The Evil Chicken in OSRS


The Evil Chicken in OSRS

The Evil Chicken is a formidable and magical high-level adversary residing within the Champions' Guild chicken coop. Engaging in combat with this mystical fowl poses a unique challenge for players, as they will endure significantly reduced experience gains at a mere 2.5% of the normal rate. This diminution in experience accumulation implies that success in consecutive hits may not guarantee an immediate increase in proficiency. Additionally, the Evil Chicken follows a predetermined respawn rate.

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Originally introduced as a random event to thwart botting activities, the Evil Chicken would manifest and assault players. However, this aggressive random event, along with others, was removed in a 2014 update. Prior to this alteration, the Evil Chicken swiftly initiated combat upon arrival, employing a Magic-based attack. Though the attack was low in damage, its precision and rapidity made it perilous for players with low Hitpoints or those lacking attentiveness. Players were compelled to either confront and defeat the chicken or hastily retreat. Successful elimination of the Evil Chicken yielded rewards in the form of 32-750 feathers, raw chicken, and bones.

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Notably, the Evil Chicken exclusively targeted the player it appeared to, and any delay in its defeat or if the player became temporarily unreachable resulted in the chicken losing interest and departing. Stationary in its initial location, the Evil Chicken responded uniquely to players who inadvertently stepped upon it, exclaiming "Get off of me!" and utilizing a special attack to forcefully push the player aside.


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It is worth mentioning that, in the past, the Evil Chicken's combat statistics varied based on the player's combat level, adding an extra layer of complexity to the encounter. Whether facing this magical menace in the Champions' Guild chicken coop or encountering a different version during the Recipe for Disaster quest or in the Nightmare Zone post-quest completion, players must approach the Evil Chicken with strategic prowess to emerge victorious.