The Raging Tempest Boss Guide in The Nokhud Offensive Dungeon

The Raging Tempest Boss Guide in The Nokhud Offensive Dungeon

The Ohn'ahran plains tremble beneath the ferocious onslaught of the Raging Tempest. Fierce winds, unleashed by Balakar's formidable stormcasters, whip across the landscape, tearing through everything in their path. With each passing moment, the tempest grows stronger, its wrathful energies coalescing into a terrifying avatar of the storm itself.

As the tempest gathers momentum, its destructive potential extends far beyond the confines of the battlefield, threatening to engulf the entire expanse of the Dragon Isles. Should its fury remain unchecked, the delicate balance of the plains will be shattered, plunging the realm into a maelstrom of Primalist chaos.

Against such overwhelming power, only the bravest and most skilled warriors dare to stand. Will they be able to stem the tide of destruction and restore peace to the embattled lands, or will the Raging Tempest consume everything in its path, leaving naught but ruin in its wake? The fate of the Dragon Isles hangs in the balance, awaiting the outcome of this epic struggle against the forces of nature unleashed.

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The Raging Tempest Abilities

1. Uncontrollable Energy Uncontrollable Energy: The Raging Tempest manifests lightning orbs from its own uncontrollable energy. Upon contact with a lightning orb, individuals suffer 446 Nature damage and receive a 5% boost to damage and healing for 20 seconds. This effect accumulates over time.

2. Electrical Storm Electrical Storm: Unleashing a titanic Electrical Storm, the Raging Tempest subjects all players to 669 Nature damage every half-second for 15 seconds, immersing the battlefield in a relentless barrage of elemental fury.

3. Lightning Strike Lightning Strike: With a thunderous roar, the Raging Tempest releases a devastating Lightning Strike, dealing 5,017 Nature damage to all players within a 15-yard radius, leaving little refuge for those caught within its reach.

4. Energy Surge Energy Surge: In the throes of an Energy Surge, the Raging Tempest accelerates its melee attacks, doubling its attack speed for 8 seconds. Each strike inflicts an additional 1,394 Nature damage, amplifying the tempest's already formidable offensive capabilities.

5. Wind Burst Wind Burst: Utilizing the power of the winds, the Raging Tempest delivers a Nature-infused blow, dealing 100% of its normal weapon damage as Nature damage to its primary target if the target remains beyond melee range, ensuring no safe distance from its wrath.

6. The Raging Tempest The Raging Tempest: Merely standing beneath the Raging Tempest proves perilous as it continuously inflicts 5,017 Nature damage per second to any players caught within its ominous shadow, emphasizing the relentless and unforgiving nature of the storm.

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Tips and Strategy

The Raging Tempest is a formidable adversary overflowing with Uncontrollable Energy, materializing in the form of lightning orbs that bestow a Surge of Power upon those who seize them. When reaching its peak of 100 energy, the Tempest unleashes a devastating Electrical Storm to annihilate its enemies.

Damage Dealers:

- Keep an eye out for lightning orbs emitted by the Raging Tempest, as they provide a Surge of Power when obtained.

- Beware of Lightning Strike, as it deals significant damage to nearby players.


- Monitor the appearance of lightning orbs, as they grant players a Surge of Power when collected.

- Prepare to mitigate the heavy damage inflicted by Lightning Strike on nearby players.

- Be ready to heal through the intense damage caused by Electrical Storm affecting all players.


- Stay vigilant for lightning orbs generated by the Raging Tempest, as they empower players with a Surge of Power when intercepted.

- Mitigate the high damage output of Lightning Strike on nearby players.

- Exercise caution during Energy Surge phases, as the Raging Tempest inflicts substantial damage during these periods of heightened aggression.