Teera and Maruuk Boss Guide in The Nokhud Offensive Dungeon


In the shadowed depths of the Ukhel realm, where the veil between the living and the dead is thin, necromancers labored tirelessly, weaving dark magic to defy the natural order. Their sinister goal: to resurrect legendary centaur warriors of old, whose tales had long since faded into whispers.

Among those summoned from the annals of time were Teera, the revered first matriarch of the centaur clans, and Maruuk, the unmatched champion whose prowess on the battlefield was legendary. As the necromancers invoked their ancient rites, the earth trembled with the weight of their awakening.

Teera emerged from her tomb with a grace that belied her fury, her spirit ablaze with the indignation of being torn from her eternal slumber. Beside her stood Maruuk, his eyes blazing with a mixture of confusion and rage at being pulled back from the realm of the beyond. Yet, as they surveyed the world that had changed so drastically in their absence, a solemn understanding passed between them. Despite the tumult of their resurrection, they knew that their return was but a temporary disturbance in the cycle of life and death.

Together, Teera and Maruuk turned their gaze towards the necromancers who had dared to meddle with the forces of the afterlife. With a silent resolve, they set forth to confront those who had disturbed their rest, their spirits burning with a righteous determination to restore balance to the world.

Teera and Maruuk abilities

Teera's Abilities:

Teera - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

1. Gale Arrow Gale Arrow: At 100 energy, Teera unleashes a destructive force of wind at target players, dealing 6,410 Nature damage. Additionally, four tornadoes drift from the point of impact, dealing 4,181 Nature damage and knocking back any player they touch.

2. Repel Repel: Teera summons a gust of wind that pushes all players away from Maruuk and begins channeling Guardian Wind.

- Guardian Wind: Teera channels forceful winds that push players away from Maruuk for 4 seconds.

3. Quick Shot Quick Shot: Teera rapidly fires an arrow at a random player, dealing 3,902 Physical damage.

4.  Spirit Leap: Teera leaps to a nearby location.

Maruuk's Abilities:

Teera and Maruuk - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

1. Earthsplitter Earthsplitter: At 100 energy, Maruuk slams the ground with immense force, causing the earth to split towards target players every 2 seconds for 2 seconds. The ground erupts after 2 seconds, dealing 13,936 Physical damage to all players within 4 yards of each impact.

2. Frightful Roar Frightful Roar: Maruuk lets out a terrifying roar, dealing 6,968 Shadow damage to all players within 15 yards and fearing them for 5 seconds.

3. Brutalize Brutalize: Maruuk inflicts 22,297 Physical damage to his current target.

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Tips and Strategy

Teera and Maruuk, the esteemed progenitors of the Maruuk centaurs, employ ancient tactics to crush their enemies with formidable force. Their coordinated assaults, fueled by potent energies, make them a formidable challenge for any who dare to oppose them.


- At 100 energy, Teera initiates the devastating [Gale Arrow], while Maruuk safeguards her with the intimidating Frightful Roar.

- Simultaneously, Maruuk unleashes the destructive power of [Earthsplitter] upon unsuspecting foes.

- Teera employs Guardian Wind to repel players away from Maruuk, ensuring his protection during combat.

Tank Responsibilities:

- Expect frequent casts of Brutalize from Maruuk, focusing heavy damage on his current target.

- Prepare to mitigate the substantial damage dealt by [Earthsplitter], which inflicts heavy harm to any player within its impact radius.

- Beware of Maruuk's Frightful Roar, which induces fear in nearby players, potentially disrupting positioning and control.

Damage Dealers' Focus:

- Keep a vigilant eye on Teera's Gale Arrow, as its accompanying tornadoes pose a significant threat as they traverse the battlefield, dealing damage along their path.

- Mitigate the substantial damage inflicted by Maruuk's Earthsplitter ability, which can devastate any player caught in its impact zone.

Healers' Duties:

- Anticipate frequent casts of Brutalize from Maruuk, necessitating swift healing on his targeted ally.

- Remain prepared to counter the disruptive effects of Maruuk's Frightful Roar, which may cause nearby players to flee, potentially disrupting group cohesion.

- Attend to random players targeted by Teera's Quick Shot, swiftly mending the inflicted wounds to maintain group stability.