Treemouth Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeons

Treemouth Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeons

Withered by the relentless grasp of decay, Treemouth, as named by the gnolls, stands as a haunting relic of ancient pride. Once a majestic being, its branches now bear the scars of time, twisted and contorted in a macabre dance with nature's relentless forces. The relentless onslaught of rot that has seeped into its very core has not spared the creature's once-vibrant mind, leaving behind a tortured entity consumed by an insatiable desire to feed and propagate the dark tendrils of decay. Treemouth, a tragic manifestation of nature's unforgiving cycle, now roams with a singular purpose – a relentless force of deterioration, driven by an instinctive compulsion to spread the blight it carries within.

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Treemouth's abilities

1. Grasping Vines Grasping Vines: Treemouth extends its decaying vines, ensnaring players and drawing them closer for 4 seconds. Once pulled in, Treemouth initiates its Consume ability.

- Consume Consume: Treemouth devours the nearest player, causing 11 Nature damage every second for 10 seconds. During this time, Treemouth absorbs the next 75 damage. If the absorption is broken, Treemouth forcefully expels the consumed player.

2. Decay Spray Decay Spray: Treemouth unleashes a putrid spray in a frontal cone, dealing 25 Nature damage to all players struck and summoning 4 Decaying Slimes.

- Burst Decaying Slime (Burst): Upon defeat, the Decaying Slime explodes, dealing 20 Nature damage to nearby players and leaving behind a decaying pool for 30 seconds.

-  Withering Away!: Players standing in the decayed pool suffer 11 Nature damage per second and experience a 30% reduction in movement speed.

- Gushing Ooze Gushing Ooze: Decaying Slimes release a splatter of noxious ooze, inflicting 6 Nature damage to all players within 40 yards.

3. Infectious Spit: Treemouth spits at random players, covering them with infected saliva. This effect causes 9 Nature damage per second and reduces movement speed by 10% for 20 seconds. The effect stacks with each subsequent hit.

4. Vine Whip Vine Whip: Treemouth lashes out with its vines, dealing 40 Physical damage and knocking back any targets in its path.

Tips and Strategy

Treemouth, a decaying behemoth, engages players with a relentless assault, periodically summoning Decaying Slimes that explode upon defeat. When Treemouth reaches 100 energy, it employs [Grasping Vines] to draw players closer, initiating a lethal [Consume] on the nearest target.

DPS Responsibilities:

- Focus on dealing damage to Treemouth while avoiding [Decay Spray] and [Vine Whip].

- Be prepared for the Decaying Slimes to [Burst], creating hazardous decay pools.

- When Treemouth reaches 100 energy, brace for [Grasping Vines] pulling in all players, followed by a [Consume] on the nearest target. Break the absorb to avoid further damage.

Healers' Priorities:

- Prepare for the group-wide damage from [Decay Spray].

- Be vigilant when Treemouth uses [Consume], as it inflicts substantial damage to the targeted player.

- Heal through the ongoing damage caused by players standing in the decay pools left by the Decaying Slimes.

- Respond swiftly when players are affected by the stacking [Infectious Spit] debuff.

Tanks' Duties:

- Position Treemouth away from the group to mitigate damage from [Decay Spray].

- Anticipate the heavy damage and knockback from [Vine Whip] and adjust positioning accordingly.

- Manage the Decaying Slimes, ensuring they are killed at a safe distance to avoid the burst damage and decay pools.

- When Treemouth reaches 100 energy, be prepared for [Grasping Vines] pulling in all players, followed by a [Consume] on the nearest target. Use defensive cooldowns accordingly.