WoW Class Adjustments - Season of Discovery

WoW Season of Discovery Class Adjustments

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the Season of Discovery, where Azeroth's landscape undergoes transformative changes, bringing forth a plethora of adjustments to each class. Let's delve into the intricacies of these modifications that promise to reshape the dynamics of gameplay.

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Adjustments to classes


Druids, attuned to the celestial forces, witness a significant boost in the potency of their Starsurge rune ability. The damage surges by a remarkable 182%, accompanied by a reduction in cooldown from 10 to 6 seconds. Moreover, the mana cost sees a substantial decrease to a mere 1% of base mana, enhancing the fluidity of Druid gameplay. The stars themselves seem to align, offering Druids newfound celestial might.


Hunters, masters of precision and ranged prowess, receive adjustments that deepen their connection to their faithful companions. Flanking Strike, a staple in a Hunter's arsenal, now gains the benefits of weapon enhancements like sharpening stones. With reduced cooldown and mana cost, it seamlessly integrates into combat dynamics. However, the addition of Pacify as a preventative measure introduces a strategic layer, requiring thoughtful execution.

Notably, Hunter pet performance normalization remains a work in progress, promising a balance that ensures pets contribute without overshadowing other tanking classes.


The devout Priests, conduits of spiritual energy, see improvements in the might of their Homunculi, witnessing a staggering 100% increase in damage. Void Plague, a harbinger of affliction, experiences a two-fold surge in damage, intensifying its impact on the battlefield.

Twisted Faith, an embodiment of shadowy power, now augments the damage dealt by Mind Blast and Mind Flay by an impressive 50%, emphasizing the potency of strategic spellcasting. The shadows beckon, and Priests respond with newfound authority.

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Rogues, masters of subtlety, receive refinements to their skillset. Saber Slash, Shiv, and Main Gauche seamlessly integrate with Remorseless Attacks, offering precision in every strike. Saber Slash, now rightfully considered a Bleed, benefits from the Mangle debuff, ushering in a new era of strategic versatility. However, creatures immune to bleeding effects will now resist its subtle menace.


Shamans, conduits of elemental power, witness a surge in the destructive force of Lava Lash. The damage escalates to an impressive 150% of weapon damage, coupled with a mana cost reduction to a mere 1% of base mana. Overload, a manifestation of elemental prowess, sees an increased chance to trigger, ensuring Shamans wield their powers with greater frequency.

Dual Wield Specialization now grants a 10% increased chance to hit while dual-wielding, further refining the finesse of dual-wielding Shamans. The Boon of Blackfathom world buff undergoes adjustment, now providing a spell hit and spell power buff in addition to physical damage and movement speed effects.

Developers' Note:

Spellcasters in Blackfathom Depths may find improved scaling and reliability in hitting higher-level creatures. Remember to keep those Chronoboons active and avoid losing buffs to fire!

As we embark on this Season of Discovery, the adjustments resonate with the essence of change. These refinements aim to enhance the distinct identity and strengths of each class, promising an engaging and dynamic experience for every adventurer.


In the tapestry of Azeroth, the Season of Discovery paints a new dawn. With celestial forces, precise strikes, shadowy incantations, subtle menaces, and elemental fury, each class finds its unique rhythm in the evolving symphony of World of Warcraft. As we journey forth, may these adjustments guide us to triumph, bringing us closer to the heart of Azeroth's mysteries.

As you embark on your adventures in the Season of Discovery, embrace the changes, adapt to the nuances, and revel in the unfolding mysteries of Azeroth. May your quests be epic, your loot abundant, and your triumphs legendary. Until we meet again on the battlefields of Azeroth, may your path be filled with discovery and glory! Safe travels, brave adventurers.