[RS3] Craft Lava Runes Guide

RS3 Crafting Lava Runes Guide

Skill Requirements

  • 90 Rune Crafting
  • 93 Summoning
  • 92 Magic

Recommended Skills

  • 36 Archelogy

Item Required

  • Small – Massive Rune Crafting Pouch
  • TokKul-Zo
  • Ring of Duelling / Ring of Duelling (c)
  • Abyssal Titan Pouch
  • Elemental Battle Staff, Steam Battle Staff, and Mystic / Mystical Staff
  • Astral and Earth Rune
  • Pure Essence
  • Binding Necklace
  • Law and Cosmic Rune (If you have Pouch Protector relic active, then it is not required).
  • Large Rune Pouch (If you’re using Repair Rune Pouch).

Quest Requirements

  • Lunar Diplomacy

Other Requirements

  • Lunar Spell Book
  • Magic Imbue
  • Source to Repair Rune Pouch
  • Pouch Protector

Crafting Lava Runes can be highly profitable. However, due to the price being unstable, the profit rates can change drastically. During a trip, your inventory will include, Astral Runes, Earth Runes, Large Rune Pouch, staves that are listed above, Ring of Duelling, Small Pouch, Medium Pouch, Large Pouch, Giant Pouch, Massive Pouch, Pure Essence x21, Abyssal Titan, Infinity Ethereal Outfit. With this, you’ll be carrying a total of 101 essences on each trip.

You can start off at the bank located in the Fight Pits (you can reach there using your TokKul-Zo), and that’s where you’ll have to fill your inventory with the necessary amount of Earth Runes, Pouches (all of them), and TokKul-Zo. While you do that, equip your Staff, infinity Ethereal Outfit, Binding Necklace, and Ring of Duelling. Your Large Pouch should consist of Astral, Cosmic, and Law Runes, and it’s best that you equip it to save an inventory space for extra Pure Essence. Now, summon your Beast of Burden and withdraw each of the essences to fill its inventory. You can use bank pre-sets and key binds to save a great amount of time. Once you’ve saved the pre-set, you can start filling the inventory spaces with Pure Essence.

You’ll have a total of 21 inventory slots for your essence, so start filling your pouches, along with the Infinity Ethereal Outfit that you’ve equipped. Save the pre-sets and load them again to save time. Next, teleport directly to the Fire Altar with the help of your Ring of Duelling. If you already have Surge available, then use it to head north towards the altar, and if you don’t, then use Power Burst of Acceleration to reset its cooldown time. Quickly, use Magic Imbue once you reach and craft your runes. After that, teleport back to the Fight Pits and repeat the same process.

In case you’re using the Repair Rune Pouch spell, then cast it after every 48 trips, and if you’re using the NPC Contract spell, then cast it after every nine trips. It is suggested that you store the runes to cast Magic Imbue and Repair Rune Pouch / NPC Contract in a Large Pouch so that inventory spaces can be saved. An alternative to using staves would be a Combined Catalyst Fragment to prevent the rune pouches from degrading.

Another convenient way if you don’t want to bother repairing the pouches is by acquiring the Pouch Protector relic power through the skill Archaeology. This will keep your pouches safe and save up a lot of time while crafting Lava Runes. You can also use an Earth Talisman to save up money instead of using runes to cast the Magic Imbue spell, and it likewise saves some inventory slots. What are you waiting for? Go out there and craft some lava runes!