The Expeditions in Albion Online

The Expeditions in Albion Online

Albion Online's Expeditions provide players with instanced PvE missions, accessible through the Expedition Master NPC located in cities. These missions offer a relatively short gameplay experience, typically taking around 20 to 30 minutes for a successful run. They are considered relatively safe, as player death results in a transfer to the most recent checkpoint without gear loss, with only equipment durability being affected.

There is an additional tier of difficulty called Hardcore Expeditions, which present a higher level of challenge but also offer more lucrative rewards. To join a Hardcore Expedition, players need an ancient map and a party of five members. These maps can be acquired by defeating high-level mobs in the open world, looted, or purchased.

The Expedition Master NPCs, identifiable by their distinctive bright-blue portal, are located in major cities and certain Outlands (black zone) camps. Players can approach these NPCs to access various Expeditions, providing a diverse PvE experience within the game.

The Expeditions in Albion Online


Albion Online's Expeditions offer two primary variants: Solo Expeditions and Group Expeditions, also known as Sellsword Expeditions.

Solo Expeditions:

- These can be initiated at any time, provided you have the required Reaver level unlocked and meet the minimum Item Power requirement.

- Visit the Expedition Master NPC to begin your Solo Expedition.

Group Expeditions (Sellsword Expeditions):

- To queue for a Sellsword Expedition, approach the Expedition Master NPC and click the second tab. Then, click the "Register" button to enter the queue.

Group Expeditions

- Your group for Sellsword Expeditions will automatically be assigned roles:

- Defensive: Tanking to draw the attention of mobs and bosses.

- Supportive: Focused on healing and shielding teammates to ensure survival.

- Offensive: Responsible for dealing damage and eliminating mobs while avoiding damage.

Hardcore Expeditions:

- Form a party of five players.

- Click the third tab at the Expedition Master NPC, and drag the required ancient map from your inventory into the NPC's menu.

Gameplay Process:

1. Select the desired difficulty tier.

2. You will be transported to the Expedition's starting point, where an NPC provides mission details.

3. Complete the mission objectives, usually involving defeating specific mobs.

4. A portal appears upon completion, allowing you to return to the city.

5. Solo Expeditions have a 60-minute time limit, while Group/Sellsword Expeditions provide 120 minutes.

6. Failure to complete the mission within the time frame teleports you back to the city.

7. Leaving an Expedition prematurely (Hotkey: A) also results in teleportation back to the city and incurs a penalty timer before starting another Expedition.

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Unlocking Higher-Tier Expeditions 

In Albion Online, accessing higher-tier Expeditions involves progressing through Reaver tiers, which are integral to various aspects of the game. Here's how to unlock new Expeditions and participate in higher-tier challenges:

1. Reaver Tiers:

- Regular Expeditions are categorized into tiers, mirroring the structure found throughout Albion Online.

- Progression through these tiers is achieved by defeating creatures in the world of Albion. The more creatures you defeat, the higher your Reaver tier will be.

- Reaver tiers are tracked and unlocked through the combat tree within the Destiny Board.

2. Progression and Requirements:

- To partake in Expeditions of a certain tier, such as a T6 Master’s Expedition, you need to attain the corresponding Reaver tier.

- For example, to access a T6 Master’s Expedition, you must reach the rank of Master Reaver in the combat tree of the Destiny Board.

- Additionally, meeting the required Average Item Power is essential to qualify for higher-tier Expeditions. This ensures that players are adequately equipped for the challenges they will face.

3. Accessing Higher-Tier Expeditions:

- Once you've reached the necessary Reaver tier and meet the Average Item Power requirement, you can access higher-tier Expeditions.

- Visit the Expedition Master NPC in cities to select and enter Expeditions of your desired tier, based on your Reaver rank and equipment power.

4. Progression and Mastery:

- Engaging in higher-tier Expeditions not only presents greater challenges but also offers increased rewards and opportunities for progression.

- Continuously improving your Reaver tier and acquiring better equipment will enable you to tackle even more difficult Expeditions and further advance your character's mastery in Albion Online.

List of Expeditions

Individual Expedition (solo)

Journeyman's (T3): Curious Excavation

Adept’s (T4): Fishy Business, Preaching to the Dead

Expert’s (T5): Lumber Lunacy, Stone Wars, Lurking Underneath

Sellsword Expedition (Group)

Adept’s (T4): Fishy Business, Preaching to the Dead

Expert’s (T5): Lumber Lunacy, Stone Wars, Lurking Underneath

Master’s (T6): Fungicide, In the Raven's Claws, Eternal Battle, Three Sisters, Fistful of Silver

Hardcore Expedition (Pre-formed Party)

Master’s (T6): Preaching to the Dead, Fishy Business, Stone Wars, Lumber Lunacy, Lurking Underneath, Fungicide, Three Sisters, Fistful of Silver, Eternal Battle, In the Raven's Claws