Telash Greywing Boss Guide in The Azure Vault Dungeon

Telash Greywing Boss Guide in The Azure Vault Dungeon

In the heart of Azeroth, amidst the swirling mists of magic and mystery, Telash Greywing stood at the precipice of a perilous journey. Fueled by righteous fury, he gazed upon the towering spires of the Arcane Vault, a bastion of arcane secrets guarded fiercely by the blue dragonflight.

For too long had Telash harbored a deep-seated resentment towards the azure dragons, their enigmatic leader Sindragosa in particular. Whispers of hidden truths and buried injustices had plagued his thoughts, driving him to the brink of obsession. Now, armed with resolve and a steadfast ally in the form of the Sundered Flame, Telash was prepared to unravel the web of deception and uncover the damning truths concealed within the vault's depths.

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Telash Greywing Abilities

1. Absolute Zero Absolute Zero: Telash freezes the area, gathering power to unleash a large attack, inflicting 12,542 Frost damage to all players. Players are rooted for 10 seconds, if not protected by a Vault Rune.

2. Glacial Shield Glacial Shield: The air freezes and protects Telash Greywing, reducing all damage taken by 99%.

3. Vault Rune Vault Rune: Sindragosa's image detects destructive magic and activates Vault Runes to protect players by reducing damage taken by 50%.

4. Frost Bomb Frost Bomb: Telash embeds shards of frost in each player that detonates after 5 seconds, inflicting 4,181 Frost damage to players within 5 yards and creating a patch of Frozen Ground.

5. Frozen Ground Frozen Ground: The cold freezes the ground in the area for 30 seconds, inflicting 2,230 Frost damage every 1 second and reducing movement speed by 30%.

6. Icy Devastator Icy Devastator: Telash channels a breath attack at a player, inflicting 1,672 Frost damage to all players within 8 yards of the target every 1 second for 3 seconds.

Telash Greywing commands a formidable array of frost-based abilities, making him a dangerous adversary to face in battle. From freezing the very ground beneath his foes to unleashing devastating area-of-effect attacks, he is a master of ice and cold magic. Adventurers must employ quick reflexes and strategic planning to overcome his chilling onslaught and emerge victorious.

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Tips and Strategy

Telash Greywing, a formidable adversary wielding potent frost magic, launches relentless assaults against players, leaving behind treacherous patches of Frozen Ground. As his energy accumulates, he prepares to unleash the devastating Absolute Zero.

Damage Dealers:

- Stay vigilant for Telash's Absolute Zero, a massive area-of-effect attack that inflicts heavy damage on all players. Utilize defensive abilities or seek refuge behind Vault Runes to mitigate the damage.

- Be prepared to swiftly move out of the area affected by Frost Bomb, as it inflicts damage to nearby players and creates hazardous Frozen Ground.


- Prepare to heal through the intense damage caused by Absolute Zero. Coordinate with your team to ensure everyone survives this onslaught, utilizing Vault Runes to reduce the damage taken.

- Respond promptly to the damage inflicted by Frost Bomb, and be ready to address the ongoing damage from Frozen Ground. Keep an eye on players targeted by Icy Devastator, providing focused healing as needed.


- Mitigate the devastating effects of Absolute Zero by positioning yourself strategically and utilizing defensive cooldowns. Coordinate with healers and utilize Vault Runes to reduce incoming damage.

- Be prepared to absorb the damage from Frost Bomb and manage the threat generated by Telash's attacks. Maintain control of the encounter and keep Telash focused on you to minimize damage to your allies.