Umbrelskul Boss Guide in The Azure Vault Dungeon


Millennia ago, Umbrelskul, driven by curiosity or folly, found himself entangled in the unfathomable currents of raw arcane energies. Unbeknownst to him, these forces wrought havoc upon his being, manifesting as crystalline growths that spread insidiously throughout his form. Recognizing the danger he posed to himself and others, he was swiftly whisked away to the sanctity of the Azure Vault, where scholars and mages labored tirelessly to find a cure for his affliction. However, fate, in its cruel irony, intervened before their efforts bore fruit. The Vault, a bastion of knowledge and hope, was sealed prematurely, condemning Umbrelskul to an unending slumber within its confines. Yet, the passage of time is fickle, and now, after eons of dormancy, the seal is broken, and Umbrelskul awakens to a world irrevocably changed.

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Umbrelskul Abilities

1. Brittle Brittle: At certain health thresholds (75%, 50%, and 25% remaining health), Umbrelskul shatters, causing Detonating Crystals to cascade from his body.

- Detonating Crystal: These crystals immediately begin to fracture upon appearing, unleashing devastating explosions that inflict 1,951 Arcane damage every second for 15 seconds to all players. This effect stacks with each fracturefracture.

- Hardened Crystal: Similar to Detonating Crystals, Hardened Crystals also fracture upon appearing but have the added ability to absorb damage with Crystallize Crystallize, creating a barrier that absorbs 315 damage before fracturing and exploding.

3. Unleashed Destruction Unleashed Destruction: Umbrelskul unleashes a powerful blast of arcane energy, pushing players away and dealing 3,345 Arcane damage.

4. Arcane Eruption Arcane Eruption: Conjuring Crackling Vortexes randomly, Umbrelskul inflicts 25,084 Arcane damage to players within 7 yards of each vortex, knocking them back.

-  Crackling Vortex Crackling Vortex: These vortexes continuously inflict 5,017 Arcane damage per second to players standing within them.

5. Crystalline Roar Crystalline Roar: With a mighty roar, Umbrelskul releases a blast of unbridled magic, dealing 13,936 Arcane damage to all players in a line in front of him.

6. Dragon Strike Dragon Strike: Umbrelskul targets a player with a powerful stomp, causing 13,936 Arcane damage upon impact and an additional 3,066 Arcane damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds thereafter.

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Tips and Strategy

Umbrelskul presents a relentless onslaught, perpetually summoning Arcane Eruptions which spawn wandering Crackling Vortexes. Additionally, at critical health thresholds (75%, 50%, and 25%), he summons Detonating Crystals that initiate Fracture sequences, posing significant threats.


Tanks must brace themselves for the formidable Dragon Strike, which inflicts substantial damage. Vigilance and strategic positioning are crucial to mitigate its impact.

Damage Dealers:

Damage dealers should swiftly address the threat posed by Detonating Crystals upon their summoning, ensuring they disrupt the Fracture process promptly to minimize the danger posed by subsequent explosions.


Healers must remain vigilant throughout the encounter, as Dragon Strike inflicts severe damage that demands immediate attention. Timely healing and effective coordination are imperative to sustain the party through Umbrelskul's relentless assaults.