When Did OSRS Come Out

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When Did OSRS Come Out

Welcome to the captivating realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a timeless MMORPG that has woven the fabric of adventure since its release on February 22, 2013. Born from the echoes of the August 2007 version of RuneScape, OSRS has evolved into a thriving universe, shaped by the collective aspirations of its dedicated community. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the game's rich history, its transformative gameplay, and the multitude of exciting developments that beckon both seasoned adventurers and eager newcomers alike.

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The Evolution of OSRS - A Chronicle from 2013 Onwards

From Humble Beginnings

OSRS emerged as a nostalgic tribute to the 2007 iteration of RuneScape, capturing the hearts of players seeking the essence of the game's golden age. With a smaller team and a slower update pace, OSRS embarked on a journey of enhancements, empowered by the voice of the community through in-game polls.

From Humble Beginnings

Gameplay Unveiled

Immerse yourself in the MMORPG wonderland of OSRS, where a persistent world invites players to interact with each other and the environment. From combat and gathering skills to artisan pursuits, OSRS's diverse skillset allows players to tailor their journey, leveling up and becoming more formidable with each adventure. The game's mechanics, reminiscent of the 2007 version, showcase the beloved point-and-click system on a tick-based framework.

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Post-release Flourish

Witness the infusion of new content into OSRS, including the God Wars Dungeon, the Soul Wars minigame, and a user-friendly wiki search feature. Delve into exclusive OSRS additions like Fossil Island, Great Kourend, challenging quests, formidable bosses, and engaging skilling activities, all contributing to the game's dynamic and evolving landscape.

Post-release Flourish

Unique Game Modes

Discover the thrill of OSRS's "Ironman" mode, a test of self-sufficiency where players forgot traditional trading and reliance on others. From the intense challenges of Ultimate Ironman Mode to the risk-laden Hardcore Ironman Mode, each variant offers a distinct and rewarding gameplay experience. Enter the perilous realm of Deadman Mode, where open-world PvP combat and accelerated experience rates add a layer of excitement and danger.

Unique Game Modes:

Setting the Stage

OSRS unfolds in the mythical realm of Gielinor, a world teeming with diverse races, gods, and untold mysteries. Traversing through five Ages, from Guthix's balance to the cataclysmic God Wars, players become part of a rich narrative that defines the landscape of the Fifth Age—the current era of OSRS.

Setting the Stage


As OSRS continues to captivate players worldwide, the saga of Gielinor expands with each passing moment. Engage in epic quests, conquer formidable challenges, and shape the destiny of your character in this ever-evolving MMORPG. From seasonal modes like Deadman Tournaments to innovative Leagues and festive holiday events, OSRS ensures that every adventurer finds their place in the grand tapestry of the game's narrative.

To those yet to embark on the OSRS odyssey, the call to adventure beckons. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, the gates of Gielinor are open wide, inviting you to carve your legend in the annals of Old School RuneScape. Join a vibrant community, partake in thrilling challenges, and let the magic of OSRS weave tales of heroism and camaraderie. The journey is yours to shape, and the adventure awaits—forge your legacy in the timeless realms of OSRS!