Shadow Skill Tree in Ravendawn

Shadow Skill Tree in Ravendawn

Embracing the shadows as their silent ally, practitioners of the Shadow archetype excel in the art of stealth and assassination. Veiled in darkness, they navigate the unseen realms, extinguishing the lives of their targets with an elusive finesse. The essence of the Shadow archetype lies in the utilization of toxins and deceit, skillfully weakening adversaries before delivering a fatal, decisive strike. These shadowy adepts emerge as harbingers of demise, leaving behind no trace until it's too late. Encounter a wielder of the Shadow, and by the time awareness dawns, the inevitable conclusion has already unfolded in the realm of shadows.

Ravendawn - Dev Blog - Shadow Archetype

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Active Skill

Quick Slash Quick Slash:


- Slash the target, dealing (105% Weapon Power) weapon damage.

- Every third Quick Slash has a guaranteed chance to critical hit.

Cooldawn: 0s

Shadowbind Shadowbind: 

Description: Throws a shadow net that snares the target for 2 seconds. Duration is increased by 0.4 seconds per 10 Aether consumed.

Cooldawn: 30s

Shadowstrike Shadowstrike: 

Description: Stab the target, dealing (50% Weapon Power) weapon damage, applying a bleed that deals (15% Weapon Power) weapon damage every second for 4 seconds. Increases damage and bleeding damage by 20% per 10 Aether consumed.

Cooldawn: 12s

Shadow Kick Shadow Kick:

Description: Kick the target, dealing (40% Weapon Power) weapon damage and interrupts a target's channeling. If you interrupt an skill adds a 30% slow to the target's channeling and skill global cooldown for 4 seconds.

Cooldawn: 35s

Venomous Weapons Venomous Weapons: 

​​​​​​​Description: For the next 15 seconds, basic attacks reduce target's (Defense Power) by 1% for 8 seconds, up to 10 stacks. Increases buff duration by 2 seconds per 10 Aether consumed. Every subsequent stack will refresh the duration of the debuff.

Cooldawn: 90s

Stalk Stalk: 

​​​​​​​Description: Dashes behind the target, slowing it by 50% for 2 seconds. Stalk can be re-activated within 3 seconds to go back to the original cast location. If Stalk is not re-activated, reduce its cooldown to 14 seconds.

Cooldawn: 14s

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Coup de Grace Coup de Grace:

Description: Deals (50% Weapon Power) weapon damage to the target, an extra (75% Weapon Power) weapon damage, and Coup de Grace cooldown will be reduced by 20 seconds if used within 3 seconds after Stalk. Increases damage dealt by (40% Weapon Power) per 10 Aether consumed.

Cooldawn: 45s

Illusive Illusive: 

​​​​​​​Description: Dodges all incoming basic attacks and non-area ability damage for 2 seconds., but your (Weapon Power) and (Spell Power) will be reduced by 30% for the duration of Illusive. Duration is increased by 0.8 second per 10 Aether consumed.

Cooldawn: 90s

Crippling Dagger Crippling Dagger:

Description: Throws a dagger at the target, dealing (75% Weapon Power) weapon damage and slowing it by 20% for 8 seconds. While the target is affected by Crippling Dagger, the skill can be re-activated to dash in front of the target.

Cooldawn: 30s

Anti-Healing Venom Anti-Healing Venom: 

​​​​​​​Description: Deals (50% Weapon Power) weapon damage to the target, reduces healing received from skills by 50% for 5 seconds. Duration is increased by 2 seconds per 10 Aether consumed. Range of this ability adapts to the weapon you are currently wielding.

Cooldawn: 60s

Sinister Plot Sinister Plot: 

​​​​​​​Description: Generate 20 Aether per second for 10 seconds.

Cooldawn: 60s

Death Blossom Death Blossom:

Description: Strike the target three times dealing (200% Weapon Power) weapon damage in total. The total damage increases by the (70% Weapon Power) for every 10 Aether points consumed.

Cooldawn: 60s

Passive Skills

Note: Something to keep in mind is that you must have at least 3 skill points in that specific archetype to unlock each passive

Trickster Trickster: Every hit you land on the target, will steal movement speed from it by 1% for 3.5 seconds. Double the amount for melee. Up to 10 stacks. Dealing damage to a different target will remove trickster effects from the previous target. This effect can occur every 0.5 seconds.

Shadow Proficiency Shadow Proficiency: Your critical strikes have a 25% chance to generate 20 Aether. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.

Deadly Duelist Deadly Duelist: When dual wielding or using a Light Blade, increases your haste by 20%.

Killer Instinct Killer Instinct: Deals 10% more damage to targets under 50% health.

Lethal Toxins Lethal Toxins: Increases skills slow effectiveness by 33% of the base amount.

Cheap Shot Cheap Shot: Whenever you deal damage, there is a 10% chance to increase your current Critical Strike Chance by 10% for 6 seconds