Ravendawn Medium and Large Community Land

Ravendawn Medium and Large Community Land

In patch 1.0.6, the long-awaited medium and large community lands have been introduced, offering players the opportunity to expand their domains in an exciting and strategic manner. Below, we present a detailed overview of the new features that will transform your experience in the world of Ravendawn.

Ravendawn Medium and Large Community Land


Costs and Size

Medium and large community lands maintain the same initial and ongoing costs as their open-world counterparts. However, what sets these lands apart is their size, being approximately 5% larger than standard Community Lands. This expansion provides exciting opportunities for creativity and strategic planning.

Changes in Land Ownership

Significant changes have been implemented regarding the balance in land ownership in this patch. Now, each player can own up to three plots of land: one of each available size. However, the rule of owning only one open-world plot still applies, ensuring a balance in land expansion.

If you own a small open-world plot, you'll have the option to acquire a medium and large community plot. On the other hand, if you own a large open-world plot, you can opt for a small and medium community plot. This flexibility provides new strategic opportunities and encourages diversity in land ownership.

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Houses and Customization

The exciting news doesn't end here. With the expansion of land ownership, now each player can have up to three houses that they can decorate, upgrade, and customize. While you'll enjoy room bonuses in multiple houses, you won't be able to accumulate the same room type bonus across multiple properties. This limitation adds a strategic touch to the creation of your living space.

Production and Experience

The update not only brings changes in land ownership but also significant improvements in production and the experience you gain from your land. You'll now be able to produce more resources and experience an increase in overall experience, fostering a sense of progression for casual players. We believe this measure will provide an additional reward for those who invest time in developing their lands.