Rogue DPS Guide for Season of Discovery Phase 2

Rogue DPS Guide for Season of Discovery Phase 2

Navigating Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery in Rogue DPS feels intuitive for Classic Era veterans. Rune abilities align seamlessly with set bonuses and talents, as seen with Puyazo benefiting from Sinister Strike modifications. Golpe siniestro mejorado reduces Shiv's energy cost by 5. New combo point builders like Tajo de sable and familiar Mutilar offer versatility, replacing old staples like Golpe siniestro or Puñalada. Runes introduce fresh finishing moves and potent passive abilities, such as the synergistic combo of Brebaje letal and Envenenar. Despite these additions, the core gameplay remains constant: managing 20 energy every 2 seconds, accumulating combo points, and executing powerful finishing moves. Rogues maintain their leather-clad, surprise-attack style, cementing their role as agile melee damage dealers with enduring strength.

Season of Discovery Rogue Guide - Best Builds, Runes, and Rotation

Viability for Rogue DPS

In Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, Rogues stand out as formidable melee damage dealers. Their strength lies in single-target damage, showcasing their prowess in one-on-one encounters. However, the Rogue's Achilles' heel becomes apparent when facing multiple adversaries, as their toolkit lacks significant multi-target damage options. Only a handful of spells contribute to dealing damage to more than one target simultaneously. This limitation emphasizes the Rogue's specialization in focused, individual combat scenarios, making them excel in situations where precision strikes and stealthy maneuvers are paramount. While their single-target capabilities shine, group engagements may require strategic consideration and collaboration with other classes to overcome the inherent challenges of limited multi-target damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses 


1. High Single Target Sustained Damage: Rogues excel in delivering potent single-target damage, leveraging abilities like Mutilate and Lethal Poison to consistently deal significant harm to their primary focus.

2. Threat Control with Vanish: The ability to control threat is a notable advantage, and Vanish allows Rogues to manage their own threat levels effectively, enabling precise threat control during encounters.


1. Limited Multi-Target Damage: Rogues struggle in situations requiring damage spread across multiple targets. The class lacks robust tools for effective multi-target damage, making them less efficient in scenarios demanding widespread target focus.

Best Runes for Rogue DPS

1. Deadly Brew Deadly Brew: Enhances poison application, triggering Deadly Poison when applying any other poison. Provides a chance to trigger Instant Poison if the weapon lacks a poison. Boosts Deadly Poison and Instant Poison damage based on Attack Power.

2. Mutilate Mutilate: Executes an instant attack with both weapons, dealing 100% weapon damage plus an additional 47.764 with each weapon. Damage increases by 20% against Poisoned targets, and the ability awards 2 combo points. It synergizes with talents and effects modifying Backstab.

3. Shadowstep Shadowstep: Allows the rogue to step through shadows, reappearing behind the enemy, and increases movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds. This ability provides both mobility and positioning advantages during combat.

4. Envenom Envenom: Acts as a finishing move dealing instant poison damage based on Deadly Poison doses on the target. Following the Envenom attack, there is a 75% increased frequency of applying Instant Poison for 1 second, with an additional 1 second per combo point.

5. Master of Subtlety Master of Subtlety: Amplifies damage for attacks made while stealthed and for 6 seconds after breaking stealth, providing an additional 10% damage. This ability enhances the rogue's burst damage potential during stealth and immediate post-stealth moments.

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Upon reaching level 40, your rotation as a Rogue DPS becomes straightforward. Position yourself in melee range and initiate your rotation by repeatedly using the Mutilate ability. Accumulate 4 or 5 combo points and then unleash a potent finishing move.


1. Generate Combo Points: Use Mutilate to build up combo points efficiently.

2. Execute Finishing Moves: When you reach 4 or 5 combo points, execute powerful finishing moves. Your primary finisher will be Eviscerate, and if you already have Eviscerate active at 5 points, use Envenom.

3. Slice and Dice: Consider using Slice and Dice when you have 4 or 5 combo points, but prioritize reaching 5 points for an Envenom activation.

This simplified rotation emphasizes maximizing damage output by efficiently using Mutilate for combo point generation and strategically executing finishing moves. Keep in mind the specific conditions for Envenom and Hacer picadillo to optimize your Rogue DPS gameplay.

Stats and Gear for Rogue DPS

Stat Priority

1. Attack Power
2. Agility
3. Critical Strike Chance
4. Hit Chance
5. Strength
6. Stamina


- Attack Power and Agility: Prioritize these stats for maximum damage output. They significantly enhance your Rogue's offensive capabilities.

- Critical Strike Chance and Hit Chance: While important, these stats become more prevalent in later levels. Focus on obtaining gear with these stats to improve your combat effectiveness.

- Strength: Provides a minor boost to your overall damage and is worth considering.

- Stamina: While not directly contributing to damage, stamina enhances your survivability.

Gear Recommendations for Rogue DPS

1. Scorching Wind Tunic: A powerful chest armor option, especially useful until you acquire the three-piece bonus set from the raid. Obtainable through a challenging quest in the Badlands, Earthquakes / Broken Alliances.

2. Bloody Harvest Dagger: A great dagger with reasonable accessibility. Participate in the Stranglethorn Vale Blood Moon event, accumulate 10 Silver Blood Coins, and purchase it from the vendor at Gurubashi Arena.

3. Plunderer's Leather Belt / Highlander's Leather Girdle: These belts are rewarding for reaching Honored status with your Arathi Basin PvP faction, providing robust stats and enhancing your overall performance.

Best Races for Rogue DPS

Best Alliance Races:

1. Humans: Stand out with a powerful bonus weapon skill racial, providing a passive boost to attack damage.

2. Gnomes: Offer "Escape Artist" to break free from slows and immobilize effects, although its relevance may vary.

3. Dwarves: Boast "Stoneform," similar to the Gnome racial, providing situational strength against certain effects. 

Night Elves: While Night Elves don't offer racial bonuses specifically enhancing rogue DPS, their aesthetic and lore appeal may be a deciding factor for some players.

Best Horde Races:

1. Trolls: Feature a significant +5% damage against Beast type enemies and "Berserking," a strong ability against various foes.

2. Orcs: Offer "Blood Fury," providing a damage boost, but be mindful of its impact if healing is planned. 

Undead: Although viable as rogues, their racial "Will of the Forsaken" is situational, excelling greatly when relevant.

Best Professions for Rogue DPS

Engineering and Leatherworking stand out as the top professions for PvE rogues, offering exclusive items that significantly boost DPS.

1. Engineering: Access to Heavy Dynamite at level 25 is invaluable, providing your only multi-target damage option and serving as a potent single-target damage boost. Additionally, engineering provides various gadgets and trinkets that can enhance your combat capabilities and utility.

2. Leatherworking: Leatherworkers gain access to powerful gear pieces that directly improve DPS. While Touched by the Void Leather Gloves remain strong from Phase 1 into Phase 2, the highlight is the Brilliant Neurocloth Hood in Phase 2, offering substantial benefits to your performance.

Choosing Engineering and Leatherworking as your professions not only enhances your damage output but also provides valuable utility and flexibility in various combat situations. These professions synergize well with the rogue's playstyle, making them the ideal choice for maximizing your effectiveness in PvE encounters.