Ravendawn Patch Notes 1.0.4

Ravendawn Patch Notes 1.0.4 

Adventurers, we're thrilled to bring you the most significant updates from Patch 1.0.4, packed with exciting news and game adjustments that will enhance the experience for the entire community. From thrilling new content to substantial game tweaks, here's a summary of the most relevant features awaiting you

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Community Land Update

In the latest Ravendawn update, the introduction of the new Community Land Residences was announced, maintaining both the initial cost and rent comparable to Small Land Residences. The first step in this process involves confirming the stability of these residences on community grounds. Once their reliability is established, we plan to introduce medium and large community lands in future patches.

It's essential to note that these new land additions will retain the same initial costs and rent as their counterparts in the open world. Simultaneously, we will adjust the resource placement cost in community lands to better align it with the cost in Open World Land. While Open World Land will retain a slight advantage, offering approximately 5% more tiles and a 5% lower resource placement cost.

Community Land Update

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Archetype Legacy Skills

Legacy Skills are a new addition that becomes accessible upon reaching the Soft Cap in Ravendawn, specifically at level 75. Upon surpassing level 75, every subsequent level gained will unlock 1 Legacy Skill Point. These points can be utilized to unlock a new Legacy Skill for your selected Archetype or enhance the Tier of an existing Legacy Skill (up to Tier 3).

It's important to note that Legacy Skill Points cannot be refunded once allocated. However, there is no restriction on the number of Legacy Skill Points you can accumulate over time. Embrace the opportunity to enhance and customize your character's abilities as you progress beyond the Soft Cap.

Archetype Legacy Skills

New areas (Elder Coast and Frost Steppes)

Get ready for an exciting expansion in Patch 1.0.5 as we revealed the Elder Coast and Northern Steppes, enriching the main continent with over 600 new pieces of Open World Land in Angerhorn and Serafine. This major update features new trading posts, new creature spawns, and a host of mysteries for players to discover and explore. Immerse yourself in a constantly expanding world, where adventure awaits you around every corner.

General Changes

The Follow function is now unavailable when carrying a Tradepack.

Reduced the PvP Protection Lockout Timers from 20 to 10 minutes.

Added minimum requirement of 1000 Reputation to interact with the Marketplace.

Added new hunting spots for level 70+ Gazers under the Abandoned Mines (Gilead) and level 70+ Sporewalkers between Crowhollow Bog and The Blotch.

Applied adjustments to the dialogue logic of the NPC Munk Farmer.

Improved the entrance to Hookmask Camp and the path to Captain Krugg.

Reduced the Level for Yeti spawn at Chillmane Crag in Glaceforde.

Increased the density of the creatures in a few respawn zones:

◈ Bog and Cave Spiders under Rohna Woods.

◈ Demons under the Chapel of Skorn (South Glademire).

◈ Chainwraiths under the Beacon Hills (Harbor Isle).

◈ Spikeback Tortoises around the Shellshore Cove (Gilead).

◈ Kaiman under the Shellshore Cove (Gilead).

◈ Mushrooms around Mycelium Marsh (Gilead).

◈ Saurians at the Reptile’s Enclave (Gilead).

◈ Spikeback Tortoises and Zorians at the Ancient Ruins (Gilead).

Applied adjustments to the drop rate of the following Story Quests items:

◈ Increased the drop rate of Explosive Powder, from ''A Goblin Obsession''.

◈ Increased the drop rate of Toad Gland, from ''A Most Wondrous Cloak''.