Ravendawn - Scholar Build Guide

The Ravendawn Scholar Build stands as a beacon of healing and support, meticulously crafted for the crucible of group endeavors. With a focus on nurturing allies and debilitating adversaries, it emerges as a formidable force in cooperative ventures. While its prowess shines brightest in the company of companions, it navigates solo trials with caution, relying on its specialized arsenal to overcome challenges. Join us as we delve into the depths of this scholarly path, where healing meets debilitation, and camaraderie reigns supreme.

Weapons & Gear

1. Weapons – Sceptre: Embrace the Sceptre as your weapon of choice for the Ravendawn Scholar Build. This versatile tool not only enhances both your offensive and restorative capabilities but also provides a valuable damage shield through its unique weapon skill. With the Sceptre in hand, you wield the power to bolster your allies and ward off threats with equal finesse.

2. Armor – Plate: Adorn yourself in the sturdy embrace of full plate armor, a steadfast companion on your journey through the realms of healing and support. Particularly advantageous in the early stages of your adventures, plate armor bestows upon you increased health, augmented healing reception, and heightened defense against weapon-based assaults. With each piece of plate armor donned, you fortify your resolve and shield your allies from harm.

3. Jewelry & Trinkets: Augment your arsenal with jewelry and trinkets procured from the esteemed emporium of the Rangers Company. Select pieces that align with your desired attributes and cater to your current level of expertise. Whether seeking to enhance your healing potency, bolster your defensive capabilities, or amplify your offensive prowess, the Rangers Company offers a diverse array of accessories to complement your journey as a Ravendawn Scholar. Choose wisely, and let your adornments reflect the essence of your noble quest.

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Skills & Passives

In forging the path of the Ravendawn Scholar, one must weave together a tapestry of skills and passives drawn from the archetypes of Holy, Spiritual, and Witchcraft. These synergistic elements converge to imbue you with the knowledge and power necessary to excel in the arts of healing and support.

Skills & Passives

Stats & Attributes

In the realm of the Ravendawn Scholar, mastery over the arcane arts is paramount, with Intelligence serving as the cornerstone of your power. However, wisdom and vitality also play crucial roles in shaping your prowess as a healer and support specialist.

Main Focus:

- Intelligence (INT): Channel the depths of your intellect to enhance your magical prowess and bolster your healing capabilities. As the primary attribute for the Ravendawn Scholar, Intelligence fuels your spells and imbues them with potency, ensuring the efficacy of your healing and support endeavors.

Secondary Attributes:

- Wisdom: While Intelligence reigns supreme, wisdom offers invaluable insight and intuition, guiding your decisions and amplifying the effectiveness of your spells. Allocate a portion of your points to Wisdom, striking a balance between intellect and intuition to optimize your healing potential.

- Vitality: In the crucible of battle, survival is paramount, particularly for a healer tasked with preserving the lives of allies. Invest points in Vitality to fortify your resilience and bolster your survivability, ensuring that you can weather the storm of combat and continue to provide essential support to your comrades.

Best RavenCards

Spiritual Spiritual

Naturalist Mage - Cyclone

Crowman - Force Push

Bat - Whirlwind

Elf Druid - Regenerate

Hookmask Doctor - Party Recovery

Grey Wolf - Haste

Pearlshell Giant - Barrier

Holy  Holy 

Yornish Druid - Flash Heal

Vampire Reaver - Dawn's Light

Brotherhood Mender - Mend

Boro’gorom - Healing Channel

Hierophant Sigrid - Devotion

Golden Guardian - Circle of Light

Iceforge Winterlord - Generous Influence

Witchcraft Witchcraft

Yornish Frostbearer - Siphon

Spellslayer Drake - Dispel

Hell Gazer - Mirror Image

Ghostlamp Hag - Arcane Pulse

Skorn Warlock - Arcane Torrent

Manastorm Djinn - Magic Rupture