Season of Discovery The Blood Moon Event

Season of Discovery The Blood Moon Event

The highly anticipated open-world PvP event, known as The Blood Moon, is set to debut in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. This thrilling event promises an exhilarating free-for-all PvP experience, unfolding within the captivating landscape of Stranglethorn Vale. Scheduled to occur every 3 hours, starting at midnight server time, participants will engage in intense battles for a span of 30 minutes.

The event seamlessly initiates without requiring player intervention, automatically commencing at the designated intervals. As the countdown begins, players will receive a prominent message at the top of their screens, providing essential information about the ongoing skirmish. This dynamic feature ensures that adventurers are well-informed and ready to plunge into the heart of the action as they navigate the challenges presented by The Blood Moon.

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Don't you want to participate in the event?

Opting out of The Blood Moon event is a choice available to all players who may prefer to avoid the intense free-for-all World PvP experience. If you decide not to participate and wish to remain undisturbed by the chaos of the event, simply seek out the Zandalarian Emissary at the designated locations.

By expressing your desire to opt out, you exempt yourself from the Blood Moon World PvP Event. Consequently, you won't be engaged in the free-for-all World PvP encounters, and you won't earn Blood for the blood loa for vanquishing other players. It's important to note that standard PvP rules will still apply if you are on a PvP server or manually flagged for PvP on a PvE server.

Additionally, choosing not to partake in the event means forfeiting any existing stacks of Sangre para el loa de la sangre that you may currently possess. Make your decision wisely and tailor your gaming experience to your preferred style of play during The Blood Moon.

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Event Mechanics Overview

1. Free-for-All PvP:

- Players can engage in unrestricted combat, not only against opposing faction members but also against fellow faction members.

- Even neutral NPCs, like the flight master, will turn hostile towards participating players.

2. Stacking Buff - Blood for the blood loa:

- Players earn the stacking buff "Blood for the blood loa" by eliminating other players.

- The buff can stack up to 255 times, and each player kill rewards 5 stacks of blood.

3. Drained of Blood Debuff:

- If a player is killed, they receive the "Drained of Blood" debuff.

- Upon resurrection, players with the debuff are immune to attacks for a duration of 20 seconds but cannot cast spells or attack.

- Players can mount, move to another location, and remain invisible to players outside their party during this period.

4. Blood Loss on Death:

- Players may lose blood stacks upon dying, with the exact amount proportionate to their total accumulated.

5. Blood Altars and Currency Exchange:

- Blood altars marked by a red flag on the map serve as locations for exchanging "Blood for the blood loa" stacks for currency.

- Three types of currency are available: Copper Blood Coin, silver blood coin, and Gold blood coin.

- Players walk up to the altar, and the coins automatically appear in their bags at a ratio of 1 Copper Blood Coin per 1 blood stack.

6. Currency Conversion and Rewards:

- Utilize the acquired coins to exchange for higher-value currency with a conversion ratio.

- [Mai'zin] offers rewards, and players can, for example, right-click 100 Copper Blood Coin to create 1 silver blood coin.

Currency Conversion and Rewards

- Continue the conversion process to obtain Gold blood coin and access higher-tier rewards.


Spawn and Hostility:

- Kha'damu, a formidable adversary, can be found spawning in various locations across Vega de Tuercespina during The Blood Moon event.

- As a hostile entity, Kha'damu possesses lethal capabilities, capable of delivering a one-shot blow to unsuspecting players.

Stacks Ear String:

- Kha'damu accumulates stacks of "Stacks Ear String" for each successful kill, enhancing his formidable power with each victory.

- Players unfortunate enough to fall victim to Kha'damu's onslaught will be afflicted with the "bruised" debuff.

Proximity-Based Buffs: Players will experience one of two buffs based on their proximity to Kha'damu:

- ¡Kill, Mutilate, Bleed!): Granted when near Kha'damu.

- Blood Feast: Awarded when in very close proximity to the menacing foe.

Enhanced Blood Rewards:

- Those who engage in battles within Kha'damu's proximity will receive significantly boosted rewards of "Blood for the blood loa" for each successful kill.

- The strategic advantage of fighting around Kha'damu lies in the potential for amassing greater blood stacks and gaining a competitive edge in The Blood Moon event.