WoW Cataclysm - The Earthen Ring Reputation Guide


The Earthen Ring is a faction comprised of Shamans dedicated to preserving the delicate balance of the elements within Azeroth. Despite the ongoing conflict between the Horde and Alliance, they maintain a steadfast neutrality, focusing solely on their mission to protect the world from the catastrophic aftermath of Deathwing's rampage.

You can encounter members of the Earthen Ring in various zones, where their efforts to restore order and stability are stretched thin. From the depths of Vashj'ir to the depths of Deepholm and the tumultuous Twilight Highlands, they tirelessly work to heal the wounds inflicted upon the land.

For adventurers whose skills align with the teachings of the Shaman, the Earthen Ring offers rewards that cater to their unique talents and specializations. By aiding the Earthen Ring in their endeavors, players not only contribute to the greater good but also earn valuable reputation with this esteemed faction.

It's worth noting that while prioritizing the Earthen Ring faction during the leveling process from 80 to 85 may not be the most expedient route through Cataclysm content, it provides a comprehensive opportunity to immerse oneself in the lore and challenges that these zones offer, all while earning significant reputation with this noble faction.


Reaching certain reputation milestones with the Earthen Ring faction grants access to valuable items that cater to various classes and specializations. Here's a breakdown of the benefits for each:

1. Tanks: Tank classes will find the Arcanum of the Earthen Ring enchantment particularly valuable. This helm enchantment offers a substantial boost to survivability, providing 90 Stamina and 35 Dodge. To acquire this enchantment, players need to reach Revered reputation with the Earthen Ring.

2. Agility DPS: Agile damage dealers will strive to attain Exalted reputation with the Earthen Ring to acquire the Signet of the Elder Council. This item is a significant addition to their pre-raid gear setup, offering stat boosts tailored to their needs.

3. Caster DPS: Caster-focused characters can enhance their pre-raid gear collection with the Flamebloom Gloves, available at Exalted reputation with the Earthen Ring. These gloves provide desirable stats and bonuses suitable for spellcasting classes.

4. Restoration Shamans: Shamans specializing in restoration magic can obtain the Earthmender's Boots, an essential piece for their pre-raid gear set. These boots become accessible upon reaching Exalted reputation with the Earthen Ring, offering valuable bonuses for healing-focused gameplay.

5. Holy Paladins: Holy Paladins will set their sights on the World Keeper's Gauntlets, an item crucial for their pre-raid gear progression. Attaining Exalted reputation with the Earthen Ring is necessary to unlock these gauntlets, which provide significant benefits for holy-oriented playstyles.


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How to Get Earthen Ring Reputation

To gain reputation with the Earthen Ring faction, follow these steps:

1. Complete Quests: Begin by completing quests in Vashj'ir, Deepholm, and/or the Twilight Highlands until you reach at least Friendly reputation. Questing through these zones provides ample opportunities to earn reputation with the Earthen Ring. By completing all available quests, you can progress up to Revered reputation.

2. Wear the Tabard: Once you've reached Friendly reputation with the Earthen Ring, you can purchase the Tabard of the Earthen Ring. By wearing this tabard in Cataclysm dungeons, you'll earn reputation with the faction as you defeat bosses and complete encounters. This method allows you to continue gaining reputation beyond the questing stage.

3. Optional Quest Chain: Keep an eye out for additional quest chains that may be introduced in future patches. While there may not be daily quests available initially, new content updates like the quest chain introduced in patch 4.2 can provide alternate avenues for earning reputation with the Earthen Ring. However, note that such quests may not be available during the initial raid tier.

Farm Efficiently Earthen Ring Reputation

To efficiently earn reputation with the Earthen Ring faction through questing, follow these guidelines:

1. Zone Quest Chains: Head to the Wow Alliance Crest Hero’s Call Board or Warchief’s Command Board in your faction’s capital city to pick up breadcrumb quests for each of the three zones: Vashj’ir, Deepholm, and Twilight Highlands. These quests will have level requirements:

- Vashj’ir: Recommended for level 80 characters.
- Deepholm: Recommended for level 82 characters.
- Twilight Highlands: Recommended for level 84 characters.

2. Focus on Deepholm: If your goal is to reach Friendly reputation with the Earthen Ring as quickly as possible to obtain the tabard, prioritize completing quests in Deepholm. This zone offers the most front-loaded reputation gains from quests. You can reach Honored reputation by completing approximately half to two-thirds of the Deepholm quests.

3. Spread of Reputation Gains: Keep in mind that while Deepholm provides significant reputation gains, Vashj’ir's reputation gains are more evenly spread out across its quest chains. Additionally, you won’t earn any Earthen Ring reputation in Twilight Highlands until you progress through the first half of the zone's story. Consider your faction's needs and other factions you aim to gain reputation with, as each zone's quest chains also provide reputation with at least one other faction.