WoW Cataclysm - How to Transmogrification Works


Transmogrification, often shortened to "transmogging," is a feature in many online role-playing games that allows players to change the appearance of their gear items to resemble the look of different items. This feature is particularly popular in games like World of Warcraft, where players enjoy customizing the appearance of their characters.

Players often go to great lengths to collect various items to add to their transmog collection. This allows them to always maintain a consistent theme or style in their character's appearance, or to experiment with different looks, whether they match perfectly or create a deliberately mismatched aesthetic.

The process of transmogging typically involves accessing a dedicated interface, such as the Wardrobe tab in Collections in World of Warcraft. Here, players can view their collection of appearances, organized by item slot. They can filter items by different sources, such as quest rewards, dungeon drops, or crafted items, and sort them based on what they currently possess and what they still need to acquire.

How Do I Transmog My Gear?

These NPCs are typically found in major faction capitals, where players can access their services. Here are the locations of transmogrifiers in each faction's capital city:






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Transmogrification Interface

In Cataclysm Classic, the transmogrification interface gets a small upgrade compared to its original version. Previously, to transmogrify your gear, you needed to physically have the appearance item in your bags. Then, you'd drag the item to the transmogrification window and drop it into the appropriate slot. However, the new version of the interface introduces a catalog of appearances directly accessible from your Collections. This lets you choose the desired appearance directly within the transmogrification window, making the process much simpler.

Additionally, this updated interface in Cataclysm Classic allows you to transmogrify shirts and tabards, a feature that wasn't available in the original version and was introduced in later expansions.

However, unlike in modern WoW, there are some limitations in this version of the transmogrification system. Players can't transmogrify weapon enchantments, and there are no options to hide specific pieces of gear within the transmogrification window. Nevertheless, players still retain the ability to hide their helm and cloak through the game settings, providing some degree of customization to their character's appearance.

Transmogrification Interface


How to I hide some of my pieces?

In order to do so, you must do it in your interface settings, it is not part if the transmog system.

How to I hide some of my pieces?

Transmogrification Rules

Transmogrification in games like World of Warcraft follows specific rules and limitations to ensure fairness and balance. Here are the key rules to keep in mind:

1. Equipment Requirements: Your character must meet all requirements to equip both the item whose appearance you're using and the item you want it to look like. This includes level, reputation, class, and armor type requirements.

2. Item Quality: Only items of uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), and heirloom quality are eligible to have their appearance used for transmogrification. Poor (gray), common (white), and legendary (orange) quality items cannot be transmogrified.

3. Armor Type Matching: An armor appearance item must be the same armor type (cloth, leather, mail, or plate) as the item it is being applied to.

4. Weapon Type Matching: A weapon appearance must match the weapon type of the item it is being applied to. However, guns, crossbows, and bows can share appearances with each other.

5. Main-hand and Off-hand Restrictions: Main-hand weapons can only be applied to main-hand weapons, and off-hand items can only be applied to off-hands. One-handed weapons can be applied to either main-hand or off-hand slots.

6. Legendary and Fishing Poles: Legendary items and fishing poles cannot have their appearances changed through transmogrification.

7. Soulbinding Requirement: An item must be soulbound to you before its appearance becomes available for transmogrification purposes. This ensures that players can't trade or sell items purely for their appearance.

Appearance Gallery

In WoW Classic, the Collections interface was introduced during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. However, Cataclysm Classic introduces a new addition to this interface: the Appearances tab.

The Appearances tab serves as a convenient hub for browsing the transmogrification looks that you've already unlocked, as well as those that you have yet to obtain. It provides players with a comprehensive view of their collection of appearances, making it easier to plan and customize their character's appearance to their liking.

Appearance Gallery