How to Charge Pharaohs Sceptre OSRS


How to charge Pahraohs Sceptre OSRS

Step into the mystical realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), where ancient treasures and arcane artifacts await those brave enough to embark on the journey. Today, we unravel the secrets of the Pharaoh's Sceptre, a powerful staff discovered within the enigmatic confines of the Pyramid Plunder minigame in Sophanem. Not only will we delve into the details of wielding this staff, but we'll also uncover the art of recharging it and the thrilling adventure that accompanies its pursuit. Join us as we guide new players through the intricacies of this relic, enticing them to become part of the ever-expanding world of OSRS.

The Pharaoh's Sceptre, a staff of unparalleled power, emerges as a rare reward from the golden chests and sarcophagi scattered within the Pyramid Plunder minigame. This relic requires a unique set of skills, with a prerequisite of 30 Attack and 30 Magic to be deemed worthy of its wielding.

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Unlocking the Teleportation Magic

One of the most enchanting features of the sceptre lies in its ability to teleport players to each of the great pyramids in the vast expanse of the Kharidian Desert. However, this magical prowess comes at a cost – a cost measured in charges. Initially endowed with three charges, the sceptre can ascend to a staggering 100 charges as a reward from the prestigious Desert Diary.


Teleportation Options

1. Jalsavrah, the Tomb of Kings. Teleports players to the starting lobby of Pyramid Plunder. This is the default teleport destination if the player has never used the sceptre before.      

2. Jaleustrophos, the Tomb of the Agile. Teleports players by Simon Templeton's camp.

3. Jaldraocht, the Tomb of Magic. Teleports players to the pyramid entrance.   

4. Jaltevas, the Tomb of the Father. Teleports players next to the obelisk in the necropolis. Players must commune with the obelisk before being able to teleport here.

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Recharging the Enigma

To maintain the mystical energies of the scepter, players must search for the guardian mummy within Jalsavrah, the same pyramid that houses the Pyramid Plunder minigame in the city of Sophanem. Despite the mummy's complaints about the ownership of the scepter, she diligently takes on the task of recharging it. The player, in turn, must offer a selection of artifacts (6 gold artifacts, 12 stone artifacts, or 24 ceramic/ivory artifacts) to satisfy the mummy's arcane requirements.

Here we will leave you a more detailed step by step:

1. To get to Sophanem you can use the magic carpet system from Shantay Pass to Pollnivceach and then you will head south of Pollnivneach (if you have reached Sophanem in Icthlarin's Little Helper) to take the magic carpet to Sophanem.


2. Once you are in the Pyramid Plunder you will have to find the guardian mummy, for this you will only have to enter each of the 4 entrances of the pyramid until you find it.

Pyramid Plunder.png

3. Once you have found the guardian mummy you only have to talk to her to recharge the pharaoh's scepter, she will complain but she will always do it, to do this you must have 6 gold artifacts, 12 stone artifacts or 24 artifacts ceramic / Ivory in your inventory. These elements can be found in the table you will see below.

Guardian mummy.png

Artefact ClassItemRequired countGE cost to chargeSale price to simonDifference
Ivory/PotteryIvory comb.png Ivory comb24Coins 10000.png 22,152Coins 10000.png 1,200Coins 10000.png −20,952
Ivory/PotteryPottery scarab.png Pottery scarab24Coins 10000.png 1,896Coins 10000.png 1,800Coins 100.png −96
Ivory/PotteryPottery statuette.png Pottery statuette24Coins 10000.png 2,328Coins 10000.png 2,400Coins 100.png 72
StoneStone seal.png Stone seal12Coins 10000.png 1,752Coins 10000.png 1,800Coins 100.png 48
StoneStone scarab.png Stone scarab12Coins 10000.png 2,076Coins 10000.png 2,100Coins 100.png 24
StoneStone statuette.png Stone statuette12Coins 10000.png 2,388Coins 10000.png 2,400Coins 100.png 12
GoldGold seal.png Gold seal6Coins 10000.png 4,500Coins 10000.png 4,500Coins 1.png 0
GoldGolden scarab.png Golden scarab6Coins 10000.png 6,030Coins 10000.png 6,000Coins 100.png −30
GoldGolden statuette.png Golden statuette6Coins 10000.png 7,560Coins 10000.png 7,500Coins 100.png −60