropping from mobs in the level 20-27 range, may be challenging to obtain; consider the auction house if prices are reasonable.

War Paint Legguards Bind on Equip item dropping from mobs in the level 26-33 range, might be challenging to find.

7. War Screams: Horde-only item.

8. Mighty Iron Hammer: A Two-Handed Mace dropping from the Mr. Smite dungeon boss within Deadmines. With 11 Strength and 4 Agility, it is an ideal weapon for Feral Druids in Phase 1.

Best Races for Feral Druid DPS

Best Alliance Races:

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Night Elf is the sole Alliance Race in World of Warcraft Classic that can be Druids. Night Elves have increased base Agility, making them a strong choice for Feral Druid DPS. They also receive a free 1% increase to Dodge chance, complementing the Feral Druid Tanks' playstyle. Alliance benefits from mana management effects of Judgement of Wisdom and Blessing of Wisdom from paladins, aiding power-shifting in Phase 2 and beyond.

Best Horde Races:

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Tauren is the only Horde Race with access to Druids in World of Warcraft Classic. Tauren's Endurance passive provides higher base Health than any other race, offering valuable survivability to Feral Druids in both DPS and Tank roles. Tauren's War Stomp ability proves useful in both PvP and PvE situations, creating opportunities for Feral Druids to escape, heal, or interrupt key spell casts.

Best Professions for Feral Druid DPS


Engineering is the strongest PvE profession in World of Warcraft Classic. It provides access to potent AoE damaging items such as grenades, dynamite, and later, Goblin Sapper Charge. In Phase 1, Engineers can craft the [Green Tinted Goggles](item link), one of the best pre-raid BiS helm options. Engineering continues to offer vital items like Goblin Rocket Boots, Gnomish Mind Control Cap, Gnomish Battle Chicken, and more potent explosives for Feral Druids' extra AoE damage.


Leatherworking is an essential profession for any melee DPS class in Phase 1 of the Season of Discovery. Leatherworking grants access to the new [Void-Touched Leather Gloves](item link), providing Feral Druids with critical stats such as hit chance and a haste increase cooldown. Leatherworkers can also craft the [Twisted Scale Belt](item link), one of the best belts available at this level, in high demand on the auction house. The [Reinforced Leather Gloves](item link) with 6 Agility and 3 Stamina serve as a decent alternative to more DPS-focused gloves.


The Season of Discovery introduces an exciting chapter for Feral Druid DPS, positioning them as a versatile and sought-after class with potent new runes and enhanced damage capabilities. While facing challenges in energy gain and AoE damage, the unique contributions such as the Windfury buff and versatile role-switching make Feral Druids a compelling choice in the evolving landscape of Classic WoW.

As we venture into the Season of Discovery, Feral Druids stand at the forefront of the ever-changing WoW landscape. Their newfound runes and unique abilities make them a force to be reckoned with, offering not only substantial damage but also invaluable buffs to their allies. Whether prowling the shadows or tanking on the front lines, Feral Druids embody adaptability and strength. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we unravel the mysteries of Classic WoW. Until then, may your path be wild and your adventures legendary. Farewell!