Watcher Irideus Boss Guide in Halls of Infusion Dungeon

Watcher Irideus Boss Guide in Halls of Infusion Dungeon

Watcher Irideus, once a vigilant guardian tasked with protecting and maintaining the sanctity of the Halls of Infusion, has been thrown into chaos by the Primalists' sudden assault. Now, fueled by determination and a desire to rectify his previous errors, he stands as a formidable adversary within the dungeon.

Watcher Irideus is a formidable opponent, drawing upon elemental forces to bolster his defenses and unleash devastating attacks. To emerge victorious, adventurers must employ strategy, coordination, and quick reflexes.

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Watcher Irideus Abilities

Stage One: A Chance at Redemption

1. Power Overload:

- Description: Infuses 2 enemies with electricity, causing Nature damage over time. Leaves behind a Power Field when the infusion expires or is removed.

- Effect: Deals 3 Nature damage every 1 sec for 6 sec.

- Power Field: Electrifies players within, dealing 7 Nature damage every 1 sec.

2. Spark Volley:

- Description: Watcher Irideus fires sparks from his core, damaging players within a radius.

- Effect: Inflicts 20 Arcane damage on impact with an additional 5 Arcane damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.

3. Static Surge:

- Description: Arcane energy flows out, dealing Arcane damage over time to all players.

- Effect: Inflicts 9 Arcane damage every 2 sec for 6 sec.

4. Titanic Fist:

- Description: Watcher Irideus slams his fist down, causing Physical damage and knocking down players in front.

- Effect: Inflicts 40 Physical damage.

Stage Two: Watcher's Last Stand

1. Ablative Barrier:

- Description: Watcher Irideus grants himself 3 applications of Ablative Barrier, significantly reducing incoming damage. Uses Siphon Power to increase Nature damage done. Applications can be removed by Nullifying Pulse.

- Effect: Reduces incoming damage by 99%.

2. Siphon Power:

- Description: Watcher Irideus siphons power from the titan facility, increasing Nature damage done over time. Interrupted by removing Ablative Barrier.

- Effect: Increases Nature damage done by 2% every 1 sec for 40 sec.

3. Nullification Device:

- Description: The device blasts a random target, causing Arcane damage over time. Can be destroyed by Nullifying Pulse.

- Effect: Inflicts 4 Arcane damage on impact with an additional 2 Arcane damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.

4. Nullifying Pulse:

- Description: Fired off when a Nullification Device is destroyed. Inflicts Arcane damage, silences players, and removes one application of Ablative Shield if it strikes Watcher Irideus.

- Effect: Inflicts 40 Arcane damage, silencing players within 0 yards for 4 sec. Removes one Ablative Shield application if it hits Watcher Irideus.

Tips and Strategy

Damage Dealers:

- Power Overload: Be prepared for the continuous Nature damage inflicted by Power Overload. Remove it quickly to avoid the creation of the dangerous Power Field.

- Nullification Devices: Prioritize these devices as they emit a Nullifying Pulse upon destruction. Coordinate with your team to efficiently handle them.

- Ablative Barrier: Focus on removing Ablative Barrier when necessary, as it not only reduces damage taken but also fuels Watcher Irideus's Siphon Power ability.


- Siphon Power: Keep a close eye on the tank's health during Siphon Power, as it increases the damage from Power Overload and Power Field. Be prepared to provide additional healing during this phase.

- Purifying Blast: Anticipate high damage from Purifying Blast, especially with a significant number of applications. Use powerful heals and cooldowns accordingly.


- Nullification Devices: Manage the aggro on Nullification Devices to control when they are destroyed. Be prepared for the Nullifying Pulse they emit upon death.

- Ablative Barrier: Coordinate with healers to ensure the removal of Ablative Barrier at appropriate times. The dissipation of the barrier can impact incoming damage.