WoW Best Classes - Season of Discovery

Best Classes in WoW Season of Discovery

Embark on the Season of Discovery, where the challenges of Blackfathom Deeps await. Choosing the right class for your role is crucial for success, and in this guide, we'll explore the top picks for tanks, healers, and DPS in Phase 1. Keep in mind that this guide is objective and focuses on the classes that shine in the specific content of Blackfathom Deeps and perform exceptionally well in Phase 1 BiS gear.

Classes will be evaluated not just for raw damage output but also for their raid utility, providing buffs and cooldowns that enhance the overall raid performance.

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Best Tanks - Phase 1 Season of Discovery

Warrior Tank:

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The stalwart Warrior Tank remains a robust choice in WoW Classic. With the ability to use a shield, Warriors bring Block mitigation to the table, a rarity among tanks in Season of Discovery. Offering essential debuffs like Sunder Armor and Devastate, along with Demoralizing Shout, Warrior Tanks excel in single-target damage and raid utility, making them a top pick for Phase 1.

Shaman Tank:

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Surprisingly comparable to Warrior Tanks, Shaman Tanks boast shield usage, potent single-target threat generation, and notable AOE damage with Molten Blast. While they may face minor issues with Earth Shock interrupt availability, their AOE damage potential sets them apart. Shaman Tanks are a compelling choice for those seeking versatility in tanking.

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Best DPS - Phase 1 Season of Discovery

Feral Druid DPS:

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In an unexpected turn, Feral Druids emerge as the most influential class in Phase 1. With the addition of Wild Strikes, Feral Druids provide Windfury to their group, making them indispensable for raid DPS. Bringing utility spells like Mark of the Wild and Rebirth, along with substantial damage output, Feral Druids claim the top spot in the DPS hierarchy for Phase 1.

Hunter DPS:

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Despite some changes and challenges, Hunters maintain their position as top damage dealers. With access to the Azshari Arbalest and valuable utility through Aspect of the Lion and Growl, Hunters remain strong contenders. The versatility of Hunters shines in Blackfathom Deeps, making them a reliable choice.

Warrior DPS:

Warrior - Class - World of Warcraft

Warriors, equipped with Wild Strikes at level 25, become formidable damage dealers, especially with the support of Feral Druids, Hunter Kings, and Priests dropping Homunculi. While they require substantial support from other classes, Warriors excel in single-target damage, making them a valuable asset to any raid group.

Rogue DPS:

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Self-sufficient and deadly, Rogues secure their place among top damage dealers. Benefiting from Wild Strikes and Kings, Rogues showcase impressive damage output. Ghamoo-ra, a specific encounter in Blackfathom Deeps, highlights Rogues' armor-ignoring abilities, solidifying their status as top-tier DPS.

Best Healer - Phase 1 Season of Discovery

Priest Healer:

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Undoubtedly the best healer in Phase 1, Priest Healers shine in all aspects of healing. From tank healing to raid healing, providing buffs and utility, to offering rebuffs through Homunculi, Priests dominate the healing role. The flexibility to adjust runes for different encounters showcases their versatility and makes them an unparalleled choice for healers.


Navigating the Season of Discovery demands a keen understanding of class strengths and raid utility. Whether tanking, healing, or dealing damage, the right class can significantly impact your raid's success in Blackfathom Deeps. Choose wisely, adapt your strategy, and triumph in the challenges that await.

May this guide empower you to make informed decisions in assembling your raid group for Phase 1 of the Season of Discovery. With the right mix of tanks, healers, and DPS, you'll overcome the trials of Blackfathom Deeps and emerge victorious. Good luck on your epic journey through Azeroth!