What is RavenCards in Ravendawn

What is RavenCards in Ravendawn

In the realm of character customization, Ravencards offer players an additional layer of personalization tailored to their individual playstyles. Amidst the extensive array of customization options including Archetypes, Weapon Choices, and Reputation Paths, Ravencards present yet another avenue for players to distinguish their characters from others.

Note: There are currently 192 cards that can be unlocked.


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How to Obtain the Ravencards

The existing strategy for obtaining Ravencards involves acquiring RavenPacks, which can be obtained through various avenues such as Dynamic Quests, Environmental Quests, Story Quests, and Tradepacks. Stay tuned for upcoming Devblogs that will provide detailed insights into the quest system and tradepack system.

Access the Ravendawn Store either through the ESC menu, or here on your menu bar:


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How to obtain the Dawn Essence

Essence can be acquired through various means within the game. These sources include opening supply bag drops from defeated enemies, quest completions, and reaching Northstar level points. Furthermore, breaking down equipment is another viable method, provided the equipment is at least tier 1; starting gear is excluded from this process.

To dismantle equipment into essence, players should visit NPC Selenia, located south of the temple in Ravendawn City. Engage in conversation with her, and she will guide you through the process.

Selenia Location:

Selenia Location


supply bag

RavenCards Rarity System

RavenCards are endowed with varying degrees of rarity, enhancing their power and effectiveness. Currently, there are seven distinct rarities, each contributing to the overall strength of the card.

rarity system

The rarity of a Ravencard can be increased through Ravenshards.


When you receive a repeated card (same type and rarity already obtained) it is automatically destroyed and transformed into Ravenshards. Ravenshards are used to upgrade the rarity of cards, so you can transform a lower rarity card into a higher rarity one, increasing its attributes.



Using RavenCards

To utilize RavenCards, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the 'K' (Skills) menu.
2. Within the menu, locate the option to switch from Skill to Cards, typically found at the bottom.
3. Each card is specifically designed for a particular skill. Equip one card at a time for each unlocked skill.
4. Enjoy the flexibility of swapping cards at your convenience. It's important to note that cards are not lost when exchanged.