The Best way to Level up in Ravendawn

The Best way to Level up in Ravendawn

Currently, the most effective strategy for leveling up and earning silver in the game is heading to the mines. By doing so, you can increase your mining skill while battling the monsters that inhabit the area. It is advisable to return to the city periodically to refine the obtained minerals and sell them. Also, take this opportunity to harvest your crops in the community farm, maximizing your gains and experience.

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Areas for level 12-22

We will now present three areas where you can rapidly level up, whether you're leveling your archetypes or aiming to earn some additional income.

1. Barrendon Mines:

Here you will find dwarves of level 13-15 but be careful and do not go too deep since you can find dwarves of level 35.


mine 1 location




Once inside the mine you just have to go back down through the door that is south of the entrance.


Once you have gone down you will find the leveling area, and as you can see in the image there is another door to go down even further in which you can also enter since there is also copper ore.


When you go down the entrance in the previous image you will find yourself here, this is where you get the most minerals and you can combine it with the other areas of the mine to be more efficient.


Note: It is not advisable to go back down through another entrance since you will encounter level +30 enemies who will not hesitate to kill you.

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2. Sporeswanp Mines:

This second mine is the favorite of many, both because of how close it is to a city as well as because of its shape, since in this one you only have to go around and around while you kill the demon trees level 16-19 and mine the minerals.


location 2


entrance mine2


This mine is the simplest due to its circular shape and its large amount of ores but you must keep something in mind, there are times when events appear that bring with them many level 18-19 monsters and that can end your journey very quickly.

Description 2

3. Witches Crag:

This would be the third option, although it is a little big, what makes it stand out a lot is that the bears that inhabit it usually drop hide, giving it an extra point.


Location mine 3


entrance mine 3


This mine is quite big and you can get lost at the beginning but it is worth it for the amount of ores there are and the fact that the bears drop hides and spool of hair is quite good for those looking to earn some extra silver.

Description 3