WoW Balance Druid DPS Class Guide - Season of Discovery

Balance Druid DPS in the Season of Discovery Guide

Welcome to the Season of Discovery, where Balance Druids receive significant improvements to address their longstanding issues. In this guide, we'll delve into the new features, strengths, weaknesses, optimal specialization, gameplay tips, gear recommendations, and the best race and professions for maximizing your Balance Druid DPS.

In Season of Discovery, Balance Druids gain a powerful tool to address their mana struggles with the introduction of the rune Fury of Stormrage. This rune transforms Wrath into a zero-cost spell, eliminating mana concerns. Additionally, new abilities like Starsurge and Sunfire enhance the Druid's damage potential, providing a fresh and dynamic gameplay experience.

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Best Runes for Balance Druid

Chest Rune

Chest Rune

Legs Rune

Legs Rune

Gloves Rune

Gloves Rune

Best Talent Builds for Balance Druid DPS - Phase 1

Best Talent Builds for Druid Balance - Phase 1

Choosing the Balance specialization is crucial for maximizing your DPS. Focus on talents like Improved Wrath and Improved Moonfire, which benefit both Starsurge and Sunfire. While dipping into Restoration may be tempting for Improved Mark of the Wild, it's not advisable at this level due to talent point distribution.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While Season of Discovery significantly improves the Balance Druid's performance, certain limitations persist. In Phase 1, AOE capabilities are lacking, making multi-target encounters challenging. However, the class offers enhanced interactivity and flexibility, allowing Druids to excel in single-target damage and off-healing situations.


1. Freedom from mana issues with Fury of Stormrage.

2. Solid single-target damage output.

3. Flexibility to provide off-healing support.


1. Limited AOE damage without Hurricane in Phase 1.

2. Lack of hard crowd control or interrupts.

How to Play Balance Druid DPS

To optimize your DPS, maintain Moonfire and Sunfire on your targets at all times. Incorporate Wrath and Starsurge into your rotation, reserving Healing Touch for instant speed procs when needed. For AOE encounters, efficiently apply DOTs to multiple enemies before using filler spells.


1. Apply Moonfire and Sunfire, reapplying when necessary.

2. Use Starsurge on cooldown.

3. Fill in with Wrath.

4. Occasionally use Healing Touch with the instant speed proc if required.

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Stats and Gear for Druid Balance DPS

Prioritize the following stats:

1. Spell Hit Chance

2. Spell Damage

3. Spell Critical Strike Chance

4. Intellect

5. Spirit

Gear Recommendations for Phase 1

Finding spell power pieces is rare at the level 25 bracket, and makes them exceptionally desired. There are also a few pieces that just have an abundance of base stats that are far better than other options. A few of these include:

1. Magician's Mantle - This shoulder is a world drop BoE with spell power and intellect. It's easily one of your best items.

2. Black Velvet Robes - This is your best statted chest piece, and is another rare world BoE to look out for.

3. Spidersilk Boots - These are great boots you can either make with  Tailoring or grab off a crafter very easily, as early as level 20, and are arguably your best level 25 option.

4. Mindthrust Bracers - Has double the intellect of your next bracer option, and is also a world BoE. The big -5 Stamina is painful, but not dealbreaking if you want to maximize your damage.

5. Lorekeeper's Ring or  Advisor's Ring - PvPing to get up your faction's Warsong reputation for this amazing ring will be very important!

Best Races for Balance Druid DPS


Night Elf, although lacking combat-specific abilities, is the only option.

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Tauren stands out for extra survivability with Endurance and the utility of War Stomp.

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Best Professions for Balance Druid DPS

1. Engineering: Unmatched utility and damage options through grenades, bombs, and gadgets.

2. Leatherworking: Exclusive Season of Discovery items like Void-Touched Leather Gauntlets provide valuable stats and DPS cooldown.

3. Tailoring: Crafting options like Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots and other powerful pieces make Tailoring a viable choice.


Embrace the Season of Discovery as a Balance Druid, taking advantage of newfound mana freedom and enhanced abilities. Tailor your playstyle to the strengths and weaknesses of the class, prioritize the right stats and gear, and choose professions that complement your DPS goals. With the right strategy, your Balance Druid will shine in the evolving world of World of Warcraft.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights to master the art of Balance Druid DPS in WoW's Season of Discovery. Remember, adaptability and understanding your class's strengths will set you apart on your journey through Azeroth. May your Starsurges be powerful, and your mana pool plentiful. Good luck!