The Best Class Build in Ravendawn

The Best Class Build in Ravendawn

The Hex Garden class has become one of the best, if not the best, builds in Ravendawn today. It combines the strengths of the Witchcraft, Guardian, and Wizardry archetypes to create a formidable character excelling in both survival and damage per second.

The Witchcraft archetype contributes significantly to the character's vitality, enhancing their ability to withstand enemy attacks. It also provides skills that deal direct damage and apply crowd control effects, proving invaluable in various combat situations.

The Guardian archetype reinforces the character's resilience, offering additional defensive abilities and making the Hex Garden an effective tank capable of protecting the group from enemy assaults while maintaining control of the battlefield.

Lastly, the Wizardry archetype complements the build by providing substantial sustained damage. The skills from this archetype allow the character to inflict long-term damage on enemies, proving crucial in extended encounters and battles against powerful bosses.

hex warden

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Weapons & Gear

Weapons – Sceptre and Shield: Opting for a one-handed staff in one weapon slot and a shield in the other can provide a well-rounded balance between defense and damage for your Hex Garden character. The staff offers magical capabilities and potentially enhances your offensive spells or abilities. Meanwhile, the shield significantly boosts your defensive capabilities, increasing your chances of surviving attacks from enemies.

Armor – Plate: Choosing full plate armor for your Hex Garden character is a wise decision, particularly in the early stages of the game. Full plate armor provides significant advantages, including increased health, improved healing received, and enhanced weapon defense. These benefits contribute to both your survivability and effectiveness in various combat situations.

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Stats & Attributes

1. Stats: Focusing on stats and attributes is crucial for optimizing your Hex Garden character in Ravendawn. The suggested distribution of skill points, with 10%-15% in Vitality and 90%-85% in Intelligence, emphasizes the importance of intelligence for this particular build.

2. Attributes: When it comes to attributes for your Hex Garden character's gear and armor in Ravendawn, prioritizing Intelligence and Spell Power is a solid choice.

Build Skills & Passives

For this build, it's essential to prioritize investing your initial points into Witchcraft and Wizardry, while Protection should be the last option until you've obtained the two passives from the two main archetypes.

Investing points in Witchcraft and Wizardry early on allows you to unlock and strengthen your offensive magical abilities, which are crucial for dealing damage efficiently in various encounters. These abilities not only contribute to your damage output but also provide crowd control and utility, enhancing your effectiveness in combat situations.

Protection, on the other hand, focuses on defensive abilities and passives that increase your survivability. While these skills are valuable, they may not be as immediately necessary as offense-oriented abilities in the early stages of the game.

Build Skills & Passives