[RS3] Yakamaru Guide

RS3 Yakamaru Guide

During the fight with Yakamaru, you won’t see him move around much, and he’ll just be jumping between the pools as his health starts to deplete. The room will consist of pools that will indicate a phase when Yakamaru starts to use a different set of attacking styles and abilities. There will be a total of 5 phases that you have to survive, and deal almost 5,600,000 damage.

In General

Yamakaru will only the players that are within the 20x20 radius of the area, and it won’t be attacking with any form of Melee attacks as it only uses Magic attacks when you’re in a Melee range. As you cover a distance of a few tiles, you’ll start to get attacked with Ranged instead, which will involve tentacles emerging from the grounds. You can counter it with the help of Devotion or Debilitate throughout the fight to take in less damage.

If you’re focusing as a DPS player, then ensure that you’re standing at a Prayer range from it, and because the accuracy of the boss is exceptionally high, you can prepare beforehand with the help of good defensive gear. Yes, there are a few attacks that may end up missing, but it doesn’t that the following attack will so always stay focused. If you’re characterizing your player as a tank, then equip the best defensive gear that you have, and attack it from a melee range to ensure positive results.

Forfeiting the Battle

If you feel that you’ve had enough or that you’re in danger, you can leave the fight. However, a message will be presented on your chat box stating how Yakamaru thinks you’re a coward, and these messages will be different depending on the circumstance that you’re in. The message that appears is ‘Yakamaru is displeased with your cowardice, and throws dangerous projectiles at you!’. This would easily lead to 2,000 inflicted damage to your character. The only way that you can actually leave the fight is by exiting the group that you’re in or asking the leader of the group to do so.

Team Roles

You can choose to adopt a number of roles while fighting Yakamaru. For instance, the Base Tank serves as the primary target for the boss and deals the highest damage among the team members. You can also choose to become the Poison Tank, which deals Yakamaru’s poison at end of each pool and reflects it back. You need not worry because the one playing

the Support role helps the Poison Tank after the boss has been successfully poisoned by him/her. Then there’s the North Tank who inflicts damage upon the boss, and the Shark Tank that shows its true potential during the mirage stage.


  • If you’re willing to go with DPS, then attack Yakamara with everything that you’ve got, and don’t worry about the damage that you take in, because you must only focus on doing your rotations properly. For the shark pool, head to the north side of the tendril pool to avoid most of the damage from the sharks or plank it up. For the sand pool, focus on freeing the members who are caught up in the hand to avoid severe casualties. For the stunning pool, use stun abilities to avoid effects that can affect melee and magic specs.
  • If you’re willing to go with Poison Tank, your role will consist of grabbing the poison from the end of each pool and reflecting it back at Yakamara. Whereas, if you go for the Support role, then you have to aid the Poison Tank once he/she has successfully reflected it back at the boss.
  • If you’re willing to go with Sand Tank, you must work in a similar manner as the Base Tank when the mirage phase starts. However, if you don’t want to be a tank during this phase, you can turn into a full DPS and fulfil the pool duties. It’s a good way to help out the DPS players after they’re done with the sharks and tendrils.
  • If you’re willing to go with Shark Tank, you must keep the focus of mirages towards you and away from the DPS. There’s no need to tank here, so you can go all-out to inflict as much damage as you can. Meanwhile, the Stun DPS will be focusing on the stunning pool when it shows up.

Good luck taking on the Yakamaru!