Tyr, the Infinite Keeper Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

As the true timeline succumbs to the altered reality orchestrated by Murozond's rise, the stalwart heroes of Azeroth find themselves confronting a multitude of perplexing anomalies. Most notably, the once unwavering Titan-Keeper Tyr has inexplicably aligned himself with the enigmatic infinite dragonflight. 

Once revered for his legendary loyalty and unwavering commitment to safeguarding Azeroth, Tyr's betrayal strikes a devastating blow to the hearts of the heroes who once counted him as an ally. Now, with Tyr's formidable powers turned against them, the champions of Azeroth stand at a crossroads, facing a dire ultimatum: engage in battle against the very being they once revered, or succumb to the unfathomable consequences of his newfound allegiance.

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Tyr, the Infinite Keeper Abilities

1. Infinite Hand Technique Infinite Hand Technique: Tyr expends energy to unleash a deadly combination of attacks with his mace, The Infinite Hand.

- Titanic Blow Titanic Blow: Tyr musters his titanic strength to strike his target, inflicting 1,210 Physical damage and knocking back players in a cone in front of him.

- Infinite Annihilation Infinite Annihilation: Tyr faces a random player and slams the ground, inflicting 504 Arcane damage to players in a cone in front of him.

- Dividing Strike Dividing Strike: Tyr smashes the ground with overwhelming force, inflicting 1,008 Arcane damage split evenly among players within 10 yards and leaving behind Consecrated Ground. If Dividing Strike fails to hit at least 2 players, Tyr gains Titanic Empowerment.

-  Consecrated Ground: Inflicts 121 Arcane damage every 1.5 sec.

- Titanic Empowerment Titanic Empowerment: Tyr harnesses the power of the infinite, increasing all damage done by 33% for the remainder of the fight. This effect stacks.

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2. Spark of Tyr Spark of Tyr: Tyr haunts up to 2 players with memories not yet written, inflicting 71 Arcane damage every 2 sec to players within 8 yards. Upon expiration or removal, inflicts 131 Arcane damage to all players.

3. Siphon Oathstone Siphon Oathstone: When Tyr's energy is expended, he siphons power from the Infinite Oathstone and shields himself with Radiant Barrier. This act destabilizes the Oathstone, causing it to release Temporal Essence.

- Radiant Barrier Radiant Barrier: Tyr shields himself with Infinite magic, absorbing 2,523 damage. When Radiant Barrier activates or is refreshed, it inflicts 117 damage to all enemies and pushes them back.

- Temporal Essence Temporal Essence: The siphoned Oathstone releases motes of temporal essence that slowly return to it. Any that reach the Oathstone are absorbed by Tyr, increasing the absorption of Radiant Barrier. Players can collect temporal essence to gain Stolen Time.

- Stolen Time Stolen Time: Increases haste and movement speed by 10% for 30 sec. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

Tips and Strategy

Tyr relentlessly engages players with his formidable abilities, including Infinite Hand Technique, expending his energy with each onslaught. Upon depleting his energy, Tyr taps into the Infinite Oathstone, bolstering himself with Radiant Barrier and initiating Temporal Essence.


- Beware of the devastating damage from Titanic Blow, which targets players in front of Tyr.

- Ensure that players intercept Dividing Strike to evenly distribute its damage among the group.

- Collect any Stolen Time to enhance your haste and movement speed.

- Any Stolen Time that reaches the Infinite Oathstone strengthens Tyr's Radiant Barrier.

Damage Dealers:

- Gather Stolen Time to boost your agility and swiftness during the encounter.

- Prioritize interrupting [Infinite Annihilation] to mitigate damage to the group.

- Coordinate with tanks to share the damage from Dividing Strike evenly.

- Be vigilant when facing Spark of Tyr, as its expiration inflicts significant harm to all players.

- Contribute to intercepting Stolen Time to prevent Tyr from bolstering his defenses with Radiant Barrier.


- Prepare for the heavy group damage inflicted upon Spark of Tyr's expiration.

- Utilize healing cooldowns to mitigate the impact of Dividing Strike's split damage.

- Attend to players affected by Infinite Annihilation promptly to prevent widespread damage.

- Watch out for any Stolen Time reaching the Infinite Oathstone, as they reinforce Tyr's defenses with Radiant Barrier.