TradePack in Ravendawn

TradePack in Ravendawn

The economic backbone of Ravendawn relies on the TradePack system, serving as the primary mechanism for generating silver within the game world. Essentially, a TradePack is a player-assembled package of various in-game products. Transporting these packs to designated tradeposts results in players earning silver and occasionally acquiring other rare resources in exchange for their cargo.

Creating a TradePack offers a wide range of possibilities, as players can use numerous materials or combinations thereof. This includes items such as eggs, milk, wheat, ore, lumber, and a plethora of other gathered materials found within the game. The flexibility of the system allows players to craft diverse TradePacks using almost any resource available in the game world.

TradePack in Ravendawn

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Functionality of TradePacks in Ravendawn

Understanding the TradePack system in Ravendawn may seem intricate at first glance, but it is elegantly straightforward. Scattered across the map are designated Tradeposts, pivotal locations where players can both create and exchange their TradePacks for silver. These Tradeposts emulate real-world markets, featuring dynamics of supply and demand.

In a simplified explanation, the more a particular type of TradePack (using ore as an example) is traded between Tradeposts, the lower the demand becomes. Consequently, the silver earnings for exchanging these packs decrease. Similarly, when a Tradepost engages in more trades with players, their demand for goods diminishes, resulting in lower silver payouts. Conversely, diminished demand for one product or Tradepost heightens the value and demand for all other products and Tradeposts.

This intricate interplay establishes a self-balancing economy throughout the world of Ravendawn. Players have the ability to monitor the real-time demand and supply of all resources in every Tradepost, empowering strategic decisions. Whether opting for a secure journey through fields with a load of iron ore from a recent mining expedition or embarking on a perilous ocean voyage for a high-demand trade, players can capitalize on varying profit opportunities.

Now, the question arises: how does one transport TradePacks? In Ravendawn, TradePacks can be transported by land or sea, offering players distinct avenues to navigate and engage with the dynamic economic landscape.

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Land Route

land route

When it comes to transporting TradePacks over land in Ravendawn, players have the option of utilizing Tradecarts or Wagons. The game offers a diverse array of Wagons, each varying in size and functionality. Some Wagons are larger, capable of carrying more TradePacks, while others may prioritize speed or offer stealth advantages, allowing players to evade potential adversaries. A forthcoming Carpentry Dev Blog will delve into the intricacies of building Tradecarts, providing players with a comprehensive understanding of this aspect.

However, the dynamics of land-based trading extend beyond the choice of Tradecarts or Wagons. Mounts also play a crucial role in shaping the trading experience on land. While a detailed exploration of mounts will be covered in the upcoming Mount Dev Blog, it's worth noting that mounts will possess a strength stat. Mounts with higher strength stats will exhibit increased speed when pulling a Tradecart, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of land-based trade ventures. Stay tuned for more details on the fascinating world of mounts and their impact on the Ravendawn trading landscape.

Maritime Route

Maritime Route

In Ravendawn, the expansive trading opportunities extend beyond land, inviting players to embark on maritime adventures by transporting TradePacks via ships. Just as with Wagons on land, different types of ships excel in transporting TradePacks across the vast seas. Notably, Merchant Ships, while less fortified than Galleons, boast the capacity to carry additional Tradepacks, allowing traders to reap extra profits from their voyages.

The diversity in maritime trade doesn't end with the choice of ships; it also extends to the myriad attachments available for ships, as detailed in our previous Ship Dev Blog (if you haven't explored it yet, we encourage you to take a look!). These attachments not only enhance the functionality of the ship but also facilitate the transport of additional Tradepacks, presenting players with strategic choices to optimize their maritime trading ventures. As the sea beckons with untold opportunities, savvy traders can leverage ship attachments to maximize profits and navigate the expansive waters of Ravendawn.